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How to Design a Database for High-Performance Apps

How to Design a Database for High-Performance Apps? 10 Leading Practices

What makes an application high-performing? UI and UX are key elements so are the server, bandwidth, and overall programming. But, one aspect has a significant impact on the performance of any application: the database design. A good database design helps businesses store and retrieve accurate data. It’s also helpful to maintain data accuracy, consistency, and reliability and enable applications to be scalable and capable of performing during high workloads. Database architects, when designing a database, always have aspects such as speed, consistency, and update efficiency in mind. But, what considerations should you identify when building a database? What are relational database...
Hiring Laravel Experts

7 Trends To Watch Out For When Hiring Laravel Experts

Many companies hire Laravel professionals for a variety of jobs that affect their online businesses. What causes businesses to seek out Laravel programmers to be hired? Should you hire Laravel programmers as a result, or should you hire dedicated Laravel developer because your business might be more profitable? In this article, we will give you tips that will help you hire a Laravel developer. What is Laravel? Before you hire a professional Laravel developer, you should know what Laravel is as a framework. Laravel is among the most popular frameworks in the PHP space that can be used for web editing. It is an...
Blackview OSCAL S60 Pro Night Vision Edition with DokeOS 2.1

Blackview OSCAL S60 Pro Night Vision Edition: Interesting You May Want...

The Blackview software team introduced DokeOS 2.1 to the world when the Blackview A100 made its premier in about the middle of 2021. Millions of active users applauded the perfect integration of the revamped OS and Android 11.0. That’s why such an ideal combination is again seen in the latest S60 Pro, a rugged smartphone manufactured by OSCAL, Blackview’s brother brand. But this time comes a little differently, said the chief engineer from the Blackview software team. It is said that interesting tweaks have been made to the DokeOS 2.1, so OSCAL S60 Pro will witness further OS refinement based on...
SMS - Text Messaging

Best Apps to Read Someone’s Text Messages without them Knowing

Want to know what a person is up to? Reading their text messages and knowing who they are messaging are good ways to find out. Phone tracking apps can help you read the text messages of your kids or loved ones (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend). They will enable you read someone's text messages without them knowing. Most of these apps will not only enable you read someone's text messages anonymously, you also be able to read their messages on other social media and messaging apps including viewing the photos and videos they share. You can also track their location As technology...
ClevGuard Valentine's Day Deals

ClevGuard Valentine’s Day 2022 Deals, 60% Off KidsGuard Pro

ClevGuard is offering exclusive Valentine's Day discounts on its award winning tracking and monitoring apps that helps keep an eye on your loved ones KidsGuard and MoniVisor Product. Get up to 60% off ClevGuard Valentine's Day 2022 Deals. View Offer ClevGuard is one of the leading providers of apps for tracking and monitoring your kids and loved ones. The parental control apps available for Android phones and iPhone can be used for monitoring the online activities of your kids and tracking their location. You may also be interested in the Best Valentine's Day deals. Here are ClevGuard Valentine's Day 2022 Deals: 1. 60% Off KidsGuard...
Free Data Recovery Software

Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

In today’s article, we will discuss the best free data recovery software for Windows. If you are looking for one, we are going to list the top ones that you can pick from. So if you have accidentally deleted some important documents, your laptop or personal computer’s software got corrupt and took your valuable data with it, or now you regret deleting a picture and want it back. You are in the right place. Here we will share the best you can get for free of cost which can do the job without much hassle. Ease of use and effectiveness is...
Best Outsourcing Country

Best Software Outsourcing Countries to Select in 2022

The role of software outsourcing organisations is rapidly evolving from 'hired software engineers' to strategic business partners. Offshore software development firms have been recognised to fill crucial places in current enterprise business models. Because of the expanding use of the technologies, there will be a strong need for blockchain, big data and IoT software developers, which will contribute to the expansion of the global software outsourcing market. Given the increased demand for healthcare software development, advancements in healthcare technology might be an important factor bountiful for the global industry. The Asia Pacific has always been a favoured location for software...
HitPaw Screen Recorder

What is the Best Screen Recorder with Facecam and Audio?

If you’re looking for a good screen recorder with Facecam and audio, then you’re in the right place! Most popular screen recorders give you the option to record Facecam videos with ease. For this article, we’ve closely compared the most popular screen recorders out there and concluded with our picks of the top screen recorders that offer this feature. Continue reading this article to gain a full insight into the top screen recorders that allow Facecam and audio recording. Part 1. The Best Screen Recorder with Facecam and Audio Based on popular opinion, HitPaw Screen Recorder is arguably one of the best screen...
Using NativeScript For AngularJS Mobile App Development

Using NativeScript For AngularJS Mobile App Development

NativeScript is a widely popular open-source app development framework that is often used besides JavaScript by app developers. The framework allows you to develop high-performance mobile apps for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. The ultimate reason behind the popularity of NativeScript is the ability of the framework in delivering a fully native user experience just because the framework makes use of the native OS rendering engines. NativeScript basically comes with a package of solutions comprising a runtime, JavaScript VM, and a bridge module to connect the native user interface. Thanks to the JavaScript VM the code of JavaScript...
iMyFone Christmas and New Year

iMyFone Christmas and New Year Super Sale Deals 2022

iMyFone Christmas and New Year Super Sale is a great opportunity to get apps for data recovery and fixing problems on your smartphone. With the buy one get one free offer or the sidewide coupon from iMyFone you get all the tools you need to fix problems on your smartphone. Hurry, offer valid till January 5, 2022. View Offer iMyFone is one of best solution provider if you are looking for mobile apps for data recovery or fixing problems on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can get apps data recovery and other utility tools. The company also offer apps...