Brazil 2014 World Cup – Get Ready for the Fiesta

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Its 3 days to the biggest sporting event of the year and I am sure you cant wait for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to kickoff in Brazil. However, all that wait will amount to nothing if you don’t take the right steps now to ensure you don’t miss any of the action. Here are some of my suggestions for you to ensure a hitch free football festival.

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

Is your TV Ready

Samsung F8000 Full HD LED TV 65-inch

I am assuming you will not be flying to Brazil for the tournament. In that case your TV will be your window to the world cup. You need to ensure that your TV is in perfect condition for the world cup. Is it having sound or colour issues or does it intermittently draw white lines? Does the TV seem to have a mind of its own and works only when it wants to and fails when you need it to work.

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I am sure you do not want your World Cup experience to depend on the mood of your TV. So, take your TV to an reputable Electrician around you to sort out its issues and if it is beyond repair, buy a new TV.

If you choose to buy a new TV, you have to buy one that will take you beyond this World Cup and last many many World Cups. If you are buying a main TV for the family, 32-inches is a good place to start. Checkout our list of best 32-inch LED TVs in Nigeria. If you prefer larger screen sizes, you can checkout the LG LA7400 LED TV or LG LA8600 LED TV series.

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For cutting edge TVs, ultra HD models like the LG LA9700 and Samsung F9000 UHD LED TV series or the LG Curved Full HD OLED TV will offer the very best that TVs has to offer.

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Is your TV Subscription Current

A lot of the action will be available on terrestrial free to air channels, especially the matches involving the Super Eagles of Nigeria, but if you don’t want to miss any of the action, you may need a subscription to a satellite or other pay TV service. Contact your service provider for details of World Cup coverage. I will cover DSTV here, because I am a DSTV subscriber and also to make this as concise as possible.

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DSTV will be showing all matches of the FIFA World Cup live on SuperSport 3 (DSTV channel 223 for Nigeria and channel 203 for the rest of Africa) and SuperSport 4 (DSTV channel 204). So, if your subscription is about to run out, you should renew your subscription at a DSTV office or you should use any of the online or mobile money services. I have been using paga to renew my DSTV subscription over the past few months with no hitches, maybe you should try them out for hassle free renewal of your subscription.

To watch live World Cup matches on SuperSport 3, you need a DSTV Compact Plus subscription which currently goes for 7,850 Naira. So if you are in a package lower than the Compact Plus, you will need to upgrade to Compact Plus or higher. Of course, some of the matches will be shown on some channels on lower packages (especially matches involving Nigeria), but if you do not want to miss any of the action, your best bet is the Compact Plus package.

Compact Plus package will also come in handy during the final group matches when two matches will be played simultaneously. It ensures you are not stock to whatever the broadcaster decides. You can choose which match you want to watch. If you subscribe to other pay TV services like Startimes, GOTV, MyTV, etc contact them to know their plans for the World Cup and the options they have for you.

Is your Generator Ready

Tec Remote Series Generator

There is no point getting your TV ready and paying your TV subscription, if you are not sure of the availability of power supply. You need to ensure that your generator is ready for the tournament. Take your generator for routine maintenance and make sure you get a new spark plug except you want to be sweating cleaning your plug while the rest of Nigeria are celebrating a beautiful goal by the Super Eagles.

And if you don’t have a generator or the one you have is beyond repair, do not deceive yourself believing power supply would improve during this period (after all PHCN ought to have known the World Cup be holding this June and made adequate arrangement). On the contrary, expect more unreliable power supply for most of June as media reports suggests that generation capacity will drop by about 1000 MW for most of June to about 2,674MW due to the closure of two gas plants for maintenance this June (of all months).

So, you may actually need to buy a generator to ensure you are in total control of your World Cup experience. You can start with an ‘I big pass my neighbour‘ or you can checkout dozens of generator brands available in Nigeria.

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Before each match make sure you gauge your oil and fuel and place the generator on the spot you will be running it. This could save valuable time when the inevitable eventually happens. You can also warm it up for 2 minutes before shutting down in readiness for the big game.

Do you need an Inverter or UPS

Sukam Inverter

Nothing pains more than when PHCN takes power in the middle of a match, then you have to look for your torchlight to turn on your generator and when the generator is finally on you have to endure another agonising couple of seconds for your decoder to boot. Woe betide you if a goal is scored during this time, voom! you have missed a moment in history never to be experienced again.

If your budget can bear the cost, an inverter can save you all the trouble. The inverter kicks-in the moment power is lost for an uninterrupted viewing experience. With an inverter, you may not need a generator. However, Inverters come with batteries that require charging, so if public power supply is too epileptic that it undermines charging your inverter batteries they become useless. The good news is that you can charge your inverter batteries with your generator.

Inverters also have the advantage of zero-noise operation, which makes them night-friendly. Some of the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches will be played at night. Nigeria however is highly favoured because most of our World Cup group matches and even our second round and quarterfinal matches (if we qualify) will kickoff by 5pm, except for Nigeria’s second group F game against Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will kickoff late at 11pm. An inverter will excel in such a match. Checkout Inverter prices

A UPS can also ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience, but they are not built for prolonged usage. So, their batteries may not have the stamina to last a match. Also the beeping sound may also be a distraction and diminish your viewing experience. The best way to use a UPS is to use it to supply power during the period you are starting your generator as your decoder (set top box) will not reboot. This will save you a couple of seconds of viewing. Checkout UPS prices.

Will you be Watching on Mobile

Most of Nigeria’s matches at the World Cup will kickoff at 5pm. While this is great for some, this is unfortunately the time when most Nigerian workers are still stock in traffic. So, a portable device like the DSTV Walka will come handy. A DSTV Drifta Wi-Fi can also stream to your mobile phone or tablet. Both devices cost 12,250 and 18,900 Naira respectively. Contact a DSTV dealer for details.

Where is your headset or earbud

Nokia Bluetooth Earbud

When all else fails you can rely on the built-in FM radio on your mobile phone to catchup with World Cup commentaries. But most phones will require you to plug-in the 3.5mm earbud (ear phone) accessory (which usually comes with the phone). So, it is a good idea to look for your earbud and keep them handy in case you need them. If you can’t find yours, you checkout earbud prices of earbuds here.

Warning: Some FM radio station will be playing music most times, but some especially government owned stations will offer live commentaries of World Cup matches involving Nigeria.

That is our checklist, just make sure you have a valid internet subscription so you can look-up scores if for some reason you can’t watch or listen to the World cup match. You can also get an official Super Eagles Jersey to be in the right dress code for matches.

Paschal Okafor is NaijaTechGuide Team Lead. The article Brazil 2014 World Cup – Get Ready for the Fiesta was written by Paschal Okafor. The article was last modified: October 13th, 2019

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