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TestPro SDET

TestPro’s Recipe for SDET Success

Diversity creates opportunity. This is true of every aspect of life, but is especially relevant to career pathways. If you have a background in the basics of computer programming and a desire to delve deeper into software engineering, exciting and rewarding job prospects await, For those selecting a path into software development and considering a role as either a developer or QA automation tester, why not choose a career that embraces both. A software development in test (SDET) role, combines programming and testing skills and activities into a multihyphenate job description that opens up access to more employment opportunities, higher...
Laptop Slow

Why is my Laptop so Slow? Here’s How to Fix it

When you first bought your laptop, it loaded every page with lightning speed, and you stared at that big cinematic screen for hours working, binge-watching the latest series, or playing games. It gave you that feel-good feeling that you can't explain, whenever you pulled it out of your bag in public. Unfortunately, every good story always has a bad patch, so as the years rolled by your laptop engine started getting clogged by unnecessary files, bugs, and cache data. To be honest, nothing is more annoying than a slow laptop that takes forever to load a single window. However, we've carefully compiled...
AI Image Generators

How Do AI Image Generators Work?

AI image generators have created an endless supply of buzz and noise in the digital art world over the past year. The advent of this technology has revolutionized the way we interact with digital art. The thought of having AI machines that can spit out images on text prompts in a matter of seconds is enough to pull out a wow from your lips. Some people have embraced AI image generators to explore their creative freedom from graphics designers to simply anyone in the creative industry. While others, are having cold feet on this technology because of the fear of being kicked...
Cloud Analytics in Healthcare

Cloud Analytics in Healthcare: How Can It Provide Real-World Intelligence?

Cloud Analytics is the assessment of performance reports of all incumbents of cloud infrastructure such as data, systems, procedures, and others, in order to derive better values from their collective and cohesive use. Cloud analytics makes it easy for users to know how far their decision to use cloud infrastructure has helped them achieve the values they are striving for. Further, it builds the road map ahead to look for solutions that can improve performance in terms of scalability, ease of deployment, and better deliverability. Real-world intelligence comes from templates, formats, databases, previous case studies, and various research-based analyses. In the...
Onboarding New Customers

A Step-by-Step Guide to Onboarding New Customers

You can create an effective and efficient onboarding process for new customers that will help them get up to speed quickly with your company and its services, by following these steps: Introduce Your Company: Provide a brief introduction to your company and explain the value it brings to customers in terms of products and services. Explain How You Work: Give a rundown of your process for working with new customers, including how you interact with them throughout the onboarding experience. Set Expectations: Discuss what customers can expect from you during the onboarding process, so they know exactly what’s happening...
Next.JS, NextJS

5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Next.js Developers

Did you know Next.js is growing in popularity and becoming one of the most popular frameworks? That's right! Companies like Netflix and Twitch have used it for their sites. You can use this powerhouse of a framework for your projects if you decide to hire Next.js developers today. Have you never heard about this framework before? This article will discuss the main five benefits it has to help you understand the opportunity it presents. 1. Simplicity The average website takes less than two seconds to load. There's a reason for that: more than 50% of mobile users will leave if a site takes...
What to Look for in a Quality Smartphone Betting App

Top 7 Free Apps to Live Stream Sports

The emergence of the Internet has opened a lot of doors to numerous opportunities. As technology advances the scope of things that can be done online continues to expand bringing you to a world of wondrous possibilities. These days, there is little need to leave the comfort of your home as almost anything can be done online. You can shop, take classes and make financial transactions online. There are even certain medical complaints that can be attended to online. Streaming is one of the more popular activities with numerous platforms providing online content. There are streaming services dedicated to bringing movies and...

Several Compelling Reasons Why AI Will Not Replace Human Programmers

“Will AI replace programmers?” This is a hot topic of the last decade. There are automated platforms for code generation trained on bases from such public repositories as GitHub (Open AI Codex, Code T5, Polycoder). Smart algorithms have already reached an extremely high level: they can assess the quality and uniqueness of code and check it for errors. More and more often, clients are asking software development companies to “create AI to generate sites.” How realistic is this? Let’s figure out if the Skynet era is approaching. The reasons why AI in Programming has attracted Public attention In 2012, the outsourcing...
Doratoon vs Powtoon

Doratoon vs. Powtoon: Which Is Better as a Cartoon Video Maker...

We can affirm that the use of cartoons in other industries other than movies and films is significantly growing. Professionals in marketing and sales, human resources, education, banking & finance, and others use cartoon characters to engage their audience when communicating ideas and concepts. There are dozens of cartoon character maker options users can explore to create cartoon characters and cartoon videos without stress. Two of the reputable options available are Doratoon and Powtoon. This post gives a comprehensive comparison of these two tools to help users make informed decisions when choosing a cartoon video maker. Doratoon: A Free Online Cartoon Maker...
Software Developer

Top Frontend Developer Interview Questions

Particularly for those new to web development, front-end development is recognised as one of the most successful specialties. Many beginners view front-end programming as a good method to begin a career in full-stack development due to the fact that it primarily requires fundamental abilities like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some server knowledge. However, frontend development is a broad field that includes a variety of approaches and equipment. As a result, the kind of questions used in interviews for front-end developer positions vary and cover a range of topics. You shouldn't worry if you're looking for a job as a front-end programmer...