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Solar Power is power derived from the energy from the sun. This section of this blog discusses everything about solar energy. We will discuss Solar Power Systems, Components of a Solar Power System and loads of other Solar Energy related topics.
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Best Roof Material for Solar Power

5 Factors That’ll Determine the Best Roof Material for Solar Power

With an affordable solar system, your home can start saving money on energy costs. Plus, you’re doing your part to eliminate air pollution and help the planet. However, you’ll need to learn a little more about your roof before you start benefiting from solar energy. Certain roofs are unable to hold solar panels. You don’t want to purchase solar panels only to find that you can’t use them. Here are five factors that will help you determine the best roofing material for solar power. 1. Orientation and Pitch One of the first things you’ll need to do is check your roof’s orientation and...
Solar Panels installed on the Roof

5 Things to know Before Installing Solar Panels on your Roof

The environment is changing, and people are getting more aware of the repercussions and consequences of some of the things such as excessive plastic use, carbon footprint etc. In the midst of this awareness, people are finally acknowledging the shift to solar panels. Solar panels are installed to produce energy in an environment-friendly manner. More and more people are choosing this lifestyle for their homes and offices. These people like the idea of conserving energy and using sustainable materials that don’t add up to the greenhouse effect. Solar panels are not only great for the environment, but they have some other...
Salpha Energy Solar Home System

6 Things to know about Salpha Energy Solar Home System

Salpha Energy offers an affordable range of one-time payment (Cash Based) Solar Home Systems designed to provide electricity for off-the-grid communities, especially in Africa. 1. Products Salpha Energy offers ranges of Solar Home Systems designed to offer 24/7 electricity from the system, which ranges from light bulbs and charging mobile phone devices to powering appliances such as TV, Fans, Laptop, Decoders. 2. How does it work? Here is a video that showcases the features of the Salpha Bass Solar Home System. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K24782s9ac Here is another video about Powerflo 200, one of the more versatile solar home system from Salpha Solar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_LFhRQusCo&t=1s The solar panel is mounted on...
Benefits Of Using Solar Tiles As Your Roofing Material

Tiles of the Sun: 4 Benefits Of Using Solar Tiles As...

Everyone wants to become creative and innovative in making their houses look presentable and livable. One of the innovations that most people use nowadays is solar tiles. Solar tiles are roofing materials that act as solar panels which means that not only will your house look good, you’ll also save a ton when it comes to electric bills. Solar tiles have a lot of benefits. That’s why more people are using this kind of material instead of using the traditional ones. Roofing like these can be a good investment especially to those homeowners who are planning on selling their house. To...
Solar Panels

5 Guaranteed Benefits of Using Solar Panels

Solar panels are the best alternative to the traditional way of generating energy. Although, not everyone has the idea or clue about the benefits that can be derived from a solar panel apart from generating electricity. Most people don’t know that solar panels are not just mere alternative source for electricity. It also enables people live in energy-efficient households along with other perks. In case, you want to dig deeper into the solar panels, here are some interesting facts about them. 1. Environment Friendly The energy generated from solar panels is pure energy that comes from the sun. Also, the power it gives...
Solar Incentives: A Good Reason to Use Solar Panels

Solar Incentives: A Good Reason to Use Solar Panels

Solar energy is clean energy and everyone knows that. Solar panels can be an excellent source of energy (Not a secret!!!). In the modern world, where everyone wants energy resources, solar panels are an ideal source of clean energy. With so many researches currently ongoing to find a sustainable use of our energy resources, solar energy is your only option to get an unlimited source of clean energy. To encourage US citizens to start using solar panels, the government is offering solar incentives which have shown some promising outcomes till now. In this post, we are going to discuss how solar incentive...
Solar Panel Cleaning

How to Keep your Solar Panels Clean

Solar panels do not require high maintenance because they generally have self-cleaning mechanisms. In most cases, especially residential panels, people pay no attention to them. Rainfall shall do the deed. Makes sense! However, in locations that are dry or when panels are tilted, they may often cover up with dust or bird droppings. In places where there is light, misty rain or no rain and constant drought conditions – you might need to get up there and clean the solar panels. These substances can build up over time and affect the electricity generated by a solar module. The dirt can affect...
Solar Panel

Tips for Choosing Solar Panels

To match up the high energy requirement of each household, investing in a solar panel can be worth it. The cost of solar panels has fallen immensely with the advancement in technology. However, when you are buying a solar panel, you must consider many things and don’t just rely only on the cost to choose the right one for you. Here are some of the tips that can help you choose the best solar panel for you Capacity You need to decide on the capacity of your solar panel based on your requirement. A solar panel of 100 Watt would have a...
Lumos Mobile Electricity

Lumos Mobile Electricity: The New Darling Of Nigerian Homes

When it was launched few months ago, many were skeptical about the energy solution. But now the solar powered electricity device has become the darling of many homes across the country Indeed, the Lumos mobile electricity kept its promise of delivering uninterrupted power supply at an affordable rate. No wonder many are now singing the praises of the product which was recently launched as an alternative power supply in the country. Adeniyi Badmus, a barber and resident of Iba in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos told tales of the indefinite power outage his area have witnessed in recent times. The...
Azuri Quad vs Lumos Smart Solar System

Azuri Quad vs Lumos Solar Power System

2017 seems to be the year of pay as you go Solar Home Systems in Nigeria. Two systems, the Azuri Quad and the Lumos Mobile Electricity have been launched in the country this year. Both systems are aimed at providing pay as you go model for solar electricity in Nigeria. If you are wondering how these two solar home systems compare to each-other, we will be comparing the Azuri Quad and the Lumos Smart Solar System here. Azuri Quad was launched in January 2017, a partnership between the Federal Government of Nigeria and Azuri Technologies. This was followed by the...