How to Blog Build Reputation, Traffic, and Make Money

Blogging for Students
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Do you want to make money on the internet sharing your knowledge and insight? Do you want to develop an online voice that will bring you recognition and fame? Are you ready to learn how? My new e-book Blogging for Students will teach you how to blog, build your reputation and traffic, and how to make money from your reputation and traffic.

Blogging for Students e-book cover

This e-book is no-longer available for sale. So, there is no point reading from here on. However, if you are still interested in blogging our article on how to start a blog can be very helpful.

Climbing the mounting of Traffic and Reputation

Blogging is easy and fun, making money from a blog is also easy. The hard part is building your reputation and traffic. Building your reputation online and building traffic to your blog is the obstacle standing between you and your blogging fame and fortune.

Despite this obvious challenge, most blogging books in the market hype the money making part without showing you how to navigate the challenges. Blogging for Students will do just that. It will show you how to blog successfully and offer techniques for building your traffic and reputation online.

The same techniques that has enabled me gain over 350,000 monthly page views, over 30,000 Facebook fans, and over 4,500 Twitter followers for my blog and that has enabled me build a network of online properties that are now nearing 500,000 monthly page views. The very same techniques I will use to increase my online clout in 2012.

Who should buy Blogging for Students

  • Absolute beginners to blogging, who may or may not have heard of blogging, but want to learn the ropes of blogging from someone who actually blogs
  • The struggling blogger, who jumped into blogging because of the hype and is now about to drown in the waters of blogging disappointment. Do not give-up until you have read this book. It might just be the lifebuoy you desperately need.
  • Upcoming bloggers who need new ideas to recharge their blogging
  • Business owners, Marketers, PR People, who are looking for an effective tool for promoting their products and services online

This e-book is not for people who consider themselves experts in Blogging.

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What you get from Blogging for Students

Blogging for Students is divided into six chapters packed with information to put you on the right path for blogging success.

1) Introduction: This chapter introduces you to blogging and reveals the secret of making money from blogging, yes the secret is out. It also runs down the tools you need as a blogger.

2) Choosing a niche: Niche blogging is a successful technique for building your reputation faster and distinguishing yourself online. This chapter will show you the benefits and niche blogging and show you how you can choose niches that are right for you and yet profitable. A lot of bloggers in Nigeria go into saturated niches like jobs or copying and pasting news, this chapter will discourage you into going for such wild goose chase and if you insist it will show the best technique for entering a saturated niche.

3) How to setup your blog: This chapter will go into how to create your blog from choosing a blog platform and name for your blog to customising your template. All examples on blog customisation will focus on the free blog platform Blogger.

4) How to write your blog post: This chapter will teach you how to write successful blog posts that will drive traffic to your website. SEO best practices are covered.

5) Promoting your blog: This is where you learn how to promote your blog. This chapter may be considered as the heart of the book as this is where you actually get the different techniques for building your traffic and your online reputation.

6) How to make money from your blog: this chapter reveals the different blog monetisation methods, the so called direct and indirect methods. I consider this the least important part of the book. Because I believe that once you have a successful blog you can figure out how to leverage its success. It comes natural.

What bonuses come with the book

VIP membership at the forum: No book on blogging will cover everything. Once you buy this book you qualify for VIP membership of our tech forum at There you can ask any questions about blogging and seek advice or clarifications as you go in this your blogging journey. As a VIP I will personally answer your questions and ASAP too. Once you buy the e-book register with the forum and send me your username via email, I will make you a VIP member.

SEO Best practices: although a few of these techniques where covered in the book, I have decided to create a sort of SEO cheat sheet that puts every SEO requirement together to enable you easily ensure your blog is compliant.

Blogging Timetable: As a student, I figured you will need a timetable. This timetable contains daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This will help you manage your time.

over 50 less competitive niches but potentially profitable: In Nigeria because of the hype surrounding blogging, everyone is crowding the perceived profitable niches. This is because they see some successful bloggers making money from such niche. But just because another blogger is successful in a niche does not mean you will also be successful.

This over 50 niches list will help you device a niche you can make a name for yourself blogging before the copycats and spoilers wake-up from their slumber.

Conditional Bonus: There is also a final bonus, but this is conditional. I will personally promote the first ten blogs that I like from bloggers that bought this book on my blog, Facebook page, tech forum, and Twitter. Note it is not the first 10 to buy the book, it is also not the first 10 to submit to me. It is the first 10 blogs submitted to me that I like.

The blog must also not be in existence as at the time you bought the book and must draw from ideas in the book. (So that is your student project). The blogger must also build content on the blog for at least 6 weeks before sending their links to me.

Why Blogging for Students

The name may be misunderstood to mean that the book is for students. Not exactly, it is for anyone who wants to learn how to blog successfully. In order words, the student blogger. However, the book will be great for students who are smart enough to be considering potential income opportunities after graduations.

Paschal Okafor

Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article How to Blog Build Reputation, Traffic, and Make Money was written by Paschal Okafor. The article was last modified: May 17th, 2023
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