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delete the Paytm account

How to Delete Paytm Account Permanently

Payment transfer through the internet is influencing people's lives rapidly at a faster speed. Since it was inception in 2010, Paytm team have been providing awesomely great services and transfers in their mobile recharge business. But from the last few months, they are trying to become one of the biggest...

What is Blockchain? Step-by-Step Guide

OUTLINE What is blockchain? How does it work? Why you should know about blockchain? What Blockchain technology Is Used For? How can it be used in the wider enterprise? The most prominent advantages/value of Blockchain. The future of Blockchain. What is Blockchain? Blockchain technology operates as a common, cryptographically verified ledger, distributed...
Beginners’ guide to API design

Beginners’ Guide to API Design

Do you want to find out how to design a good API? Many books, articles, forums offer different solutions and guide you through the process. In this article, we will present you a beginner’s guide to API design and the most important principles you should follow. It doesn’t matter what...
Online Vendors That Accept Crypto

4 Great Online Vendors That Accept Crypto

Let’s be honest: if you haven’t yet embraced the advent of cryptocurrency, you’re falling behind the curve. Early adopters made thousands (or even millions of dollars) off of their initial investment, and those who deal in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies today experience a host of conveniences and benefits because...

Fundamentals Matter – 4 Factors Influencing the ETH Price

Like almost any cryptocurrency in the market, Ethereum was making headlines at the end of 2017 with its explosive annual growth in ETH/USD of around 10,000%. Although things have changed radically since then, many still expect Ether to “go to the moon.” But is it a realistic expectation? Where We...
Low Investment Business Ideas

10 Low Investment Business Ideas for 2019

There is a huge strength of young and energetic people in India. They are the entrepreneurs of the future. Today’s youth want to grow in life and become independent but most don’t want to go for jobs that give them a hectic life. Therefore, they are always in search of...
Best WordPress eCommerce plugins

5 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Your Online Store

Years ago, building, maintaining, and running an online store was a very complicated task that required a lot of technical know-hows. Today, it is so easy that with the click of a few buttons, you can create an online store for your business in hours. Better yet, you can even...
Write your own dropshipping success stories

Write your own Dropshipping Success Stories

I won’t be wrong if I say that almost everyone wants to have an amazing success story to tell. Dropshipping is one field that produces such success stories regularly. Indeed, who has never had a desire to be famous, successful and rich? That’s a part of human nature. Acting according...
How to start freelancing in Nigeria with little or No Experience

How to Start Freelancing in Nigeria with Little or No Experience

The freelancing industry has and continues to grow at record rates in the last couple of years. In fact, the freelancer industry reportedly grew by over 12 percent as noted by the Financial Times. The jobs posted on notable freelance sites increased from 200,000 to 300,000 engagements over a 1...
Website for Promoting your Business

Tips for Creating a Profitable E-Commerce Website

One thing to consider before developing an online business is the way you build the website. There are several things to consider before building a business website that not only attract visitors, but also profitable. This source gives you the overview to develop a great website for business. Interesting and...

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