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How to Prevent Random Shutdowns on Your iPhone Or iPad

How to Prevent Random Shutdowns on your iPhone or iPad?

If you are in a trouble with your iPhone or iPad shutting down for no reason with 20%, 30%, or even 50% of the battery remaining, an ultimate fix is probably an upgrade! Sell Your Old iPhone- The Ultimate Solution to Get Rid Off an Old Phone   As an iPhone...
LED View Cover for Galaxy S9

7 Phone Accessories You All Should Own

Almost all of us own a phone today. Once considered a luxury, mobile phones have now become a necessity as they do not only help people keep in touch but can also allow them to get whatever they need. Your phone is a magic device that can be used to...

How to Unlock Android Device for Free

Nowadays, we often see that the latest Android devices from Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and others come with a specified mobile network. It suggests that you can only use your mobile for that certain carrier only. Thus, in other words, your mobile phone is locked to only one cellular network and...

Is a Cheap Android Phone Really Worth It?

Finances are always a factor when buying anything, and mobiles are no exceptions. And whilst top-end flagship phones are going for close to 600,000 nowadays, there are plenty of budget options available. In fact, there are more budget Android phones than ever on shelves, some for as low as...
Connect your Smartphone to Projector

How to Connect your Smartphone to a Projector?

Projectors are mostly used to watch videos and movies on a big screen, and most of the times these projectors come quite handy for presentations. In short, no matter how advanced we get, we still are going to need a projector at some point in our life, whether as...
Infinix Zero 5 Unboxing on NaijaTechGuide

Infinix Zero 5 Unboxing

Late 2017, the Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 Pro were launched with a lot of fanfare. These two smartphones replaced the duo of Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus as the latest flagship from Infinix. We got a Sandstone Black unit from Gearbest and will be...
Qi Wireless Charger

QI. Going Wireless – Best Wireless Chargers

No one likes wires. But everyone has a phone, which has to be charged with a wire daily. And has something that you will enjoy greatly, browse for the best shopping experience. You may have heard of multiple wireless charging standards and charging pads or stands. So...
Tricks & Tips for Writing Highly Effective Push Notifications

6 Tricks & Tips for Writing Highly Effective Push Notifications

Push notifications are rapidly becoming one of the most increasingly-implemented forms of marketing and promotion for businesses in all industries. A push notification is that little alert that pops up on your phone as part of your app, making its way to the home screen of a device. Perhaps the...
7 Rules About headphone Meant To Be Broken

7 Rules about Headphones meant to be Broken

People definitely love to use headphones in their daily life. However, it is also true that some people tend to follow misconceptions about it just because they heard it somewhere. Well, in order to enjoy the full advantage of your investment in any product, it is necessary that you...
Jumia Apple Store - iPhone X Smartphone with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone Security Tips: How to keep your iPhone safe from Hackers

When it comes to phones the first thing we look for is security. Security is the first concern people have and everyone wants to keep their data and information protected. Apple has ensured to keep security in mind before designing any software update. Apple looks into this matter deeply especially...

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