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digital learning

Experts Views on How Digital Learning will aid Education and Employment System

Technology has change the way we acquire education degrees. According to our research and online interviews, experts believe that many employers pay more attention to skills without college degrees than those with college degrees but this is most likely applicable to those in the technology field. Here are what experts...
crypto analysis

Experts Analysis on Cryptocurrency – 2019

We don't want to believe in speculations that's why we interviewed crypto experts to tell us what they think will happen to cryptocurrency in this 2019. As we know the crypto price in this past 10 months hasn't been all good. Here are experts analysis of what will happen to...

Opportunities for Growth in Blockchain

The concept of blockchain technology is a recent one but has gained a lot of importance these days due to its wide applications in a plethora of fields. The term blockchain, as the name suggests, is made of various blocks, indicating a list of records and chain refers to...
Africa - the playground for Scammers of Cryptocurrency

Africa – The Playground for Scammers of Cryptocurrency

It is true the continent of Africa had seen some major reforms this year. Millions of African people are now connected with the Internet better than ever. Also, inflation hitting hard in Africa countries needs an alternate solution to the central banks and Cryptocurrencies offers a battling chance for...

The Pros and Cons of Stablecoins

Stablecoins (or stable coins) seem to be more popular than sliced bread nowadays. I am just kidding of course, but crypto tokens that are backed, attached or tied to something that is deemed “stable” have certainly gained in popularity over the last year or so. This call to fame is...
Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

Understanding Forks in Cryptocurrency

The crypto-wave collapse continues with full force. Today, the leading digital coins continued to depreciate after their decline last week. Serious losses were also noted with digital coins such as Cardone, Monero, throne, jota, dash and more were reduced by more than 10%. What caused the unprecedented depreciation of crypto cells? What is the...
Top Women in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency: Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency

The infographic at the end of this article showcases top 8 women in Cryptocurrency. In recent years, despite the buzz around cryptocurrencies, many people still do not fully understand what it is or how it has the potential to impact our economy, banking system, and other industries. What’s more surprising is...
Cryptocurrency Resources

Best Cryptocurrency Learning Resources

This infographic on learning about cryptocurrency isn't to give you all the finite details of how it works; potentially, that infographic could be as tall as the Empire State Building! What it does do, is provide you with an easy to reference combination of some of the most popular...
What were the biggest ICOs of 2018?

What were the biggest ICOs of 2018?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are becoming an attractive fundraising method for companies looking to launch projects, with several startups and established companies choosing ICOs over IPOs (Initial Public Offering in stock markets), amid low regulatory requirements and the potential to raise high levels of funding. In exchange for funds and...
what is Ethereum

What is Ethereum? Beginners Guide

OUTLINE What is Ethereum? Understanding what Ethereum is for beginners. Who is the inventor and what inspired him to create ethereum. The technology behind Ethereum. What ethereum is used for and how does it work? What are the benefits of Ethereum decentralized Platform? What’s the drawback of decentralized applications? ...

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