Jumia Anniversary Deals
Jumia Anniversary Deals
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]
Get leads. Get sales. Get growing. [2]


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Why Do Nonprofits Need a CRM?

Nonprofits are working hard to modernize how they work with donors and acquire new ones.  One of the most important parts of that strategy? For most nonprofits, it’s the use of powerful tools including customer relationship management software or CRM. EveryAction data software consolidates all of the information you need...
make the Biggest Black Friday Sales

How Online Stores can make the Biggest Black Friday Sales

Black Friday, a term that once meant different things in different places has evolved to mean one thing globally; the largest sales event of the year. Some even refer to it as “the super bowl of the retail industry”. It is now an e-commerce game. Although the term uses ‘Friday’,...

Sell your BTC, ETH and USDT at High rate on Jackocoins

Are you selling your crypto for low rate? It is high time you stopped selling at low rate. Right now , you can start selling your crypto for naira on jackocoins with few clicks. You enjoy highest and best rate offer for your USDT(ERC 20) token About jackocoins Jackocoins is one...

Is Kucoin Shares (KCS) A Good Investment

Kucoin used to be one of the most popular tier-2 centralized crypto exchanges in the world. It had its own popularity, especially among Chinese and Asian crypto traders who love to trade altcoin to altcoin. Kucoin’s popularity has been surpassed by some of the newer generations of crypto exchanges this...
6 Types of Videos That Can Enhance Your Landing Page's Effectiveness

6 Types of Videos That Can Enhance Your Landing Page’s Effectiveness

Creating a landing page for your brand allows you to communicate with your audience in your own terms. However, you want your website to have just the right amount of relevant information, addressing your clients in a captivating way. So, how can you take full advantage of your landings’ possibilities?...

How to Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

On Aug. 18, 2008, the Bitcoin.org domain was registered by an anonymous entity as a precursor to the body of work that would describe the intricacies of the Bitcoin protocol. This came to life with the publishing of the Bitcoin white paper on Oct. 31, 2008. Titled "Bitcoin - A peer-to-peer electronic cash...
Online Shopping - Online Stores

8 Common Tips to Help you Buy the Right Product Online Always

Presently, online purchase has become the norm and the preferred way to shop for many. The US's online market is the largest with around 200 million buyers online, with bets economy will rise to reach $491 billion and even more. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, almost everyone has started online...
Bitcoin Trading

Where to Place Bitcoin Bets on eSports in Nigeria?

eSports is a growing market. It’s booming. Cryptomaniaks covered where to place eSports bets for betters living in the US and EU… but what about places to place bitcoin bets in Nigeria? This article will answer that question for you as well as cover how to place bitcoin bets and...
Remitano Mission

Remitano Launches Mission, a New Online Job Market for Crypto Lovers

Remitano, global P2P crypto exchange, has just launched a new online job market - Mission, the platform's latest element in its push to realize its full potential and open a new window of employment opportunities to crypto users. Missions are simple, short-term tasks that anyone can do and get paid...
BTTC Cryptocurrency Futures

How $100 Earn Me $2,000 in a Month on BTCC

Before I move into the details of how I flipped a $100 to $2000 in a month on BTCC crypto derivatives trading platform, let me first go over what it means to trade bitcoin CFDs on margin, which played a crucial role in getting me that kind of profit...