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Eye in the Sky: How Drones Help Soldiers on the Battlefield

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It’s a known fact that a lot of countries nowadays, use drones to have a significant advantage over their opponents. These drones aren’t small compact toys like those you see in the market. Instead, these drones are huge often large enough to carry a single person.

However, these drones do not carry a pilot. Drones are types of UAV or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Instead of pilots, these drones are controlled by highly qualified personnel who undergo rigorous training. Indeed, drones are valuable equipment that does a lot for soldiers on the ground. Here are some uses for drones.


Due to its highly advanced specifications, a drone is the perfect tool for surveillance. Most drones are equipped with powerful engines which can carry it over higher altitudes, making it undetectable. Although its boosters and thrusters are powerful, it’s quiet enough to evade even the most sophisticated systems.

Drones also have powerful cameras and sound equipment that can monitor valuable targets on the ground. These footages are then transferred to a computer where personnel can identify the targets.

Weather Monitoring

Drones are useful when soldiers want to plan actions in an ever-changing battlefield. Most of the time, weather plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of a battle. Drones can predict and monitor the same way most weather stations do.

There are types of drones that are equipped with highly sophisticated gear that can detect wind pressure, wind speed, humidity, etc. The Military and other weather agencies also have storm drones who are specifically built to monitor and predict catastrophic weather.


Another factor that’s important in determining the outcome of a skirmish or battle is having extensive knowledge about the terrain. In the past, a lack of knowledge of the area often leads to catastrophic results. Today, soldiers who don’t have a layout or a visual of an area do not even risk it.

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In the future, CQC missions or Close Quarter Combat missions will be much easier and safer for troops once drones will be small enough to infiltrate buildings and other tight spaces. Not only that, the potential of limiting casualties on both sides is minimized due to preparations done beforehand because of smart surveillance done by these drones.

Precision Targeting

Drones such as the Predator Drone are well known to enemy insurgents because of the drone’s ability to strike anywhere. The U.S and U.K. are known to use drones to carry out strategic bombings to take out important targets.

Combat Proven Technologies such as Predator drones use computers to accurately identify an enemy target. Once confirmation is done, drones engage the target by firing missiles or dropping smart bombs, depending on certain mission parameters.

Contrary to popular belief, these systems are more effective than old carpet bombing strategies by fighter jets when taking out a small group of important targets. Drones limit collateral damage by pinpointing specific targets and avoid another bombing run by confirming a “kill” once the whole process is done.

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Rescue, Relief, and Medical Missions

Not all drones are built for battle purposes. Some are built to help and provide assistance when disasters happen to both troops and civilians. A scenario where these drones are effective is when a building collapses due to a bomb exploding or by an earthquake. Small drones can be deployed which can then pinpoint survivors in the wreckage.

There are even drones that have built-in defibrillators that greatly increase the chance of living for a person experiencing cardiac problems. When soldiers are deployed to disaster areas, drones are used to bring in relief goods to locations that aren’t accessible by foot.


Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are important assets for the military today. Popular belief only exposes the bombing capabilities of most drones however, they have more uses than just that. The military uses drones to predict the weather, map out an area, and provide surveillance.

During natural disasters, soldiers deployed to ravaged areas can even use drones to provide relief and aid in rescue missions. Indeed the future is here and drones are making the job easier for soldiers and civilians alike.

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