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SaaS for People Management

How Can SaaS Change the Game of People Management?

SaaS stands for software as a service, and it is defined as a licensing model which allows access through a subscription basis. SaaS is one of the three major categories of cloud computing, along with IaaS and PaaS. The provider of this software offers the service to end-users over the internet. The software is usually stored in external servers instead of in-house. So, SaaS saves its users from the need to deploy hardware components.  Further, SaaS providers are responsible for updating and maintaining this software. This makes SaaS one of the most beneficial and sought-after solutions for different organizations. It is being...
iMyFone Black Friday

iMyFone Black Friday 2022 Deals

iMyFone Black Friday promises great deals on apps for data recovery and fixing problems on your smartphone. Get the best Black Friday deals on data recovery and phone utility apps with Buy One Get One Free and up to 70% discounts from iMyFone.  View Offer iMyFone is one of the this providers if you are looking for mobile apps for data recovery or fixing problems on your Android or iOS smartphone. They also offer apps for transferring WhatsApp data between Android phones and iPhone. Here are some of the best iMyFone Black Friday deals 1. Buy One Get One Free Buy AnyTo (Location Changer) Get MagicMic (Voice...

SLAM and Delivery Robots

What is SLAM? SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. The goal of SLAM is to build a map while you are moving in it. To accomplish this, the robot must continuously create an internal representation or model of what it observes with its sensors (e.g., lasers, cameras), estimate how far away objects are, find unique features to identify them in different observations and use all of the data combined to keep track of where it is in space something like a GPS system for robots. The point of using SLAM algorithms is that they can be used on mobile robots...

Why Should You Take Up DASSM Certification?

Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) is a comprehensive service management framework that allows complete control over the offered services, the assets used, and their condition to ensure cost-efficiency. It provides an overview of all aspects of data centers, including network equipment, physical infrastructure, and Power & Cooling. This enables you to optimize your data center costs to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime. DASSM certification helps you fulfil the best service management practices for physical servers, storage, equipment rooms, mobile devices, and virtualization environments using DASSM's structured methodology. It ensures that all relevant areas such as Network Management, Storage Management,...
Full Stack Developers Vs. Back End Developers

Can Turing Intelligent Talent Cloud help Companies Source and Manage Remote...

It is no secret that skilled software developers are a prized asset for any company. The biggest of companies are willing to pay higher salaries to hire top developers because they know the importance of skilled software engineers behind their businesses' success. But not everybody has the financial resources like Google, Facebook, or Amazon to hire and retain top developers at a premium. Therefore, to solve the problem of hiring, retention, and cost, a lot of companies and start-ups are now going for remote developers. With remote hiring, firms get high-quality developers at an affordable price and have a much larger...
Write Blogs and Articles for Online

How Do Article Spinners Work

Are you one of the many people out there asking how do article spinners work? If so, then you are in the right place. Continuously coming up with new and original articles can be cost, time, and energy-consuming. An option is spinning existing articles to make distinct and new texts, and an article spinner is a remarkable tool to assist you. Article spinners enable you to make hundreds of original and uniquely spun articles from one piece of content. The best article spinner comes with an amazing set of features, which include a built in grammar checker, comparison matrix, and automatic...
Microsoft sales force automation with integrations from Rapidi help all teams succeed and add to market advantages, demanding less time and resources

The Possibility of NAV Integration and Microsoft Sales Force Automations

By using Microsoft sales force automation (SFA) and Salesforce integration, businesses can improve forecasting when it comes to their industry while also guiding their sales and marketing to stimulate growth through synchronization with legacy systems like NAV, Salesforce, AX, and others. Some, like studies from DiVA, suggest NAV and Salesforce remain integral in the market. For those who already use Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Salesforce, the feature that remains often most attractive is the chance to ensnare innovation and capture opportunities more adaptively. With better data environments, businesses can discover and act on information in ways not possible (or not efficient)...
Automation Testing

Automation Testing: How to Build a Successful Strategy for Businesses

Software testing is critical for bringing reliable software to market quickly. Businesses employ various software testing techniques, including functional, regression, smoke, and non-functional testing. Precisely, as organizations increasingly embrace DevOps and agile approaches to expedite software delivery, the notion of mobile app test automation has risen to prominence in their pursuit of quicker and higher-quality releases. How is Automation Testing Defined? Automation testing is a sophisticated software testing that uses autonomous tools and frameworks to validate the program. Unlike manual software testing, software test automation requires little human participation, except for creating scripts, which are then executed automatically using automation tools. Automation...
Unlock Android Pattern

How to Unlock Android Pattern

Smartphones not only are a mode of entertainment and to connect with people from afar, but it also stores lots of sensitive data and other information. That is the reason why people usually keep their phones locked when not in use. It prevents one’s phone from unauthorized access. There are many ways to keep your precious Android phone locked. You can use PIN numbers, passwords, pattern lock, fingerprint lock, and even face safety. Whatever security lock you input in your Android phone, only you can unlock it. Since the security lock of your Android phone is not known by others, it...
Best Video Editing Softwares for Professionals

How to Crop a Video Online

There are many instances we would like to capture videos over the phone or camera and watch them later. You may also want to upload the video online or send it to your friends and family. While you do so, the raw video will not be the fun-filled one. You might require to crop the video or do some editing to make it look great as well. More importantly, edited or shortened videos will look more professional too. Even though it is sent for entertainment purposes, making a proper video out of the raw clip can create tremendous excitement in...