Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for Easier Life

Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets for Easier Life : iRobot Roomba Floor Cleaner
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Admit it, no one loves to clean their house. And you would rather have someone to do it for you. Decluttering once a month, sure. But the day to day general cleaning and spot-on dusting on home appliances can be very bothersome especially when you have other priorities to finish.

Thankfully, you are already living in a generation where technology is very advanced. A lot of innovative solutions were made possible that made life much easier. And in these solutions, you can efficiently clean your home without even sweating or lifting a hand.

These are some smart home cleaning gadgets today that could make your life easier and your home much cleaner:

1. SteamFast Compact Steamer

Steamfast Compact Steamer

One of the most time-consuming chores is ironing of clothes. You need to prepare the iron board, heat up the iron, and go through each wrinkle of certain clothes. Good thing that SteamFast Compact Steamer can greatly help you in this task.

Using this gadget will omit the need for you to iron your clothes. You may use it to freshen your clothes and linens. Instantly, all the wrinkles will be removed. You can use this too on your drapes and furniture upholsteries.

2. IQAirHealthPro Compact

Some people hate cleaning in general because of the dust. Well, dust is everywhere. Even if you clean all sides and corners of your place, dust and airborne debris are still present. Now, IQAirHealthPro Compact can efficiently help you manage dust.

IQAirHealthPro Compact

While the gadget is small and compact, it effectively cleans the air and maintains the quality. It purifies dust, airborne debris, and pollen by 99% using its HyperHEPA filtration. In addition, it also omits the unpleasant odor in your house.

3. Windoro Window Cleaning Robot

Windoro Window Cleaning Robot

Need help in cleaning your windows? Gladly, cleaning robots are widely available nowadays in the market. One of the most prominent window cleaner robots is Windoro. All you need to do is place the other half of the robot on either side of your window.

Windoro is smart enough to measure the widths and lengths of your windows. Without any guidance, it will clean your windows thoroughly using its detergent solutions and microfiber pads. And you don’t need to worry because it is designed to stick firmly on any type of windows.

4. iRobot Roomba Floor Cleaner

4. iRobot Roomba Floor Cleaner

You may have heard already of iRobot as they are pretty much one of the most competitive names in the industry of cleaning robots. The Roomba series of iRobot is designed to clean, vacuum, and dust-off grounds, tiles, floors, and tops.

The Roomba Floor Cleaner is equipped with efficient brushes that clean thoroughly your floors. Whether dust, hair, trash, and even animal hair, you can trust this robot to pick-up and clean everything. It also has an Aerovac Technology that works efficiently in sucking all the picked-up dirt from the brushes and transport them all to its storage base.

During cleaning hours, the iRobot Roomba Floor Cleaner will automatically go back to its docking station and recharge if it needs to. Also, you can preset the robot to clean your house for a week.

5. Karcher Power Squeegee

Karcher Power Squeegee

Another smart window cleaner that you may want is the Karcher Power Squeegee. It’s not as innovative as how Windoro works but it can help you save time and effort. Only you need to do is spray the cleaning solution that you use on your windows and let the Power Squeegee brush the surface. It also sucks all the water and liquid while brushing.

Cleaning your home can be a real challenge at times but with these smart home cleaning gadgets, you can efficiently save time and effort. Also, you can ensure the overall cleanliness of your home.

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