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5 Benefits of Software Prototyping

How to Review Software Codes

Software code reviews or peer review as it is also known as an operation executed by one or more reviewers to assure and check the quality and efficiency of a software. It is done through reading and viewing the source code of a program. Reviewing software codes is an imperative...
Distributed Order Management System Trend

Retailers Need Distributed Order Management System Trend for Growth

In past few years, DOM (Distributed Order Management) system has surpassed from a trending tool to a necessity. Retailers need to leverage the features offered by DOM to deliver a seamless customer experience throughout sales channels. Magento eCommerce Development Company like Aegis Soft Tech is providing DOM solutions to...
Cyber Monday Gift Ideas

Best Cyber Monday Gifts for Designers

Cyber Monday is a phrase used for the first Monday that arrives after the thanksgiving. It is celebrated chiefly by people in December every year. It came into existence so that the marketers can sell their products online. Every designer also looks forward to this day at the end of...
Timeshare Companies When Accepting Payments

5 Tips for Travel and Timeshare Companies When Accepting Payments

According to GTP Headlines, one of the largest global industries in 2018, “the Travel and Tourism industry contributed $8.8 Trillion to the global economy”. Nonetheless, the travel industry is considered a high-risk industry. The risk climbs even higher for those who are in the timeshare business. Timeshare companies offer...
Google Pixel 3A

Google Pixel 3A Specs and Price

The Google Pixel 3a is a lower and cheaper variant of the standard Google Pixel 3 that was launched ahead of the Pixel 4. It is a mid-range smartphone designed for pixel fans that desire a taste of the pixel experience, without having to deal with flagship prices. The...
Cubot X20 Pro

Cubot X20 Pro Specs and Price

The Cubot X20 Pro is a mobile phone that sits between and low end and mid-range. It features a beautiful chassis, big battery, capable specs, and a price tag that makes it a low-cost phone. In this article, we explore the Cubot X20 Pro specs and features, which will...
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T is a refresh version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 that was announced in India, China and other countries including Nigeria. The handset was announced in Europe parading a similar design with the Redmi Note 8. This handset will be exclusive in Europe. Where to...
Blackview BV9800 Pro

Blackview BV9800 Pro Specs and Price

The Blackview BV9800 Pro is the advanced version of the Blackview BV9800 smartphone. The handset comes with a rugged body design and also a monster battery capacity as well. Blackview BV9800 Pro features a 6.3-inch display and Triple Rear Camera. Where to Buy Blackview BV9800 Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers...
Blackview BV9800

Blackview BV9800 Specs and Price

The Blackview BV9800 is a premium and rugged device from a Chinese company. The handset parades an impressive camera set-up with generous inbuilt storage and ample RAM as well. Blackview BV9800 sports a 6.3-inch display and triple rear camera. Where to Buy Blackview BV9800 Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia...
Opera Ads

Opera Ads Releases New Ad Units to Improve How Online Businesses Interact with their...

Lagos, Nigeria, November 18, 2019 - Opera Ads is a fast-growing online advertising platform that seamlessly integrates into the Opera product portfolio and its 350 million global users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sczCoYhyz88&feature=youtu.be The company has recently announced the addition of new ad units that will help Nigerian advertisers increase engagement with their target audiences...