Warning Signs for Immediate Electrical Service in your House

Warning Signs for Immediate Electrical Service in your House

Do lights in your home “go off" for no evident reason? Do you every now and again blow circuit breakers, causing the electric power in a specific piece of your home to close down? Do outlets or switches in your home kick the bucket with no conspicuous reason? These are for the most part signs your home needs electrical services fix to bring your electric frame works state-of-the-art and decrease the danger of flame or even electric shock. Not every single electric issue is risky, nonetheless. Some are only badly designed. An ensured Winston-Salem circuit tester can differentiate, and fix your...
Nigeria - Siemens Power Supply Deal (Key Details)

Nigeria – Germany Siemens Power Supply Deal, PPI (Key Details)

Nigeria and Siemens AG signed a major deal in 2019 to boost power supply in Nigeria. The key details of the power supply deal, which is described as an end to end grid modernization and expansion program is highlighted below. The president and a few government handles provided some insights about the deal now known as the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) while announcing it. Since the approval of the 15% counterpart funding of €15.21 million (₦1,708,013,441) by the Nigerian President on July 29 2020, marking a kickoff of project implementation more facts have emerged about the project. In this article...
Salpha Energy Solar Home System

6 Things to know about Salpha Energy Solar Home System

Salpha Energy offers an affordable range of one-time payment (Cash Based) Solar Home Systems designed to provide electricity for off-the-grid communities, especially in Africa. 1. Products Salpha Energy offers ranges of Solar Home Systems designed to offer 24/7 electricity from the system, which ranges from light bulbs and charging mobile phone devices to powering appliances such as TV, Fans, Laptop, Decoders. 2. How does it work? Here is a video that showcases the features of the Salpha Bass Solar Home System. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K24782s9ac Here is another video about Powerflo 200, one of the more versatile solar home system from Salpha Solar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_LFhRQusCo&t=1s The solar panel is mounted on...
Uses of the Mini slip ring

Uses of Mini Slip Ring in Machines

Actually, it’s in human nature that he wants to succeed and compete. Everything which was impossible in the past but now happening is just because of this nature of the human that he wants to achieve something. If we go in history, there were no machines that could be operated electrically but then advancements happened and machines become automatic and electrical. Nowadays every single machine has an electric assembly installed in it, and every component or assembly has a specific operation to perform. Slip rings are used in various machines to perform a specific task. If we go deeper into the...
battery energy storage system

Energy Storage Is Very Important For The Electricity Industry

The storage of energy will play a fundamental role in the transformation of the global electricity industry in the coming decades. The technological advances of the last 25 years have increased the attractiveness and viability of storage, making it a pivotal tool to supply the electricity in a cleaner, more reliable and efficient way. The electrical industry was born and grew under the premise that electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed to the consumer, without it being necessary to store it. Today, in order to reliably supply users, plants must produce the right amount of electricity at a precise moment,...
Lithium Batteries

Lithium Power Battery Gradually Comes into Robotics

Lithium batteries are an excellent option to face the problem of fluctuations in solar radiation and wind, which is the main challenge for solar and wind energy as reliable energy sources. Lithium Power Battery are used for storing electricity generated by renewable sources. Lithium Power Battery has become the preferred source of energy for most portable devices. From your laptop to your mobile phone, it is likely that there is a thin lithium battery inside providing the necessary power for your device to work. Lithium batteries are chosen for various reasons, but they are not without limitations. In this article, we...
Akon Enlists Artificial Intelligence In Mission To Extend His Green Energy Vision In Africa And Beyond

Akon Enlists Artificial Intelligence In Mission To Extend His Green Energy...

Akon Lighting America partners with AI leader Group A MondoBrain to provide most-accurate and sustainable energy solutions throughout Africa and America Philanthropist, business mogul and five-time Grammy-nominated artist Akon has announced the signing of a formal partnership between Akon Lighting America (ALA) and leading AI-solutions provider, Group A MondoBrain. The partnership is focused on benefiting the whole of Africa, starting with the Comoros Islands, by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the development and delivery of sustainable energy solutions around the world. The announcement was finalized as Akon spoke at a summit on clean tech financing in Dubai, UAE. Akon...
Best Small and Portable Diesel Generators

Best Generator Brands in Nigeria

Generators are the popular alternative power supply choice of most Nigerians due to the erratic power supply problem plaguing the country for decades. Generators are quite popular due to their affordability, reliability, low maintenance cost, and varied capacities. Today, Nigeria is one of the biggest markets for generator brands with almost every generator brand claiming a percentage of the Nigerian generator market. These brands offer various generators at different capacities and features with the hope to satisfy the user’s needs. Over the years, we have found out that some of these generator brands don’t live up to the hype as their models...
Benefits Of Using Solar Tiles As Your Roofing Material

Tiles of the Sun: 4 Benefits Of Using Solar Tiles As...

Everyone wants to become creative and innovative in making their houses look presentable and livable. One of the innovations that most people use nowadays is solar tiles. Solar tiles are roofing materials that act as solar panels which means that not only will your house look good, you’ll also save a ton when it comes to electric bills. Solar tiles have a lot of benefits. That’s why more people are using this kind of material instead of using the traditional ones. Roofing like these can be a good investment especially to those homeowners who are planning on selling their house. To...
Solar Panels

5 Guaranteed Benefits of Using Solar Panels

Solar panels are the best alternative to the traditional way of generating energy. Although, not everyone has the idea or clue about the benefits that can be derived from a solar panel apart from generating electricity. Most people don’t know that solar panels are not just mere alternative source for electricity. It also enables people live in energy-efficient households along with other perks. In case, you want to dig deeper into the solar panels, here are some interesting facts about them. 1. Environment Friendly The energy generated from solar panels is pure energy that comes from the sun. Also, the power it gives...