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Forex Broker

TopBrokers.com Updates Rating of Forex Brokers for 2023

Back when the Forex market was only emerging and broker companies were still few in number, traders faced no trouble in deciding which one would be the right one for them. Today novice traders appear to be perplexed at times: How to choose from dozens or even thousands of forex companies the exact one which will be suitable for them and that they can rely on. Quite a number of people looking to invest face the problem of deciding which broker to pick. When choosing, one should thoroughly research numerous aspects, including reliability, the regulation of the trading platform, and...
Picking Great Business Name

Discovering Your Unique Voice: Tips on Picking a Great Business Name

Naming your brand is one of the most important decisions you will make as an entrepreneur. It’s not just about choosing something that reflects the values and mission behind your business—it's also about creating a memorable, meaningful name that resonates with potential customers. Here are some tips on how to create a powerful brand name that stands out from the competition: Align Your Name With Your Value Proposition Your name should accurately reflect what your company does or offers its clients. When brainstorming names for your business, consider metaphors, visual imagery, and emotions—all of which can help tell people why they...
Virtual Sports

Africa Betting Frenzy: Virtual Sports Now

Sports betting is at its peak across Africa. In addition to traditional sports, young, tech-savvy African gamblers are increasingly turning to virtual sports, attracted by the endless number of betting opportunities. Learn more about the development of virtual sports in Africa later in this article. Thanks in large part to advances in technology and a growing population that loves sports (especially football), the African market is experiencing a betting boom. But in addition to traditional betting, African players are becoming fans of virtual sports. Approximately 60% of Nigeria's 200 million people participate in some form of betting. For almost every player, the...
Average Calculator

Averages and Target Market Estimation

Mostly products are designed to meet the needs or to solve the problem of a specific audience. For instance, not everyone will be interested in buying organic soap rather than the person who needs it. It explains that targeting the right market is necessary to do the marketing better and to sell the product faster.  For estimating the size of the market you will have to find out the average of the values, customers available in the market and much more. If you are good at mathematics then you can calculate the average manually. If not then you can get the...
Best Blockchains for Development besides Ethereum

Bitcoin Blockchain Providing Advantages to the Education Sector

Bitcoin is handling the education system with the craze by giving the allotment of blockchain technology that assists various other sectors in developing with exceptional advantage. The change in education due to the instalment of blockchain technology has allowed them to utilize the features. The growing consistency of the blockchain in adopting the platform that is digitalized and decentral control. It has them rectify their information quickly as the details are stored with authentication. The traders have a better platform from where you can read more about bitcoin. The scope of blockchain for the education sector depends upon the division...
NSIA Prize for Innovation

Sanwo-Olu Hails NSIA’s Prize for Innovation Programme

The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority on Saturday launched the maiden edition of its Prize for Innovation Programme, targeted at stimulating development in Nigeria’s fast-growing digital ecosystem. The launch was held at an event in Lagos which was attended by the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu; the Managing Director of NSIA, Mr Aminu Umar -Sadiq; Chair of the NSIA Board Investment Committee, Mr. Ikemefuna Isiekwena; and members of the Executive Management Team, Mrs. Olubisi Makoju, and Mr. Kola Owodunni. Other dignitaries that attended the launch are Ms. Odunayo Eweniyi of PiggyVest; Mr. Ralph Oluwole of Helium Health; Mrs. Amal Hassan...
Virtual Office for Virtual Work

Virtual Work and Its Evolving Trends

In the past, most businesses were not willing to work virtually. All the companies set up physical offices for their employees where regular attendance was mandatory. Only a few of them were thinking of allowing their workers to work from home. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, those businesses were shut down due to lockdown. Most businesses started working remotely and the trend of using virtual offices increased greatly as it was a flexible and productive alternative. This new trend accelerated the exploration of new chances by both the companies and employees to completely avail them. The first barrier to...
NSIA, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority

Monetise your Innovation in Nigeria’s Technology Space With NSIA

Breaking into the technology space as an innovator comes with many challenges. First, you must sell your ideas, then successfully prove it to carve a niche for yourself in its competitive industry. The right platform, however, gives you the opportunity to bring to fruition these ideas, drive your innovation and optimise your success in the technological industry. This is why The Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) on the 10th of December will launch the maiden edition of its Prize for Innovation Programme (NPI), to encourage and support creativity and ingenuity in the technology space. The NPI programme which is to be launched...

Informal Financing in Nigeria

Traditional financial institutions in Nigeria are playing a considerable role in the Nigerian economy by providing borrowers with informal loans. Besides providing financial support, credit facilities are also promoting social cohesion among people living in towns and villages. Credit facilities can help small businesses and boost startups because of the lack of coherent government policies to support entrepreneurship. How Informal Financial Sector Is Organized People from different locations and especially those with similar interests or problems, organize themselves in groups from mutual help. Despite the presence of banks in Nigeria, informal banking is still in existence since banks cannot reach all...
What to Look for in a Quality Smartphone Betting App

3 Best Nigerian Sports Betting Apps of 2023

The growth of sports betting worldwide is showing absolutely no sign of slowing, with convenience often being at the heart of the market development. More people than ever before now have access to sports betting apps and websites and with more sport than ever before available to watch, punters are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to sports betting and sports betting apps. Nigeria is often a country at the forefront of innovation and once again in 2023, the Nigerian sports betting app market is booming, with more and more sportsbooks looking to forge their way on to the...