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FG Wilson Generator Image

FG Wilson Generator Price, Dealers, Specs, Best Deals

FG Wilson Generator is a leading brand for diesel and gas generators for residential and industrial use. The generators offer capacity ranging from 6.8KVA to 2500KVA and offer engines from Perkins UK. FG Wilson Generator Features FG Wilson Generator offers diesel engines with capacity ranging from 6.8KVA to 2,500KVA and gas engines ranging from 240KVA to 1250KVA. The diesel generator features Perkins engine with Marelli alternator. The gas powered generators offer engines from Scania and Perkins with lower noise, less emissions, and lower operating cost. FG Wilson Generators are available as open or enclosed (soundproof) power generating sets. The generators are water cooled...
Mikano Generator - Generator Dealers

Generator Dealers and Distributors in Nigeria

You want to buy electric power generators in Nigeria? Then you need to buy from an accredited generator dealer. Here you will find information on distributors/dealers of genuine electric power generators in Nigeria. Whether you are buying low cost generators for your home or small and medium sized business or high power generators for industrial applications, make sure you buy from genuine dealers. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Do you sell power generators? Find out how to add contacts on this page. If you are interested in buying small portable generators (1 kVA to 50kVA) for home use or...
Thermocool Generators

Buy Thermocool Generators Online at Jumia

Thermocool generators has joined the growing list of generator brands now available on Jumia and Konga, Nigeria's leading online stores. Consumers in Nigeria can now conveniently order Thermocool generators online and have them delivered to their doorstep within 2 to 5 days anywhere in Nigeria. Where to Buy Thermocool Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Thermocool now joins Tiger, Binatone, and Elemax brands to compete for consumers attention in Nigeria's leading online stores. Honda generators has also joined the list. The major differentiation of Thermocool generators is their Remote series line, which come with remote control that enables the generator to be remotely...
Best Small and Portable Generators

Best Small and Portable Generators for 2023

Do you need a generator to power your home or office during a power failure. We share some of the best small and portable generators that reliably keep your appliances running during a power cut. Where to Buy Generator Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers For many reasons, the portability of a generator set is almost as important as the main purpose of owning one — supplying power. This is because many generators with high supply capacity (particularly diesel generators) usually take up a great deal of real estate in households and commercial settings where they are used. According...
Generator Price in Nigeria

Generator Price in Nigeria, Petrol and Diesel Genset 2023

Here you will find information on prices of petrol and diesel electric power generator sets available in Nigeria. Note that generator price may vary depending on your location in Nigeria. Also, note that generator price may also vary depending on generator brand and functionality of the electric generator set. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers For example, a generator that adds key start (electric start) will cost more than a generator that offers just manual start (rope and grip). A generator with mobility kit like wheels and handle for easy movement will also cost more. Popular brands for low...
Firman Diesel Generator Image

Firman Diesel Generator Price, Features, and Best Deals

Firman with its Sumec Firman Generator is a well known brand when it comes to gasoline generators. However, it may interest you to know that Firman also make diesel generators. Firman Diesel Generator offer power capacity ranging from 2.5KVA to about 2000KVA with soundproof enclosures available in some model. Where to Buy Firman Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Firman Diesel Generator Features Firman diesel generator offer low to high power capacity which makes them good for residential installations, small commercial enterprises, and industrial applications. The low power Soundproof models can also be a plus for residential areas. If you are looking for a...
Test Drive a Car for Sale in Nigeria

Prices of Cars Generators and other Gadgets

In this page, you will find prices of different brands of automobile in Nigeria. Prices of vehicles from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Brilliance, Geely, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Kia, Skoda, and so on will be listed. Lease prices are also included for some automobile models. Prices listed are starting prices, that is price of the cheapest specification of those models. If you require a higher specification, prices will increase. Note also that prices listed here may not be exactly the current dealer prices. We provided links to contacts of authorised auto dealers at the bottom of this page; call...
Thermocool Oga Max Generator 6900 5KVA Generator

Thermocool Oga Max Generator Remote with ATS 6900Rs 5KVA genset Price

Thermocool Oga Max 6900Rs is the mid-range member of the Thermocool Remote Series generators promoted by PZ Cussons and Thermocool in Nigeria. Like other members of the Tec Remote Series range, Thermocool Oga Max Remote generator features remote start and a built-in Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Thermocool Oga Remote is a 5KW power generator with maximum power of 5.5KW. Where to Buy Thermocool Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers You may also be interested in the Tec Big Boy generator. Operate your Generator with remote control Thermocool Oga generator comes with a portable device for controlling the generator remotely. With this device you can turn...
Fuel Efficient Small Generators

The Most Fuel Efficient Small Generators

Nigeria is a great country but unfortunately, it is still struggling with power reliability. Power outages are still quite common and the supply of power is not sufficient to meet the demand. Where to Buy Generator Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers This means that many people still rely on their own personal generators. Running a generator can be quite expensive. This article reviews the fuel efficiency of smaller personal generators. Small Generators Most Fuel Efficient Backup Power If you intend to use your generator as backup power in case of infrequent blackouts or for tailgating at the football pitch,...
Buy Generator - Honda EM10000 Generator

How to Buy a Power Generator – Petrol or Diesel Engines

Are you planning to buy an electric power generator? Are you wondering which brand of generator to buy? Do you want to know what factors to consider when buying portable electric power generators for your home, small, mid-sized, and large business? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then welcome, you are at the right site. Focus will be on portable power generators used in homes and small businesses as well as industrial grade generators. Where to Buy Generator Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Electric power generators supply standby power during a power failure. The first step in buying...