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Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset transforms Computing Experience

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Apple recently unveiled their latest innovation, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, a groundbreaking computer that revolutionizes the way we interact with technology. Unlike traditional devices, the Apple Vision Pro augmented and virtual reality headset is worn on the face and projects its output directly into the user’s eyes through two incredibly small yet high-resolution displays. It is powered by the M2 chip with the new R1, and it has a variety of sensors, including cameras, LiDAR scanners, and motion sensors.


Apple has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, setting the Vision Pro apart as a remarkable piece of technology.

The design of the Vision Pro is a seamless blend of high-quality materials. The fabric-covered body and brushed aluminum frame not only look elegant but also contribute to the overall durability of the device.

The integration between the laminated glass face and the frame is flawless, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. The Light Seal with its soft fit attaches to the frame and blends to your face blocking out any stray light.

It also has a stretchable mesh strap at the back that ensures a secure and comfortable fit on your head, allowing for extended periods of use without discomfort. This is a part of the head band and combined with the fit dial on the right enables you adjust the band for a precise head fit.

Two speakers attached on the straps on both sides of the headset delivering spatial audio that enables you enjoy audio from your headset while still hearing what is going on around you in the real world.

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Furthermore, The controls on the Apple Vision Pro are intuitive and accessible. The Digital Crown on the top right side allows users to adjust the immersion level, providing a convenient way to fine-tune the experience. The content capture button on the left side is easily accessible for capturing screenshots or recording videos. The inclusion of these controls enhances the user experience and adds versatility to the device.

The aspect of the design presents a challenge for users who value portability and a streamlined experience is the external battery pack. Although, necessary, the Apple Vision Pro external battery pack can be seen as an external baggage and a potential inconvenience.

In conclusion, the Apple Vision Pro is a culmination of years of development and meticulous attention to detail. Its distinct design, featuring the extraordinary glass face, coupled with high-quality materials, creates a visually stunning device.


The Apple Vision Pro’s display is truly impressive. It has two 4k ultra-HD displays that provide a 120-degree field of view. The displays are made with micro-OLED technology, which allows for incredibly sharp and clear images.

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The OLED panels offer vibrant colors and sharp visuals, enhancing the immersive experience. The 120Hz refresh rate ensures smooth motion, reducing any potential motion sickness or discomfort during extended use. The field of view is decent, providing a wide perspective that adds to the sense of immersion.

Furthermore, the dual micro-LED displays offer a staggering 23 million pixels, resulting in stunning imagery. The displays also have a wide color gamut and a high contrast ratio, which makes them ideal for VR and AR applications.

Apple also uses a technique called foveated rendering, which allows the headset to render the highest quality images in the center of your vision and lower quality images in your peripheral vision. This helps to reduce eye strain and make the AR experience more comfortable. While some light leaks were observed in dark images, they were not noticeable during fully immersive experiences.

The Vision Pro display is a major step forward for AR. It is the first display that is truly capable of delivering a high-quality Augmented Reality experience. With the Vision Pro display, AR and VR is finally becoming a viable platform for gaming, productivity, and creativity.

AR or VR

Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset offering both augmented reality and virtual reality. In augmented reality, you still see the real world but with some overlay of artificially generated content. Virtual reality offers a fully immersive experience with your view completely virtual.

While the laminated glass face looks transparent, it is not see through. So, although you can see the real world when in augmented reality mode, your surroundings is not seen through the glass but from cameras inside the glass that captures your surrounding view. The headset than adds augmented reality elements like app icons and app views and then feed it to your eye via the two displays.

In fact the front of the glass is a display, which Apple calls EyeSight. EyeSight displays your eyes when you are wearing the Vision Pro, enabling people around you to differentiate when you are using the mixed reality headset in augmented reality mode or virtual reality mode.

When you are in augmented reality mode, EyeSight display your eyes, enabling the people around to know you can see them. Your eyes disappears showing a pitch black display when on virtual reality mode, allowing people around you to know you are fully immersed.

Note that although people around you can see your eyes while in augmented reality mode, they are not seeing it through the glass rather cameras inside the headset captures your eyes and projects it on the front display.

Looks good

The photography showcased on the Vision Pro, much of it captured with an iPhone, looked fantastic. However, when it came to Spatial Photos and videos, there was a slight dip into the uncanny valley.

Additionally, the experience became even more astonishing when exploring Environments, which are akin to 360º photos or backgrounds. Using the Digital Crown, the level of immersion could be adjusted. It was during this moment that the reviewer glanced down at their hands and made a startling discovery.

In summary, the display quality of the Apple Vision Pro is exceptional, thanks to the dual micro-LED displays and the multitude of pixels they offer. The imagery remains consistent and undistorted, providing a captivating visual experience


Under the hood, the Apple Vision Pro boasts two powerful Apple silicon chips: the M2 and the new R1. These chips work in tandem, with one handling the processing tasks while the other focuses on delivering a superior spatial experience.

The M2 chip provides phenomenal performance, while the R1 chip processes sensor data at incredible speed, virtually eliminating lag. This combination of cutting-edge hardware ensures smooth performance and impressive graphics, enhancing the overall immersion and realism of the mixed-reality experience. This allows for a smooth and responsive experience, even when using demanding apps.

Apple Vision Pro features a three-dimensional interface that frees apps from the boundaries of a display so they can appear side by side at any scale. This allows users to be even more productive, with infinite screen real estate and access to their favorite apps.

The interface is also highly intuitive. Users can interact with apps using their eyes, hands, or voice. For example, they can tap their fingers together to make a selection, gently flick to scroll, or look at the microphone button in a search field and start speaking to dictate text.

In addition to the features mentioned above,  Apple Vision Pro also includes a number of other impressive capabilities. For example, it can be used for gaming, video conferencing, and even 3D modeling. As more developers create apps for Vision Pro, the possibilities for this device will only continue to grow.

Other Features

Apple has introduced a groundbreaking reinvention of the FaceTime experience with the Apple Vision Pro. The front-facing cameras integrated into the headset have the capability to capture and replicate your digital Persona during video calls. This innovative feature allows for a more immersive and engaging communication experience.

By capturing your face and hand movements in real-time, the Vision Pro can mirror your expressions and gestures, bringing a heightened level of realism to video calls. This technology enhances the sense of presence, making it feel as though you are truly interacting face-to-face with the other person, despite being in different physical locations.

Furthermore, the spatial audio on the Vision Pro is a standout feature. The audio pods deliver rich and immersive sound, complementing the visual experience. The personalized audio tuning, similar to the process used for AirPods, ensures that the sound is optimized for the user’s ears. This attention to detail contributes to a more enjoyable and realistic audio experience.

Apple Vision Pro Price and Availability

Apple Vision Pro price is expected to start around $3,499. The device is expected early 2024. Launch will start in the United States, but consumers in more countries should be able to get their hands on the mixed reality headset sometime in 2024.

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