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What to look for an Air Compressor

Are you looking for an air compressor in the market? Are you having a hard time choosing among the many choices that you have? Does researching make you feel more confused than when you started looking for a unit? Do you feel like the more you look around, the...
Quad Solar Home System by Azuri

Solar Home System Off-grid Power Solution by Azuri Tech

The Federal Government of Nigeria in partnership with Azuri Technologies today officially unveiled a PayGo Solar Home System aimed at providing affordable power to rural households without access of electricity from the grid. Off-the-grid communities in Nigeria currently rely on candles and kerosene lanterns for lighting. The Solar Home System will replace...
EEDC Enugu - Startup helps fight electricity theft in Nigeria

Startup helps Fight Electricity Theft in Nigeria

The main consequence of electricity theft are widespread power outages. Also, electric utility companies across Nigeria struggle with illegal connections to the power grid that generate huge losses and are a hazard for locals. GIS Cloud a startup from Europe is joining the fight to help mitigate this problem. The...
Quad Solar Home System by Azuri

Azuri Quad Solar Home System Specs & Price

Azuri Quad is a Pay-as-you-Go Solar Home System designed to provide electricity for off-the-grid communities, especially in Africa. The system is unique in that it allows consumers to acquire the system through installment payment rather than upfront payment reducing the burden of acquiring a solar home system. Azuri Quad Solar...
Honda Inverter Generator

Inverter Generator – Things to know before Buying One

Inverter Generator works by converting the high voltage AC power directly into DC voltage, and converting back again to clean AC voltage by using state of the art circuitry. Because of this multi-step procedure, Inverter generators are quieter and more portable. These Generators are smaller and much more efficient when...
Lumos Mobile Electricity

Save Money with Lumos Mobile Electricity powered by MTN

Save money on your monthly electricity bills with Lumos Mobile Electricity and enjoy access to noise-free and fume-free electricity for your everyday use and conveniently pay with your airtime from an MTN line. MTN in partnership with Lumos and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) are helping millions of households...
MTN Mobile Electricity

MTN Mobile Electricity with Lumos Solar Home System

MTN Mobile Electricity (a.k.a MTN Yellow Box) is a partnership between MTN, Nigeria's largest Mobile Network, Lumos, maker of PayGo off-grid Solar Home Systems, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to deliver safe, reliable and affordable power to millions of households and businesses in Nigeria. In January, 2017 the...
Lumos Solar Home System

Lumos Solar Power System Specs & Price

Lumos Solar Power System is an off-grid Solar Home System designed to provide Pay-as-you-go electricity to off-the-grid communities or communities where grid-supply is unreliable like in most of Africa and Asia. The Lumos Smart Solar System offers a convenient payment plan that allows you pay towards the ownership of...
Azuri Quad vs Lumos Smart Solar System

Azuri Quad vs Lumos Solar Power System

2017 seems to be the year of pay as you go Solar Home Systems in Nigeria. Two systems, the Azuri Quad and the Lumos Mobile Electricity have been launched in the country this year. Both systems are aimed at providing pay as you go model for solar electricity in...
Buy Inverter

How to Buy an Inverter for Backup Power

Power Inverters are Electronic gadgets that converts energy stored in a battery (or DC voltage) to AC voltage that will power your appliances. Their major selling points are their low noise and emission free operations as well as their convenience. This article will guide you on how to buy...