5 Innovative Instagram Trends You Shouldn’t Avoid

Ways to Convert your Instagram Account into a Source of Revenue
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Instagram is considered to be one of the most powerful and important marketing tools in the millennium. It is excellent for paid advertising, content marketing and a great communication channel. It is in a position of driving greater engagement and excellent return on investment for agency, brand and marketer.

Since its launch eight years ago, Instagram has grown tremendously. According to recent research, this Facebook owned platform has reached 1 billion monthly users which is a great number when it comes to marketing.

With this, one can easily have access to a huge audience globally within a short time. The research also revealed that there are a total of 4 billion likes on Instagram every day and images posted on the platform gets a total of 23% of engagement more than in Facebook.

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Here are some of top five innovative Instagram trends one should never avoid.

1. The Instagram TV Will Be a Big Player

Recently launched IGTV refers to a new video platform dedicated to mobile phone users unlike YouTube and various video streaming platforms. Instagram TV is suitable for content producers and marketers who are addressing mobile only group.

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Instagram is interested in encouraging people to start creating video content while doing it exclusively for mobile. In case you are not on IGTV, this is the right time to get into the train.

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2. Micro Brands Dominating the Platform

When looking at how Instagram has been evolving over a period of time, you will definitely notice something very unique concerning the platform. By being a real social channel, Instagram is known to favor the micro brand marketing and we do notice some form of explosion on smaller brands and firms on the platform.

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MVMT is among the most successful micro brands which were able to grow overnight. MVMT refers to a crowd funded fashion watch designer.

Instagram was an excellent choice keeping in mind that it managed to deliver two times higher engagement rate and it is 75% stronger in brand awareness. You can follow some amazing websites to increase your engagement; Firestrike among a lot of companies out there

3. Stories Ads

This is a totally new type of vertical advertising.  Instagram stories have grown to become one of the most important sections in Instagram since its inception. It’s an excellent platform for day to day advertisers who do communicate directly to their audiences.

With the stories ads, one is in a position to insert their banners in between other people’s stories slides and have it done effectively since it is a paid option that will allow full screen banners.

The users of Instagram stories ads will always have seen the ads showing on their friends’ latest updates. This platform has worked hard in ensuring stores are an important feature. The stories do sit at the top of the feed and you will always see more links concerning the stories when you scroll.

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With most Instagram users enjoying and comfortable in using the stories, most firms will take advantage and this as an avenue. In the few months to come, we expect to see more ads appearing and increased targeting. In case you have been carrying out online shopping, expect to come across similar types of products being displayed on Instagram stories.

4. The Ecommerce Shops

Since Instagram has never developed into a platform capable of offering ecommerce features, it is still ecommerce friendly. However, with lots of shopping features in place, we do anticipate more developments in the near future.

One of the most effective and easiest ways of selling items on Instagram is by use of shoppable posts.  These posts are available for Stories and single static images.

The posts have been designated using small shopping bag icon which is placed at one of the screens corners.  Whenever a user comes across this icon, he or she will be in a position to tap in and access details concerning the products.

Instagram will thereafter start a new page within the application where they will be in a position to view more details. Tapping on the shop now button, the users will be taken straight to the page of the product on the sellers site where they will be in a position to make the purchase.

It is possible for one to get famous on different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

5. Excellent Engagement Features

The great engagement features makes people to spend more time on Instagram. The features such as emoji sliders, questions and polls which are known to be a great brand awareness, interaction and influence tools makes the lives of marketers easier.

You have already come across brands that take advantage of question stickers found on Instagram Stories. However, in the coming days, businesses will be taking it to a completely new level.  This is considered to be a great way of opening direct conversation with Instagram followers.


Instagram has been growing more attractive to both consumers and businesses.  However, if you fail to adapt to the ever changing trends and innovations of Instagram, you will never be in a position to keep up with the requirements of the target audience.

Although it is difficult to stay informed with the ever evolving social media channels, use of right social tools and some bit of commitment will ensure you do not waste your Instagram budget.

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