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5 Apps that let you meet across the globe

Top 5 Useful Android Apps for Every Day

It is not easy to know the best app for your android phone or tablet. Once you open the Google play store, a lot of apps and games are sorted in their categories and ranked and shown on the basis of which apps can interest you the most, as per Google thinks, or on the basis of the popularity of the apps or games among other Android users. Once you’ve bought a brand-new Android phone or tablet, it can be a difficult task to find the right apps for your usage right away. Sometimes, those organized lists in Google Play...
Essential Apps For Team Collaboration

Essential Apps For Team Collaboration

According to State of Remote Work 2017 Owl Labs research, more than 50% of the USA employees who specializes in IT, marketing, product, sales, and business development work remotely at least 1 day per week. 18% of respondents always work remotely. The 2018 report says that all employees feel 24% more productive if they work at home. The absence of necessity to commute and flexible schedules save both time and money. Fortunately, modern software provides employees with the opportunity to do nearly all work on their desktops and mobile devices and to communicate with colleagues through the Internet. ToBeProductive.com prepared...
Apps that Improve Access to Legal Help and Increase Your Knowledge about the Law

Apps that Improve Access to Legal Help and Increase Your Knowledge...

Technology is gradually but surely winning the case for people who need legal help. Apps for the indigents, for the immigrants, for those who face arrest, and for the lawyers who assist them have been emerging with increasing frequency. Online startups and mobile applications don’t only lessen the cost but also reduce the inconvenience of availing legal services. Among the earliest founders of such apps are legal aid lawyers who quickly understand people’s needs when it comes to convenient access to legal help and knowledge about the law. Even lawyers want to look for new opportunities in access-to-justice apps, which they can...
Real-time Tracking

11 Best Phone Tracking Apps to Find Someone’s Location in 2023

Ever feel as if your kids are acting strange or using the phone all day? Ever feel like your partner has been out of the house a lot lately for any reason whatsoever? Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep tabs on your loved ones. Be it to keep them safe or to protect oneself from getting cheated on. This is where phone tracking apps can come very handy. Today we have for you the top 11 best tracking apps for finding someone’s location in 2023. All of the apps are 100 % legal and work with great ease. This way...
Online Dating Apps Better than Tinder

5 Online Dating Apps Better than Tinder

If surfing Tinder has become a habit, but when the match finally happens you still remain lying on the couch - it's time to change something. It isn’t necessary to completely abandon mobile dating applications, after all, they are already part of our life, like online shopping and food delivery. It’s worth paying attention to the services that will take care of the organization of a date and help you to avoid uneasy silence on the first acquaintance. 1. Hater: This is a relatively new and original application. The developers have taken the principle of "from love to hate only one step, and...
Parental Control Apps Helps you track what your Kids are doing

How to Create a Safe Online Environment for Children

Making sense of what sort of parental control apps is best is altogether founded on your own family's needs. A few families can get by with straightforward, free tool settings to channel inappropriate content. A few families need assistance cinching down on screen time. A few people are cool with spot-keeps an eye on their children's devices and know how to block porn. Any place you are in your hunt, this guide can assist you with understanding the wide cluster of alternatives for dealing with your family's devices. Discover the solutions to guardians most often posed inquiries about parental controls. Deal with...
Zoto Mobile Recharge App Featured

Zoto Mobile Recharge App Review

Zoto is a mobile app that takes away all the hassle in buying airtime for your mobile phone. With just a few clicks you can load airtime on your mobile phone using the Zoto Mobile Recharge App. I recently installed the app on my Android phone and will be sharing my experience in this review. The Zoto Mobile Recharge App is also available for iOS devices. 50% Cashback on Each Recharge There are a lot of convenient solutions for buying airtime for your mobile phone. However, what makes Zoto stand out is that you get free airtime when you recharge. Zoto...

Top 3 iPhone Apps for University & College Students

Students in University and College require some unique apps to help them with their studies, research, and learning. This guest post by Melissa Miller highlights top 3 iPhone apps for university and college students. So, if you are a student and own an iPhone (like the iPhone 8), enjoy the article. Where to Buy an iPhone Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers | Jumia Ghana – See Offers 1, Research with Wikipanion for FREE Yeah, I know Wikipedia isn’t an accepted scholarly source, but let’s face it, everyone uses it for at least some element of research. It’s...
Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Neater Android Development

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Neater Android Development

Getting some decent looking android application up and running can be quite simple. However, there is quite a big difference between making a simple application or a game and actually understanding a whole programing language, framework, or a development process and mastering the art of creating something with neat looking code. That actually quite a bit more difficult and unfortunately it’s also particularly difficult when it comes to android app development because with android you need to learn java which is in itself a quite complex programing language with OOPs concepts like classes, methods, inheritance, etc. Apart from this, you need...
Online Marketing

8 of the Best App Marketing Strategies you need to know

So you’ve recently started out, your business is becoming stable by the day, and you’re finally exploring ways to reach out to your customers in a bigger and better way. Your strategies and experiences tell you that launching a mobile application is the best way forward. After brainstorming with the smartest app development minds, you come up with supposedly the most efficient mobile app. It brilliantly caters to the needs of your customers, is incredibly user-friendly and smooth, and has an extremely engaging and interactive interface. You’ve invested a generous amount of time, effort, and money in making this app....