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Problem pc

Common PC Problems and How to Fix them

Our computers are apart for everyday life now. Desktops and portable laptops have helped shape our present and future lifestyles. We are so heavily reliant on computers to such a depth that personally, I cannot imagine a single day without my devices. But unfortunately, nothing in this world is made perfect. Even these wonderful PCs that we own, sometimes develops a number of issues. So, before you collect your problematic computer and push to the nearest service center, go through this article first. Here, I have listed a bunch of common PC problems faced by computer owners and their solutions. Who...
HP 200 G3

HP 200 G3 All-in-One 21.5-inch PC Specs

Need a powerful All-in-One workstation for your home, small business or company, the HP 200 G3 would be a great choice. The HP 200 G3 is a neatly designed powerful productivity machine with a massive display, latest top-of-the-line 8th generation Intel CPUs, and a couple of other high-end features. The affordability is another thing to love about this desktop PC; a perfect alternative to the super pricey Apple iMac. HP 200 G3 Key Specs Dimension: 4.9 x 39 x 20.4 cm Weight: 5.39kg Display:  54.61 cm (21.5-inch) diagonal FHD widescreen LCD anti-glare WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 ...
Memory Cards / SD Cards

Memory cards Buy SD SDHC MicroSD from SanDisk Sony Transcend

Devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, and camcorders always come with less memory than you need for storing your media. This is often done by the manufacturer to reduce costs. However, manufacturers provide memory card extension slots for users to upgrade memory as required. This means that after buying a device you may need to shop for memory cards. Some devices provide memory slots for increasing your storage capacity. This is usually the case in digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, video game consoles, media players, and camcorders. To Buy Memory Card for your Smartphones, See Offers Buying MicroSD Memory Cards for your...
WD Red Pro 16TB and 18TB

Small Business Storage Solutions for Growing Productivity

Around the world, Small and Medium Entreprises (SME) have proved to be the backbone of economies. In Nigeria, the case is not different with data1 revealing that SMEs contribute about 49% to the national GDP. In addition, SMEs account for about 96% of the total number of businesses in the country and employ approximately 84% of the local workforce in Nigeria. For this sector and the economy, the lockdown necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic meant a new level of economic depression. This added to the many challenges facing SMEs in Nigeria. One factor which indicates the improvement of the competitiveness...
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type C

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type C Review

Over the years, the technology world has witnessed a significant change in the manner in which data is stored and accessed. Nonetheless, even in an era where most of us tend to directly access data using cloud technology, we often find ourselves in situations where our local storage such as a USB stick proves to be more suitable and efficient. The good news is, these local storage solutions can effectively enable the transfer of data between our smartphones too and what better storage device to accomplish this than the SanDisk’s Ultra Dual Drive Luxe USB Type C. This smart tool...

WD Blue – The “Full Option” Storage Drive

With several content creators and vloggers on the rise backed by the power of the internet and huge followers on social media, staying on top of my game with the best gadgets and my expertise is a top priority. As an animation storyteller with active subscribers online, I draw my characters with software and record a lot of voiceovers, which involves storing loads of files on my PC. In the past few months, I have dished out lots of amazing content to my audience “as e dey hot now”. However, recently work has become overwhelming due to the slow response...
Fix Annoying Problems Simply by Rebooting Your Computer

Fix Annoying Problems Simply by Rebooting Your Computer

Any time you ask a computer savvy person about a problem with Windows, one of the first things they’ll typically ask is if you actually tried to reboot the computer. This may seem like an odd response, and it may even seem like they are being dismissive with you, but the truth is simple… Rebooting your computer works and it solves many problems. Does the Restart Solution Only Work for Windows Users? Absolutely not! This solution is helpful to everybody no matter what brand of computer or tablet they happen to use. Apple products certainly benefit from refreshing the computer or device with a...
6 Timeless Tips for Data Privacy and Security on Your Windows PC

6 Timeless Tips for Data Privacy and Security on Your Windows...

There are many estimates that the number of Windows PC users in the world is in the upwards of the 1 billion range. From the stables of Microsoft, it is claimed that there are more than 400 million users on the Windows 10 platform itself. That is not accounting for those users of earlier Windows OS versions. That said, Windows OS is the biggest platform for computers all around the world. This makes them a worthy target for hackers in cybersecurity and breach cases. Fortunately, you can be your own cyber-police. Here are a couple of ways to lessen your chances...
Data Recovery

Recover Deleted Files in Windows (The Easiest Way)

Are you worried about losing important data that you deleted mistakenly on your PC or USB devices? Don’t worry! We have a solution for you. You can restore or get your deleted data easily just by following a few simple steps. Before proceeding, we have a very useful tip for you in case you mistakenly delete some data on your PC. You should always stop using the device immediately you mistakenly delete something as it will keep your deleted data safe. If you continue to use the device, it might create new data files and your previous data might get lost....
HP Elitebook Folio 1040

HP Pavilion Compaq Internet Ready Laptops Get Financing

You can own a brand new internet ready HP Pavilion or HP Compaq Presario laptop (a member of the HP Compaq family) with one-month internet connection powered by Zain with just 12 monthly installments. Financing for the HP laptops comes from Diamond bank. Pay 14,921 Naira monthly for 12 months for HP Compaq Presario or N15,929 monthly for 12 months for HP Pavilion. Each Laptop comes with Zain E220 data connection for your internet and one-month free internet access from Zain mobile. Where to Buy HP Laptops ₦166,000.00 Buy Now Features of the HP Compaq Presario include: Intel Pentium Dual Core...