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How to get on Explore Page on Instagram

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If you are already on Instagram, then you probably know the Explore tab. It was known as “Popular Page” and now is changed to Explore. This feature is introduced to help people and businesses to get more exposure.

The main difference between the “Popular Page” and Explore Page” is that, in Popular you could only see the most liked posts. It didn’t matter whether that post suits you or not you could only see the most liked ones on Popular Page.

But, with Explore Page, you will only see the posts that are related to the posts you have liked or related to the pages that you have liked.

This Explore Page is different for all users. Means, if a user likes different posts another person, the Explore Page for both users will also be different.

That’s why it is very useful for businesses that followers like your posts, as this will make your posts visible on the Explore Page.

According to Instagram, the Explore Page is introduced so that users can get the content related to their interest so that they can enjoy their time on Instagram.

How Instagram Explore Actually Works?

It works on the principle of likes. If you have many likes chances are more that you can appear on the Explore Pages of many users.

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So first you need to get more and more likes. If you are unable to get the likes, you can Buy Instagram Likes from here. The likes you will get from here will be 100% genuine.

So if you have many likes on your posts, you will be on the Explore Pages of many people as per the working process of this feature, if anyone likes your posts, your posts will appear on the Explore Pages of the followers of the one who liked your posts.

So getting likes can really increase your exposure and you can easily promote your posts.

Buy Instagram Likes

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Is it safe to Buy Instagram Likes?

If you are thinking that buying Instagram likes may be unsafe as you have to face some issues or it cannot help you to get on the Explore Page, then you are definitely wrong here.

The reason is, there are many companies that offer you genuine likes. In case you don’t know How to buy Instagram Likes, head over to the link mentioned above.

You will get real likes from there. Means all the likes that you will get on your posts will be from real people. No bots are used for liking. So, without any hesitation, go and buy Instagram likes from there.

Why Explore page is important for all Businesses

Explore Page is the best feature that can let you promote your brand with very few efforts as you don’t need to do much. Moreover, if your posts are on the Explore Pages, then there are chances that you will get more likes and comments.

These likes and comment will further increase your reach. As a result, you will get more exposure to the Instagram community and it will become very easy for you to promote your products on Instagram.

This will definitely help you to get more sales like if you have shared posts on product discounts, or your posts are eye-catching in any other way and are on the Explore Page, nothing left to do.

Just wait and watch the increase in sales. The reason we are mentioning that you can get more sales with Explore Page is that, with this new feature, your posts will be only shared with the people who are interested in your posts or products.

It is not like that if your posts have many likes and it can appear on the walls of the people that have no interest in your products at all. So, by reaching to only potential customers, the chances become more to get sales and this way Explore Page can really increase your profit.

Moreover, there is also a big advantage of the Explore Page is that you will keep getting new customers for your business as every time there is a new user that have similar interest as your products, he will surely be able to check your post in his Explore Page.

How to get on the Explore Page on Instagram

As we have discussed many advantages of Explore Page to your business, now the thing is how you can get on the Explore Page. We have discussed above that you need to get likes from the potential customers to increase your reach and for that, you can buy Instagram Likes.

But, if you want to increase your chances to get on the Explore Pages of many more people, then follow the guide below to get on.

Create Eye-Catching Posts

This is the first step in getting on the Explore Pages. You need to create an interesting post so that you can attract many users. Everybody knows that the interesting posts usually get the likes and getting likes is necessary to get on the Explore Page.

So, start by making some eye-catching posts. Moreover, if you are already on the Explore page, you can further increase your reach with such posts.

The reason is, according to the Explore feature, if your post is listed on the Explore Page of any person, there are chances that posts that are similar to yours will also be listed there, so if your post is better than your competitors, you will get likes and comments.

As a result, you increase your chances of appearing on the Explore Page of the followers of the ones who liked or commented on your posts.

In case you are new and don’t know how you can create such posts or content, then the best way is to check the liked posts of your followers or people that have interest in products that are similar to your own. This will give an idea about what you need to create to get likes in your desired audience.

Use Hashtags in Your Posts

You probably don’t know that using Hashtags in your Instagram posts can really increase your engagement. Posts or content that have hashtags, tends to get more likes and comments as compared to the other posts without hashtags.

Increase in engagement will get you on more people’s Explore Pages. One more advantage of the hashtags is that you will be listed in the Explore Pages of the persons that have used the same hashtags as yours too.

So, do use these hashtags in all your posts. Add at least 5-10 hashtags and choose the ones that are most popular. To check the most popular Instagram hashtags, you can simply search Google.

Along with popular hashtags, don’t forget to use hashtags of your brand name as it will help your followers or other users to easily find your posts.

While using Hashtags, remember to not use too many as sometimes it can be really irritating for users. Just keep a limit and use some popular hashtags and the ones that you want to promote.

