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Local Business Listing
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A Local Business Listing is a type of business directory. In fact, for some people both are one of the same things. But I like differentiating the two. For me a local business listing is a versatile online business directory. Let’s face it the likes of Yelp, Google Places for Business, Yahoo Local, or Bing Business Portal are no ordinary online business directories.

How are Local Listings Different

A local business listing can be differentiated by an ordinary business directory by the type of business information you can list on it. For example as a minimum a local business listing will allow you upload photos of your products in addition to all information in a traditional business directory. With this you can have a photo gallery on your listing enabling potential customers to have a feel of your products or in the case of a restaurant your delicacies.

However, for me the major characteristics of a local business listing are reviews and ratings. Yes, a local business listing will also allow customers who have used the product or service to review and rate it. Positive reviews and 3+ star ratings can drive more customers to your business. Negative reviews are not entirely bad, they will also help you see where your business is failing so that you can correct them and serve your customers better.

In fact, it is these reviews and ratings that make local business listings local. They are written by local people within the location of your business, some of whom probably use your business everyday or every week. Sharing their local experience about your business will help visitors and new residents to form an opinion about it. This is why local business listings are very popular with travellers. You need to know the right joints to visit at your destination before you leave home.

A local business listing may also support some important dynamic business promotion information. For example, some of the best local business listings will support deals and coupons. Are you currently offering a deal (like 50% off a given product)? You can easily add this to your listing. Some good local business listings will even have a link that its visitors can click to find latest deals helping promote your deals.

Now you know the difference between the two, businesses directories are static, local business listings are more dynamic and engaging. For some people the two are still the same. But I like differentiating the two. This enables me utilise the full potential of local business listings, while doing the much I can with online business directories.

Adding your Business Information

You can add your business to the top local business listings like Yelp, Google Places for Business, Yahoo Local, or Bing Business Portal. However, Google Places for Business appears to be the truly global local business listing supporting local business listing for many countries unlike the rest that are available in a few countries.

Each country also boasts of dozens of local business listings, although most of them will not be as versatile as the top listings. However, no matter the local business listings you choose make sure you list your business on Google Places for Business. Like with online business directories, you should list your business in as many local business listings you can find.

Google Places for Business is fuelled by the Google search engine, which is by far the largest search engine on this planet. Having your listing on Google Places could some positive impact on your business.

Do not just add your business on local business listings; make use of its unique advertising features and versatility. If you don’t, then this post would have been a complete waste of my valuable time.

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