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Acer Liquid Leap+ Specs & Price

The Liquid Leap+ wearable, which was launched at Mobile World Congress in March, is an upgraded version to the Acer Liquid Leap fitness activity...

The Technology Behind a Headlamp

Technological progress has a tendency to creep up on people and because of this, the technology phenomenon as a whole has what could be...
Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 Specs and Price

The Apple Watch Series 5 improves and adds to the exciting features of its predecessor the Apple watch series 4. It attempts to fix...
Kospet Prime Smartwatch Phone

Kospet Prime – A Smartwatch and 4G Smartphone in One

Kospet Prime is not just any other smartwatch. It might look like a watch, a big one for sure, but within its watch form...
Apple Watch Edition Series 5

Apple Watch Edition Series 5 Specs and Price

The Apple Watch Edition Series 5 features a more premium chassis, housing the same hardware and software in the standard Apple Watch Series 5....

Fitbit Charge HR Fitness Band Specs & Price

The Fitbit Charge HR is a slightly upgraded version of the Fitbit Charge. Unlike the earlier fitness band, it boasts heart rate monitoring capability...
Honor Magoic 2 watch Specs

Honor Magic Watch 2 Specs and Price

The Honor Magic 2 makes its mark in the world of Wearable tech. It presents enthusiasts with couple features with the majority being fitness...
sleeping track apps

Best Apps to Track your Sleeping Schedule

Sleeping is a way we relax and regain our energy. Sometimes sleeping too much can be bad. Sleeping relaxes our body and mind, but...
PiMax 8K VR Headset

PiMax 8K VR UHD Headset Specs & Price

PiMax 8K VR is an upgrade of the PiMax 4K VR. A prototype of the high resolution VR HMD was first showcased at CES...

LG Watch Urbane LTE Smartwatch Specs & Price

The LG Watch Urbane LTE might look like a regular sports watch, but the similarity stops at the level of appearance. This luxury smartwatch...