The Popularity of Emojis: New Cultural Phenomenon

The Popularity of Emojis

You must be living in a cave if up to this point you don’t know what emojis are and how to use them (in that case, better check out EmojiGuide). Emojis are so popular that there’s even a “World Emoji Day,” celebrated on July 17 every year.

This trailblazing font technology is making a significant impact on how we express emotions and ideas.

Emojis are graphic and fun-to-use that they are not only being used today in tweets and texts but also emails and article writing. So, if you want to learn more about emojis, let’s dig deeper into why they are important, especially in this digital age.

Emojis are Good for Business:

Approximately 65 percent of emoji users asked in this study are willing to use emojis when making a purchase. Now, brands are riding the tide on this godsend business opportunity.

They want to grab customers’ attention by incorporating emojis into their marketing. For instance, Domino’s now allowed its customers to order pizza by texting a ? emoji.

The study also found that 58 percent of people using emojis are more inclined to open an email that contains an emoji in its subject line. And around 44 percent of the people surveyed are more likely to buy stuff from brands that use emojis in their advertisement.

Use of Emojis Contribute to Positive Perception in the Workplace:

If you are afraid to use emojis while you’re on duty, it’s time to change your attitude. Approximately 61 percent of emoji users asked in the same survey mentioned above use emojis at work. And the majority of them think that emoji use increases likeability, credibility, and positivity in the workplace.

These numbers are proof that the continued rise in popularity of emojis encourages more and more people to use emojis in personal and business communication.

Emojis Overcome Communication Barriers:

One of the most significant factors why people use emojis is that they are an excellent communication tool to express their ideas and emotions. It also shows that the use of emojis overcome language barriers and the generational gap among users.

A large part of emoji users also believes that using emojis contributes to the positive mood of digital conversation. In relation to this finding, the three most favorite emojis used by a lot of people are ❤️ ?, and ?. Moreover, these folks think that emoji users are friendly and approachable people.

The capacity of emojis to bridge the communication gap among users and instantly express their ideas and emotions is indeed impressive. Interestingly, an increasing number of people are more at ease communicating their thoughts and feelings through emojis than phone calls.

Emoji Use Enhances Storytelling:

Social media is flooded with emojis nowadays. This is only understandable given the fact that emoji use significantly enhances storytelling, and social media is a place where people share their everyday stories. Moreover, emojis are images, and using images is a more convenient and effective way to express what you have in mind.

Ordinary people, celebrities, and brands tap the capability of emojis in telling a story. The comic Jordan Peele proved this interesting feature of this new font technology by recreating the story of the movie “The Shining” using emojis. Even the news giant BBC also incorporates emojis in writing their headlines.

Emojis Help Your Message Stand Out:

A business expert once said that the experience created by a brand to its target audience helps define the image of that brand. The better the experiences of the people targeted by the marketing campaign, the higher the chances of attracting new customers and keeping them loyal.

Using emojis in this era where attention spans of most people are rapidly dropping is a smart marketing approach. If you incorporate emojis in your marketing campaign, you can assure that it will stand out. It’s because emojis deliver your message instantly with its eye-catching graphics.


The use of emojis is indeed one of the biggest cultural phenomena in this digital age. They offer a host of benefits that can enhance the way we share our thoughts and feelings.

Emojis also help overcome communication barriers, especially if we use them in the proper context. More and more folks out there are using emojis because of such perks.

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