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Thermocool Big Boy Max Generator

Thermcool Big Boy Max Generator Remote with ATS 4400Rs 4.4KVA Price

Thermocool Big Boy Max 4400Rs is the smallest of the Thermocool Remote Series generators promoted by PZ Cussons and Thermocool in Nigeria. Thermocool Big Boy 4400Rs is a 4.0KVA power generator with 4.4KVA maximum power capacity. The edge of the Thermocool Big Boy generator and other members of the Thermocool Remote series generators is that it can be turned on via a remote control device and features a built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Where to Buy Thermocool Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers Operate your generator with remote control Thermocool Big Boy generator comes with a portable device for controlling the...
Sumec Firman SPG 3000 E2

Sumec Firman Generator SPG & Ruby Series 1.3KVA to 6.0KVA

Sumec Firman SPG series and Ruby SPG series are a range of value for money petrol powered generators. Sumec Firman SPG generators are affordable, reliable, and easy to use and are increasingly becoming popular in Nigeria. Sumec Firman generators are the best value for money generators in the Nigerian market today. Where to Buy Sumec Firman Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers In this page, we will review Sumec Firman SPG series and the Ruby SPG series of power generators that can handle domestic and small commercial applications. This review will focus on Sumec Firman SPG 1800, Sumec Firman SPG 2500, Sumec Firman...
Sumec Firman SPG 3000 E2

Sumec Firman SPG 3000 E2 Generators Prices, Specs, Best Deals

Sumec Firman SPG 3000 E2 is a cost effective generator for your home or small business. Sumec Firman SPG 3000 E2 is a value for money 2.5 KVA (2.5KW) generator offering key start, recoil start, built-in AVR, overload protection, and wheels all at a price of about 123,000 Naira. Most Nigerians now have to rely on electric generators to power their homes and businesses, Sumec Firman generators are the best value for money generators in the Nigerian market today. Where to Buy Sumec Firman Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers   Top Selling Point The great selling points of the Sumec Firman SPG 3000E2 is...
Syphon Pump

Buy Siphon Pump for Easy Generator Refueling

Generators are now a part of our lives in Nigeria, no thanks to epileptic power supply. This has made refueling generators a common part of the daily lives of ordinary Nigerians. To make refueling your generators easy, you should consider buying a siphon pump. A battery-operated siphon pumps require two, three, or more 1.5v batteries to operate. Just put the hose in your generator fuel tank and the other end in your Jerry Can and push a button, the siphon pump will do the rest. Where to Buy Siphon Pump₦4,500.00 Buy Now What is a Siphon or a Siphon Pump? A siphon...
Hyundai Generator

Hyundai Generators Christmas Bonanza 3-tier promo

Buy a Hyundai generator this Christmas and get a mouth watering gift, that is what the Hyundai Generators three tier Christmas bonanza promises. Depending on the capacity of Hyundai generator you buy you will get instant gifts from generators to standing fans to ceiling fans to great discounts. Don't stay in the dark this Christmas, light-up with Hyundai. This offer is limited and will be valid while stock lasts, so hurry. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers Buy your Hyundai generator from any Grand Products Branches and major electronic dealers nationwide to qualify for this Christmas...
Honda EP2500CX - Honda Generator Price

Honda Generators deal Buy a Honda Generator in up to 24...

Owning Genuine Honda Generators is now easier than ever. Consumer financing is now available from FirstBank Nigeria for easy and convenient purchase of Genuine Honda Generators. Grab a Honda Generator of your choice from a participating Honda generator dealer with no upfront payment and repay in up to 24 monthly installments. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of participating Honda Generators dealers. Where to Buy Power Generators ₦55,500.00 Buy Now Take the stress from refuelling your generator with battery powered Siphon pumps There are just three easy steps to owning genuine Honda Generators: Obtain a Proforma invoice from...
Generator Fumes are Dangerous and Kills

Beware of Generator Fumes they Kill

Nigerians now rely on electric generators for powering their homes and businesses. This has led to an upsurge in the use of generators. Poor awareness on how to use a generator has led to deaths from generator fumes. One fact that generator owners and users must know, is that generator fumes kill hence generators must be operated outside the main building where people reside with its exhaust pipe facing the open air. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers The rate of generator fume casualties have made it necessary for NaijaTechGuide to give this simple advice generator fumes...
Cummins Generator

Cummins West Africa – Distributor Cummins Generator & Engine

Cummins West Africa is the sole distributor of Cummins engine generators in Nigeria. Cummins WA is a member of the Leventis group. Cummins engine generators are well known for their reliability and are very popular in medium and large power (5KVA to 5000KVA or more) applications. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Cummins engine generators power Industries in Nigeria in the absence of an efficient public power system. If you are looking to buy generator to power commercial or industrial ventures then you need an original generator from Cummins West Africa. Cummins WA offers a wide range of services like...
Elemax SH3900EX

Elemax Generators Reviews: 2.2KVA to 5.6KVA Specs SH EX Series

Most businesses and homes in Nigeria now rely on power generators for electric supply. With the power supply situation not improving significantly, many Nigerian homes that can afford it now have generators, while those who cannot are seriously saving towards buying one. An Elemax generator is one in a list of a number of generator brands now available in Nigeria. Where to Buy Elemax Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers In this page, we will review some single-phase Elemax generators that can handle domestic applications. This review will focus on Elemax SH3200EX, Elemax SH3900EX, Elemax SH4600EX, Elemax SH5300EX, Elemax SH6500EX, and Elemax SH7600EX....
Test Drive a Car for Sale in Nigeria

Prices of Cars Generators and other Gadgets

In this page, you will find prices of different brands of automobile in Nigeria. Prices of vehicles from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Brilliance, Geely, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Kia, Skoda, and so on will be listed. Lease prices are also included for some automobile models. Prices listed are starting prices, that is price of the cheapest specification of those models. If you require a higher specification, prices will increase. Note also that prices listed here may not be exactly the current dealer prices. We provided links to contacts of authorised auto dealers at the bottom of this page; call...