Dos and Don’ts of a Generator

Power Generator
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Generators are very essential in Nigeria because of epileptic power supply. To ensure your generator lasts longer than a year or two there are a few thing you should do and others you should not do. Here is a few tips on how to and how not to operate your electric generating set.

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Power Generator – Dos

Do the following to your power generator for its longevity:

  • Fill your generator crankcase with recommended engine oil
  • Start generator using manufacturer’s laid down procedure
  • Stop your generator according to manufacturer instruction
  • Always keep your generator dry
  • Read and follow your generator user manual
  • Maintain your generator as prescribed by your user manual, Generator Maintenance Tips
  • Refuel in a well ventilated area with the engine stopped
  • Record the serial number of your generator for future reference
  • Use your generator serial number when buying parts
  • Allow your gen set to operate at no load for about 1 to 5 minutes for the first start up each day before connecting the load

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Power Generator – Don’ts

Here are things you should avoid doing to your generator

  • Do not operate your gen set at less than 5% its tank capacity
  • Do not operate your gen set in an enclosure with poor ventilation
  • Keep flammable materials away from your generator
  • Do not connect your gen set without an transfer switch properly installed
  • Do not operate gen set with engine oil below the gauge level.
  • Do not use your key starter for more than 5 seconds at a time
  • Do not overload your gen set
  • Do not start your generator with the load connected
  • Do not stop your generator with load connected except in emergency situations. Disconnect load first
  • Do not operate a generator continuously for longer than the generator is meant to last. For example, some generators are built for 5 hours of continuous usage. Consult the user manual of details of how long it can operate continuously.

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