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Reduce Your Cloud Cost

4 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Your Cloud Cost

Remember the excitement when you decided migrate to the cloud. Oh, am going to save lots of money you taught. However, 14 months down the line you begin to feel that moving to the cloud was a bad decision. If you asked 10 companies why they decided to migrate their in-house operations to the cloud, nine of these companies would put “cost savings” at the top of their list. However, that hope is all too often met with disappointment. In 2017, AWS stated that about 35% of cloud spending is wastage, and back then, that was $6.4B of their revenue. AWS probably isn’t...
Is the Mind Palace an Artistic Invention

Is the Mind Palace an Artistic Invention?

Many have heard of the famous Mind Halls of famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. Many today perceive such phenomenal abilities as purely artistic fiction, but some know for sure that incredible results can be achieved thanks to the mind palace. Two-time memorization champion Jonas von Essen is a real confirmation of this. What Is A Mind Palace? It is worth saying that this way of memorizing information has several names: mind palace, memory palace, method of Loci, mind halls, and others. It is essentially a mnemonic device within a person's creation, where they store information. For the first time, this technique began...
Wondershare Uniconverter

Wondershare UniConverter 14 Now Removes Vocals! Get It Limited Time Free!

Do you have a need for a vocals remover app to make karaoke tracks to practice your instrument prowess with? Have you ever wanted to have a simple way to separate the vocals and music tracks in a song because you like the song but not the lyrics, or vice versa? If you think this requires some fancy and costly Hollywood-level audio editing software, think again, because this tool we are talking about beats another app to remove vocals audacity in ease of use and set of features to take the spot on your computer desktop for when you want...
Repair Corrupted Videos and Photos

Use This Tool To Fix Blurry Photos Quickly And Professionally

Even as camera phones have taken major strides to make sure that users are able to take the best possible photos with minimum possible intervention, there are occasions we are left with blurry pictures in our photo libraries for various reasons. If you are looking for ways how to fix blurry pictures, you have come to the right place and here will talk about causes behind blurry pictures, a photo repair tool to repair and fix blurry pictures, and what to do to ensure that photos are never blurry. Part I: Reasons Behind Blurry Pictures There is a lot that can...
Data Loss

Download this Data Recovery Software and Recover all your Data Now!

We wished nobody ever came to this page searching for the best data recovery software or deleted photo recovery app to use, but that is not to be. Data loss happens every day and can happen to the best of us at the worst of times. If you want to recover lost data, read this guide first before doing anything else to increase your chances of recovering your data without corruption and in one piece. Part I: How Does Data Loss Happen? There are several reasons for data loss: -accidental deletion -not keeping/ having backup copies -disk failure -file system corruption -software corruption -system crashes Any of these...

Pros and Cons of Using Filmora

Filmora is a commonly-used video editor made for people who want to make excellent videos and edit them. The tool even provides support for editing 4K videos. It does not come with a high price tag, considering it offers options to edit both audio and videos. Users get various options if they want to style, insert effects and personalize videos. The software makes it very convenient for anyone to add overlays, insert some elements and animations, and incorporate some text too. It is the best option for those who want to make a tribute, an appreciation, or a story in their...
IT Operations

What is the Future of IT Operations?

Organizations worldwide are focusing more on digital transformation.  But as we talk about digital transformation, it brings hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, which creates complexity for the organization. When discussing traditional IT management, it failed due to a lack of innovation and scope. As a result, artificial intelligence in IT operations (AIOps) steps in. AI has gained significant momentum in restructuring the whole IT ecosystem, and the results are pretty promising in transforming IT operations. Whether you need enhanced visibility or exceptional performance in your organization, AI helps achieve it with the perfect combination of algorithms and human intelligence. To integrate AI...
How to Design a Database for High-Performance Apps

How to Design a Database for High-Performance Apps? 10 Leading Practices

What makes an application high-performing? UI and UX are key elements so are the server, bandwidth, and overall programming. But, one aspect has a significant impact on the performance of any application: the database design. A good database design helps businesses store and retrieve accurate data. It’s also helpful to maintain data accuracy, consistency, and reliability and enable applications to be scalable and capable of performing during high workloads. Database architects, when designing a database, always have aspects such as speed, consistency, and update efficiency in mind. But, what considerations should you identify when building a database? What are relational database...
Hiring Laravel Experts

7 Trends To Watch Out For When Hiring Laravel Experts

Many companies hire Laravel professionals for a variety of jobs that affect their online businesses. What causes businesses to seek out Laravel programmers to be hired? Should you hire Laravel programmers as a result, or should you hire dedicated Laravel developer because your business might be more profitable? In this article, we will give you tips that will help you hire a Laravel developer. What is Laravel? Before you hire a professional Laravel developer, you should know what Laravel is as a framework. Laravel is among the most popular frameworks in the PHP space that can be used for web editing. It is an...
Blackview OSCAL S60 Pro Night Vision Edition with DokeOS 2.1

Blackview OSCAL S60 Pro Night Vision Edition: Interesting You May Want...

The Blackview software team introduced DokeOS 2.1 to the world when the Blackview A100 made its premier in about the middle of 2021. Millions of active users applauded the perfect integration of the revamped OS and Android 11.0. That’s why such an ideal combination is again seen in the latest S60 Pro, a rugged smartphone manufactured by OSCAL, Blackview’s brother brand. But this time comes a little differently, said the chief engineer from the Blackview software team. It is said that interesting tweaks have been made to the DokeOS 2.1, so OSCAL S60 Pro will witness further OS refinement based on...