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Blockchain use cases in Africa

In Africa, the word ‘Blockchain’ was once strange, but now, it is slowly gaining grounds and it’s becoming the engine that will be used in the nearest future to power great innovations that will be embarked on in the continent. Blockchain movement in Africa has followed the usual cryptocurrency...

Bitcoin Usage Tips (Benefits also Included)

There was this mania called the ‘Dutch tulip mania’ recorded to be the first ever speculative bubble. It saw people even going to the extent of even selling the homes they were living in, just to invest in the tulip flower. Same speculative bubbles have been suggested about cryptocurrency...
Ripple XRP

No Highs Without Lows: XRP/USD Forecast

XRP has had a tremulous time of late, with its price on a downward trend and very little in a way of showing a rebound. But is this to be expected? Will XRP continue to devalue? What is causing this drop in the XRP price? Where does XRP stand now? Despite...
Nebeus Card

Withdraw Bitcoin to Cash from any ATM

The world of technological innovations keeps evolving and hardly waits for those unwilling to adopt such changes. It is widely said that cryptocurrency will do to fiat (local currency) what email did to writing of letters. However, the manner with which most of us in this part of the world...
Ripple (XLR) vs Stellar (XLM)

XRP vs XLM – Who Will Win the Battle?

The world of cryptocurrencies has evolved over time and the argument is no longer whether crypto coins are here to stay or not. Instead, the question has tilted more towards which coin will retain global dominance or which coin will overtake it, who will gain or who will lose. On the...
NGExchanger Login

Ngexchanger: Best Place to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Best place to Buy and Sell Bitcoins, PM, Ethereum and other cryptos in Nigeria Are you wondering how to buy and sell Bitcoins and Altcoins in Nigeria? Of course, you are. It’s quite natural to worry about how you can exchange your cryptocurrency without getting scammed. Therefore, NGexchanger exists. The...
Monero XMR

What is Monero? Beginners Guide to the most secured Cryptocurrency

Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, many other cryptocurrencies, applications, and operating systems based on the blockchain technology have sprung up; each with their individual unique features. From platform decentralization to pseudonymity, to faster transactions speed, and voluminous transaction quantity etc., many developers have invented (and are still...
EOS Cryptocurrency

EOS Cryptocurrency Overview and Guide 2018

In the last 5 years, we have witnessed the birth and rise of so many currencies in the crypto scene; many thanks to the Blockchain technology (which doesn't quite get enough accolades as people focus only on the financial and trading aspect of crypto coins and are quick to forget...
Stellar Lumen XLM

Stellar Lumen (XLM) Cryptocurrency: About, History, Worth and Trading

From about 2014 till this very moment, the number of new cryptocurrencies and companies based on the blockchain technology that have sprung up is overwhelming. What is, however, more overwhelming is the growth and welcome these "newcomer" cryptos have received since inception. An example of such blockchain technology-based company...
Neo Cryptocurrency

NEO: What you should know about China’s first Open-Source Cryptocurrency

Over the past 2 to 3 years, there has been a whole lot of fuss about many cryptocurrencies. And quite interesting is the fact that before now, whenever the word "Cryptocurrency" or "Crypto" were mentioned, the mind quickly and subconsciously goes to "Bitcoin". Now, as a result of the...