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Amazon online store has the biggest selection of books and magazines on this planet. From Textbooks to Novels, from fiction to non-fiction, from children books to Christian books, from e-books to audiobooks, and so on, is your best source for used and new books. Amazon delivers books to all countries, meaning that you can buy books from the online book store from any country.

Books have been part of Amazon’s business since it went online in 1995. Amazon started out as an online book store but has since become an integrated online store stocking assorted product: books, DVDs, Electronics, music CDs, toys, computer games, software, shoes, food, apparels, and so on.

Amazon makes it easy for you to find the books you are looking for. Books are arranged in easily identifiable categories. You can find popular and the most purchased books at the books bestseller page. The online books store has sections for New York Times bestsellers, textbooks, new releases and bargain books. Books are also arranged according to subject: Business, Science, Politics, Computing, Parenting, Religion, Romance, Thrillers, etc.

You can also buy books for your Kindle e-book reader at the online store. Over 350,000 books are available in Kindle editions. Books on Kindle are a lot cheaper than paper editions.

Some books at Amazon online store can be searched. This feature allows you to read some pages of a book, before you buy the actual book. This feature is not available for all books, but when available, you can search for keywords within a book.

Amazon online books store is a great place to find used and new textbooks. You can save up to 90% on millions of used Textbooks. Savings of up to 30% are available on thousands of new Textbooks.

You can also find the best books of 2011 as well as books that will make great gifts for book lovers. Books written in other languages like french and Chinese are also available at If you are a writer or have some used books or textbooks, you can sell them at and create room for more books.

Amazon online store ships books to almost all countries including Nigeria. Payments can be made using MasterCard or Visa debit cards as well as American express, Eurocard, Amazon gift card, and so on. I use Visa for my purchases on Amazon. Books bought on amazon online store can ship to Nigeria between 3 and 22 days, depending on the type of shipping you choose. Books do not currently attract import duties in Nigeria so the only costs to worry about is the shipping cost and the cost of the books.

Shipping cost for books from amazon to Nigeria will cost about $6.99 (N1,100) for standard shipping (delivery between 22 to 31 business days) 13.99 USD (2,200 NGN) for expedited shipping (delivery between 12 to 22 business days) or about $39.99 (N6,200) for Priority courier shipping (delivery within 3 to 7 business days). You will also pay $6.99 (1,100 NGN) per book for expedited and standard shipping and $9.99 (1,550 Naira) per book for priority courier shipping.

I prefer using priority shipping for buying books at Amazon. It is not only fast, it is also secured. With priority shipping your books are delivered  by trusted couriers like UPS or DHL directly to your doorstep within 3 to 7 business days. Just make sure you use the right address when ordering your books at Amazon.

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