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Samsung Q85R 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung Q85R QLED 4K Smart TV Price and Specs

The Q85R is a member of Samsung's top-tier 2019 QLED TV with Great captivting features. Samsung Q85R comes with a stunning HDR picture quality, an exceptionally sharp 4K resolution, Wide viewing angle support and a powerful smart TV system. Where to Buy Samsung Q85R QLED TV Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia...
Samsung KS9800 SUHD Ultra HD 4K TV Image

Samsung KS9800 SUHD 4K TV Specs & Price

The Samsung KS9800 SUHD TV is the flagship television set by Samsung for 2016. This 4K Ultra HD TV boasts virtually everything you can expect to find in a top-of-the-range set, from Quantum Dot technology to awesome full-array backlighting and smart features. Samsung KS9800 SUHD TV will be available...

Samsung H5100 LED TV Series Specs & Price

The Samsung H5100 LED TV series is designed for an exciting family entertainment with Full HD displays backed by immersive sound technology. If you happen to be a movie or football (soccer) buff, you have more reasons to consider getting one of these LED TV sets. Where to Buy Samsung...
Samsung Q70T QLED Smart TV

Samsung Q70T QLED Smart TV Price and Specs

Samsung Q70T is a member of the newly launched Samsung's 2020 QLED lineup. This Smart QLED TV deliver a good picture quality thanks to the Dual LED backlighting, Quantum Processor 4K and the Quantum Dot panel. Where to Buy Samsung Q70T QLED TV Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers |...

Samsung F5500 Full HD Plasma TV – Series 5 Specs & Price

Love the Samsung F4500 Plasma TV series, but prefer a Full HD panel, the Samsung F5500 Plasma TV series delivers pictures in Full HD. They come with 3D capability and are Smart TVs with a dual-core processor. Samsung F5500 Full HD Plasma TVs are available in 51-inch or 60-inch...
LG UH9800 8K TV Featured

LG UH9800 8K TV Specs and Price

LG UH9800 is a re-definition of awesome TV viewing experience. It is what some may even describe as overkill, being the world's first TV to sport an 8K display! This behemoth looks to immerse you in the experience with latest HDR standards and other technologies onboard. It is a...
LG 22-inch TV

LG LCD TV Price in Nigeria

LG LCD TV series with LED backlight (a.k.a LED TVs) offers brilliant pictures and crystal clear sound with Dolby digital sound, surround sound, and Clear Voice 2. LG CS460 LCD TVs also offers one or two HDMI ports, giving you more options for accessing your full HD contents. They...
Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K TV

Samsung Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV Price and Specs

Samsung Q950TS is Samsung's latest flagship TV (2020 model) with a new Infinity design enabling a bezel-less display, an 8K resolution with AI-enhanced picture processing and a new audio system with Object Tracking Sound technology. It is a successor to the Samsung Q950R. Where to Buy Samsung Q950TS QLED TV Jumia...
LG UH770V 4K TV (LG UH7700)

LG UH770V 4K UHD TV Specs and Price (LG UH7700)

LG UH7700 (a.k.a LG UH770V) is a high-end, 4K LED TV made for jaw-dropping viewing experience. It is a complete set for all-round entertainment, but gamers are more likely to love this one more. The wide-angle display has basically all features to make it a winner, plus there are...
Bruhm 32-inch bfp-32lew

Bruhm 32-inch BFP-32LEW LED TV Specs and Price

Bruhm 32-inch TV (a.k.a Bruhm BFP-32LEW) is one of the best 32-inch LED TV in the market offering an immersive lifelike image quality. It is an affordable television with details and specs competing with any of the leading TV providers in the market. Where to Buy Bruhm BFP-32LEW Jumia Nigeria –...