Instagram Post

Tag Other Famous Brands and Users

Tagging other similar brands can also help you to get on the Explore Page of many more users. There will be many other brands that are similar to you, all you need is just tag them in your posts.

It is possible that they may even like your posts. If they like or comment on your posts, it may likely appear on the Explore Pages of all their followers. So this way you can get more engagements.

Also, if they found your posts useful and share it on their wall, then this will provide you a huge boost in post engagements. Moreover, using the location tags can also help you to target the desired audience.

Same result can also be achieved with Influencers, you can tag one or more influencers in your posts and if they liked your post or tag, you will get on Explore Page of all their followers too. This method seems little difficult but if it works for you, you will get many engagements and new followers.

Instagram Post

Ask Your Followers to Turn on Post Notifications

This is one more interesting feature of Instagram. Followers can enable notification of posts from a desired person or business.

Doing this will let them know when anything new is published by the brand or person for which they enable the notification. So, it is good for you too to encourage your followers to enable the notifications as when they have this feature enabled, they will never miss any update from you and you can easily get engagements on your posts.

Moreover, with this feature on, you can get more sales too as whenever you offer a discount for a limited period of time, all your followers who have enabled this option will get notified and they can frequently take action on your post and if they found your offer or discount interesting, they will definitely buy your product. If not, they can share or like the post.

Instagram Notification

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

The Explore Page is all about engagement. So, far we have been discussing ways you can get more engagement so that you get on the Explore Page of Instagram.

But getting engagement is not enough, you also need to check the time your posts are liked or commented on the most.

If you are observant, you will notice that there are some businesses that get so many likes just after posting a new post.

The reason for this is they are scheduling their posts. To build brand awareness with Explore Page, it is also necessary for you to track the time of most engagement.

When you know the time when posts are liked the most, just schedule your posts according to that, so that your posts can be published automatically during the period. It will help you to get more and more engagement.

Use Captions

Using call-to-action caption can also help you in many ways. Remember that caption is the first thing that a person will see when your post is clicked from the Explore Page.

So, it is good to add a call-to-action caption in your post. Doing this will let your followers know more about you. With q caption, you can promote your brand hashtags or you can encourage the users to visit your website.

Instagram Captions

Engage with your Followers

Your engagement with your followers can also help you to get discovered on the Explore Page. Whenever you have time, like or comment on the posts of your followers.

Doing this will build loyalty and increase your chances of getting more engagement on your posts. Remember that, commenting is far better than liking the posts as comments tend to be a genuine engagement. So do comment on the posts of your followers.

Along with all these methods, you can also ask your followers to share your posts via direct messages. If they do, you can get more engagement.

Also, you can start some contests and then can make sharing or saving the posts a task. This way you can easily get many engagements.

Engagement is the best way to get on the Explore Page. Use the methods mentioned above to get more likes and comments. Remember that, you can also Buy the Instagram likes to quickly get to more Explore Pages.

Do you need to Buy Instagram Likes to get on Instagram Explore Page?

There are many people who are thinking like “Should I Buy Instagram likes or not”. The only answer to such questions is, yes you should buy Instagram likes if you want to get on Explore Page easily.

The reason is, if your brand is new and you want great exposure and brand awareness, then nothing can help you more than buying more likes.

As getting likes as a new business is not easy. It is seen that most of the people don’t get engaged with the posts that have zero or very few likes. So, for a starter, it is a bit difficult to get more likes to impress other users.

The more the likes or comments gives social proof and gives the impression that the brand is very popular.

The reason some people afraid of buying likes is that they think these likes are not genuine and bots are used for liking. That’s somehow true.

But there are some companies who provide you real likes and one such company’s website is mentioned above in a link. You can get up to 50000 likes by just spending $69.90.

So it is not a bad deal at all. Moreover, you can get many other services from this website like, if you want to get more followers or want to buy Instagram views, then this is the best place for you to get all these services. If you want, you can choose the free plan to check how it works.

One more amazing feature of this website is that you can also buy comments. You can find prices for comments below and can choose the one that suits your budget.

Buy Instagram Comments

How to know If you are on Explore Page

It is a bit difficult to know if you are on Explore page or not, but still, there is a way that can help you to figure out whether you are there or not.

To start, just calculate the average of likes on the post. There can be some posts that got many likes and there can be some with very few likes. So, you need an average of all the liked posts.

Now, whenever you found that you are getting way more likes than your average, then you are definitely on the Explore Page on Instagram. So, with this simple method, you can easily find whether you are there or not.


So, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the Explore pages. Start by getting the likes to your posts and you can see the results getting better day by day or post by post.

Remember that, buying Instagram Likes is not a bad idea if you really want to boost your engagement on just starting the account.

But make sure to buy such services from the companies that don’t use bots. There are many such companies available who charge you more but in the end, you found nothing.

Along with buying likes, just follow all the ways mentioned above and you will surely get on the Explore Pages from where you don’t need to spend bucks on promoting your posts on Instagram as these will be promoted automatically.

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