5 Technologies That Could Change Digital Marketing Forever

5 Technologies That Could Change Digital Marketing Forever
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The most significant functions in a company are innovation and marketing. Thinking about these functions helps you improve your business. More specifically, you will make strategic decisions that will position your firm for a great harvest in future. You can start by learning 5 technologies that could change digital marketing forever.

1. Voice Assistants

These devices perform specific tasks for you. For example, they can play your favorite music from Spotify. Virtual assistants can purchase products for you as well in addition to setting alarms. Moreover, they can play videos from online streaming sites such as Netflix. Currently, the most famous virtual assistants are Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa. Virtual assistants will have a significant impact on digital marketing because people will order their products directly from them instead of using their computer or phone to search for them on the internet.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR refers to technology that allows you to superimpose an image on your current view of reality. In other words, it augments what you see by adding a nonexistent virtual image. For example, you can use an AR device to see how your couch would look like in your living room even though it is in the store. That is how it will transform digital marketing. More specifically, the focus on creating content to help consumers imagine what they will be getting if they buy the product is over. Instead, AR helps them see what they will get reducing the need for traditional digital marketing.

3. Deep Machine Learning (DML)

DLM refers to a computer’s ability to analyze and process information in a way that helps it suggest solutions to the problems that its users are facing. In this case, these solutions do not stem from a pre-programmed algorithm. Instead, they emanate from the computer’s ability to understand its users. In other words, it observes consistent patterns among them. Then it creates a predictive model that it will use to make suggestions to its users. DML will lead to a significant change in digital marketing because it will provide enough data for proper analysis of consumer behavior. Suggestions or recommendations from this analysis will form the basis of all or most digital marketing plans.

4. Chatbots

These are computer programs that conduct a conversation through textual methods. They simulate humans such that it seems as though you are chatting with another person. Currently, one of the most revolutionary chatbots is available on Facebook Messenger. It changes the digital marketing industry irreversibly because email marketing will become outdated because accessing and using Facebook chatbots is more convenient than accessing and using the internet. In fact, 60% of the people who receive messages from Facebook through chatbots engage with them. In contrast, email adverts have a click-through rate of 1% to 3%.

5. Video Walls

These are TV screens arranged neatly on a wall creating one screen. The walls are revolutionizing digital marketing already. For example, changing marketing signs is instant. The display of videos is exciting for consumers. They can also learn from it if it is a tutorial.

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