6 Best Tips to Get Valuable Editorial Links

Get Valuable Editorial Links
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There are two types of marketers out there, one are those who ask and pay for editorial links and then there are those people who earn editorial links from authoritative websites. It is but an undeniable fact that earning these editorial links is a hard nut to crack and there are times when even your best SEO practices fail in getting you what you want.

Ever wondered what exactly could be done in order to get some valuable editorial links? There are plenty of companies that are struggling with their link building strategies by guest posting on various blogs and if you are a marketer then you probably know how hard it is to build your links via guest posting. Yet your guest posts are not counted as your editorial links because you basically are asking for the link and not earning it.

Let’s cut it short for you, an editorial link is the link that you earn naturally and for that you’ve got to put some serious efforts in it. It is difficult but it is more effective than guest posting.

Also, if you are someone who wants to incorporate in their SEO strategy then you need to work on getting natural backlinks from authoritative websites.

The editorial links can actually serve you as your golden ticket for excellent link building and ultimately your business gets what it wants, more and more customers.

If you are someone who is struggling with your backlinks and your SEO then you are at the right place, reading the right article because we are now going to jot down the best 6 ways through which you can get valuable editorial links.

So, folks, take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article might help you in growing your business to a whole level.

1. Get The PR Department Involved

That’s what the PR department does, they communicate with the editors of the big and famous publications and ultimately they help you in getting the kind of visibility you want for your business.

There are chances that the PR department won’t ask for the backlinks from the editors but they surely can help you by telling about the newsworthy content and what can be done to make a link happen.

Also, if you are lucky that your PR professional has a good existing relationship with the editor then he or she can directly ask them for an editorial link for you.

2. Your Content Matters A lot

Remember, no PR professional might be able to help you if your content is not newsworthy. You need to focus on your content a lot and then move forward towards the editorial links.

Rewriting or copying the content from an already established source won’t get you any kind of visibility or backlinks so you better put all your focus on creating a newsworthy and unique content. It’s no rocket science, you prepare a breaking news and you will see plenty of authoritative websites welcoming you.

3. Look For Your Competition For Leads

You have to do the same thing that you do for guest posting, look for those sites and sources from where your competition is earning the links and then go after the same sites. Look for the content of the one who is in your competition and see what made them get those editorial links.

Stay active and keep an eye on your competition because there might be certain leads and signs that the other party is leaving for you. You just have to look for the strategies they are using to get the links from big and famous editors.

4. Interview and Get Interviewed

Remember, the more you get interviewed, the higher are the chances of getting editorial links. It is all about being prominent and interviews are considered to be one of the most shared content online so yes, this can be your breakthrough and if the interview is good enough then you might end up getting unexpected number of editorial links from highly authoritative websites. Taking interviews is also a good strategy because even that way you can make yourself visible.

5. Mention Other Companies

Take advantage of your articles and every time you write an article, don’t forget to mention other companies and other websites. Also, let the other company know that you took their name or mentioned their services, it is just like you are giving them an advertorial link.

In return you can get more and more prominent, ask them to share your articles and they will definitely do so as you’ve mentioned their names already. So, the more you mention about different companies, the more visible you become and ultimately, you get editorial links easily.

6. Know Your Curators

You need to know your curators because they can completely turn your link building game.For those who are not aware of curation, there are content curators who put together the best content for that week or for that month and if you make it to their “best content of the week/month” list then take it is counted as an editorial link.

In fact, it is the most effective and useful editorial link for you. In order to make it to the list, you need to know your curator and keep sending him some of your best content that you think might work well for you. Even if you don’t make it to the lists, know that you are on their radar and that your content can get selected any time.

Managing short-tail and long-tail keywords when you’re having a link building campaign sometimes can be very complex. You have to have good building strategies to keep your rankings and organic traffic high.

These are the top 6 ways to get the editorial links that you’ve always wanted and if you genuinely want to succeed then follow the above mentioned tips properly and focus on your content as much as you can because at the end of the day, your content is the only thing that matters the most.

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