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7 Steps to Generate Publicity and Attract More Investors for Your Startup

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If only a small number of your family and friends knows about your amazing startup, what’s the point? It won’t help you get clients or customers and let alone investors.

That’s why you need to promote your startup and make as many people aware of your mission and innovation as possible.

Scroll down and discover the best way to do it.

1. Blog about your Startup

Having an active and interesting blog will help you draw attention to your startup.

Use blog posts to tell your story because it will set you apart and help you win the hearts of your clients and press as well. Be creative and play with different content: articles, infographics, videos, case studies and everything else that can provide value to your readers and target audience.

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2. Create a Buzz with Social Engagement

An excellent way to create buzz around your startup, get featured on popular websites and build a positive brand is to socially engage in your community and industry.

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For example, host an event in your offices related to your industry or product or support an important cause by donating your time and advice. Also, you could sponsor or support a hackathon or other tech manifestations.

3. Be active on Twitter

Nowadays, Twitter has become the main source of information and communication for the most journalists. So, make sure you follow journalists from your niche and interact with them on Twitter. Simply, comment and compliment their work genuinely now and then.

That way, you’ll create interest for you and your startup and pave the path for a successful pitch at some point.

4. Collaborate with influencers

If your startup is relatively new on the market, you haven’t had an opportunity to gain trust and build up credibility within your industry. A great way to establish credibility and trust is to basically borrow it from an influencer or expert in your niche.

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For instance, if your startup developed an app that helps athletes, then find athletes that could talk about the benefits of your app and how it helped them. This will create a buzz around your startup and more importantly encourage their fans to download your app.

Therefore, find ways to connect with influencers or experts and collaborate with them.

5. Determine the Appropriate Investors

There are numerous venture capital companies that could invest in your startup; however, you should carefully choose the right ones because not all are a good and suitable fit for your business.

Therefore, try to find VCs who already invested in businesses in your geographic area and your target industry. Also, have in mind that some VCs support only at particular phases of development, as well as limitations to the number of funds.

Once you’ve completed the initial screening, focus on investors who have experience with startups, especially ones within your niche.

6. Reach out to Investors

Venture capital firms usually get tons of pitches every day, so you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to get their attention and funds eventually.

Hence, avoid writing generic, tedious emails that just end up in the trash. Instead, focus on finding ways to get a chance for personal contact. Nowadays, there are various channels of communications and many opportunities to network, so get creative and leave a good impression!

7. Pitch Newsworthy Content to journalists and media outlets

As investors, journalists and media outlets receive numerous pitches on a daily basis, so make sure your pitch doesn’t become just another raindrop in the ocean.

First, don’t send copy/paste emails because they will get deleted right away. Changing the name of journalist or media outlet won’t give you any results, so don’t be lazy, craft a personalized email that will provide you with necessary media exposure.

More importantly, try to offer value to readers, something really newsworthy, don’t make it all about your startup and product. For example, if your startup developed a software that makes the job of HR professionals easier and you’re targeting publications that cover news in the HR sector, then you can pitch them with a real example how your software speeds up the recruiting process.

Now it’s time to apply some of these helpful tips to generate publicity and attract more investors for your startup.

Start blogging about your startup and pitch the right media outlets and journalists to spread the word about your product or services. Also, don’t forget to participate on Twitter actively and create buzz with the help of influencers and social engagement. Last but not least, find the right investors and pitch them appropriately.

As Dropbox founder said: “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”

Author Bio

Serena Dorf

Serena Dorf is a social media savvy Los Angeles-based content writer. She is passionate about writing, personal development, and marketing. In her free time, she is reading classic American literature and learning Swedish. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

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