How to make Customers feel they are Valued?

How to make Customer Feel they are valued?
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Good businesses are built on sales. Great businesses are made of relationships. This is an untold tenet of any successful business. Every business strives to generate profits. But, those businesses which go beyond the notion of profits and make their customers feel valued are the ones that truly make a dent in the Universe.

We are living in a time where customer-centricity has become the mantra of every business imaginable. Unlike the early days of Industrial Revolution, today customer is the epicentre of every major business decision. From timing the release of a product to structuring the after sales process, the customer’s best interests is given utmost importance.

When a business proves itself to be customer-centric, customers feel valued. They feel more welcome towards conducting business with the organization. In fact, discounts, freebies, promo codes and such incentives have become trivial in the eyes of the wise customer. What they expect truly from businesses is being valued for the money and time that they spent. This has been proven by scientific studies too. A research by Gallup, Inchas found that, “Consumers are spending money, but they’re more inclined to spend it only on businesses they feel good about.”

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If you are running a business, or are in the works to enter the world of business here is a quick tip for you. Value your customers above everything else, because when you value your customers, they value the relationship with your business more than every other rival out there. And, that is how our business can growth hack its way into more turnover and market share.

Do you know that there are some surefire ways how you can make your customers make feel valued? These ways are your passport to maximize sales without having roll out any expensive marketing campaigns.

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We are breaking down some such ways for your benefit.

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Stick to your word

A customer-centric business always sticks to its word. If you are promising your customer something, like an assured service guarantee, quality standard, an offer, or so on, make sure you provide it.

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Don’t try to be sneaky by citing hidden terms and conditions that could derail the customer. In fact, it is the most rudest thing any business can do. On the other hand, stick to your word, that makes things so easy.

Serve with a Charm

Not all customers are equally well-behaved. Some can get on to your nerves. Still, a business that values its customers would always serve them with a charm. Be hospitable in rendering your service, be it through online medium or directly in person.

If you are on the phone, never let them wait for too long. If the situation demands so, make sure you inform the customer that you would call back at a time that would be convenient for them. Never ask the customer to call back. That is not sound customer service.

Address using their First Name

Like we said in the beginning, great businesses are all about relationships. Relationships are built on intimacy. But, how do you build an intimate relationship in a business setting. Well, a subtle thing like addressing the customer can make them feel more attached to your business.

Ever noticed why eCommerce companies always address customers by their first names in their drip mail campaigns. It is to create this personal connection. It is sure to make your customers feel polite.

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Always be Polite

Alright, we said addressing your customers by their first name can help. But, make sure you do not go overboard. As a thumb rule, create the conversation tone that you would adopt if you are talking to someone for the first time.

Use more of ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, and such pleasantries that will make the customer feel valued and respected.

Give more than what they ask

Well, this might not make any business sense. How can a business make profits if it starts giving its customers more than what they ask for? Well, the truth is, it is possible to surprise customers by going the extra mile in service.

Remember, that there is not much traffic in the extra mile. Very few businesses stretch themselves to serve their customers with elan. So if you can help your customer to put a quick order, process a refund quickly, change the pickup location, or give an extra month of warranty, it all shows you value your customers.

Show that you care for their well-being

In today’s Internet-centric business, it is easy for customers to fall prey to scams and forgeries. These scams and forgeries could be committed by fraudsters who masquerade as your brand or as its representative. A classic example of this is fake eCommerce websites and mobile apps.

How do you ensure your customers transact only with your genuine outlets and not with fake or counterfeit outfits? Well, RapidSSL Certificates generally cheap in price can take care of that.

You can invest in it to ensure customer about their data security on the website. Users / customers can identify a real or fake website by seeing signs such as green padlock, https for URL etc. which are normally come with an SSL-secured website.

SSL certificate encrypts the information that is shared between your browser and server. It helps prevent major forms of cybersecurity threats. Vigil customers would truly understand that you go the long mile to ensure their digital well-being.


Making a customer feel valued is not an easy task. Every business on Earth is trying to achieve this feat through several inventive ways. For digital businesses, it is a stiffer challenge since they don’t get to meet their customers in person. The ways we have described above must help you overcome that challenge. They will help you become one among those customer-centric companies that do everything in their capacity to make customers feel valued.

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