How to Stop a Generator

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An electric generator must be stopped in a certain way in order to ensure its continued service. This document provides information on how to stop a power generator. Except in an emergency shut down the procedure below should always be followed.

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Power Generator

Step 1: Disconnect load

The first thing to do is to isolate generator from the load. This you do by first switching the isolation switch to the neutral position and then removing connector from panel receptacle. Never shut down an electric generator loaded except in an emergency situation.

Step 2: Turn off engine switch

Step 3: Turn off fuel valve

Emergency switch off

To turn off your generator in an emergency situation simply switch the engine switch off.

In Conclusion

Always ensure you start or stop your electric generator using the correct procedure. This is not a replacement for your generator manual. Always consult your generator manual for more accurate information on how to start or stop your generator.

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