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Firman SDG12000SE 7.5KVA Generators

Best Small and Portable Diesel Generators in 2024

Most of the time, generator sets — as alternate power backup system — are classified based on the fuel types they use. Also, on the basis of load/carrying capacity. Fuel-wise, there are petrol, diesel generators, kerosene generators. Yes, they aren't widely adopted and used, but kerosene-powered generators do exist. Here we share some of the best small and portable diesel generator. Where to Buy Generator Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Back to the crux of this write-up: the best portable diesel generators. While petrol generators run quieter and produce less harmful carbon dioxide fumes than their diesel counterpart,...
Solar Panel

Solar Panel Price, Features, and Best Deals

A Solar Panel is a device that converts light energy from the Sun to electrical energy. Solar Panels consist of Polyvoltaic Cells (a.k.a. PV cells or solar cells) that absorbs energy from Sun rays and convert it to DC current which can then be further processed by a power inverter to deliver power to appliances in a home or business. Solar panel price in Nigeria ranges from 6,000 Naira to 150,000 Naira depending on power capacity and quality. Where to Buy Solar Panel Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Solar Panel Price in Nigeria Solar panels are available at leading online stores in Nigeria...
Best Small and Portable Diesel Generators

Best Generator Brands in Nigeria

Generators are the popular alternative power supply choice of most Nigerians due to the erratic power supply problem plaguing the country for decades. Generators are quite popular due to their affordability, reliability, low maintenance cost, and varied capacities. Today, Nigeria is one of the biggest markets for generator brands with almost every generator brand claiming a percentage of the Nigerian generator market. These brands offer various generators at different capacities and features with the hope to satisfy the user’s needs. Over the years, we have found out that some of these generator brands don’t live up to the hype as their models...
Electric Scooter

How to Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger

Electric scooters are great possessions, not until your charge runs out in a remote location. That is when you will wish you knew better and opted for a diesel-powered one. However, this ought not to be so much of an issue. It is indeed possible to utilize an electric scooter in a distant location without worrying about what to do when the charge depletes. This is because it is indeed possible to charge the vehicle without using the ordinary power outlets. In our discussions below, we are going to look into the two main options that may help you out. In...
Sun King Solar Inverter Launch Event

Sun King Solar Inverter: a Permanent Solution to Power Problem in...

Sun King, an international company that designs, distributes, installs, and finances solar energy solutions, launched its new Solar Inverter in Nigeria on 10 May, 2023. The inverter seeks to replace expensive, fossil-fuel-powered generators and end Nigerians’ dependency on the unreliable grid. The solar panels generate direct current (DC), the battery stores the electricity then the inverter converts DC to alternating current (AC) that power appliances. The Sun King Solar Inverter which generates up to 2,000 watts of electricity (an equivalent to the grid) can power everything from homes’ domestic lights, refrigerators, and televisions to businesses’ computers, food processing equipment, and...

Electronic Energy Prepayment Meter Overview

Electronic electric energy prepayment meters are currently being deployed in Nigeria. The prepayment meters hold many promises. It will put the control of energy consumption in the hands of consumers. It will also encourage the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to focus on power generation and supply because they will not earn any money if they do not supply power. Electronic prepayment meter is an electronic device that enables an energy consumer to pay for energy before actually using it. The consumer buys energy credits from a power company like PHCN or its agents. Energy credit bought is loaded...
Honda Generator EM10000 8KVA Generator

Honda 8KVA EM10000 Generator Price, Specs, and Best Deals

Honda EM10000 is an 8KVA gasoline generator with key start (Electric Starter) for homes and small businesses. The key start makes it very convenient to use and with a noise level of 73dB(A) at a distance of 7 metres, it is one of the most silent generators you will find with equivalent power output. Where to Buy Honda EM10000 Generator Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Konga – See Offers Honda EM10000 generator is powered by Honda's GX620 - 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV engine. It has a rated power output of 8KVA (8000VA), but can supply a maximum 9000VA for 10 seconds (useful...
Buy Inverter

How to Buy an Inverter for Backup Power

Power Inverters are Electronic gadgets that converts energy stored in a battery (or DC voltage) to AC voltage that will power your appliances. Their major selling points are their low noise and emission free operations as well as their convenience. This article will guide you on how to buy an inverter for backup power in the home or in the office. Where to Buy Power Inverter Jumia Nigeria – See Offers First, Reality Check The first question to ask yourself is do I actually need an inverter? This question is important because while inverters are alternatives to power generators they are not quite...
Thermocool Generators

Buy Thermocool Generators Online at Jumia

Thermocool generators has joined the growing list of generator brands now available on Jumia and Konga, Nigeria's leading online stores. Consumers in Nigeria can now conveniently order Thermocool generators online and have them delivered to their doorstep within 2 to 5 days anywhere in Nigeria. Where to Buy Thermocool Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Thermocool now joins Tiger, Binatone, and Elemax brands to compete for consumers attention in Nigeria's leading online stores. Honda generators has also joined the list. The major differentiation of Thermocool generators is their Remote series line, which come with remote control that enables the generator to be remotely...
Honda EM10000 Generator

How to Start or Turn On a Generator

In order to ensure an efficient running of your power generator you must ensure that you follow the right procedure to turn it on. This post provides information on how to start a generator. Consult your generator manual for specific instruction on how to start your generator. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers You may also be interested in Generator Price. Step 1: Take Generator to a Well Ventilated Environment Ensure that your generator is outside the house in a well ventilated environment protected from the elements. With news of people dying of carbon monoxide suffocation every week in Nigeria this...