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Glo mobile offers high-speed 3G and 4G internet services to its customers across Nigeria. Glo Data Plan has some of the best priced data plans. In the past Glo got poor rating due to poor internet services, but in the last couple of months service from the Nigerian Mobile brand has improved. Here we share latest Glo Data Plan their prices and subscription codes.

Glo Daily Data Splash

Glo Data Plans are very affordable with flexible internet browsing plans. Glo Internet Packages ranges from always on 30-day packages to bundled hour internet packages and so on.

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Glo offers 4G LTE. However, Glo Mobile’s 4G network uses band 28 (700 MHz), which is not so popular on Cheap Android Phones. This means that a lot of affordable 4G smartphones may not be able to support 4G on Glo.

However, most highend Android phones will support Glo 4G. iPhones also support Glo 4G.

Here are the Glo 3G and 4G LTE internet browsing packages and their subscription codes:

Glo Data Plan Overview

Glo currently offers some of the most cost effective internet browsing packages in all categories, offering more internet data usage.

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From 1.6GB to up to 63GB, you will find a monthly Glo data plan that is tailored for your needs. Glo Internet browsing bundle limits are well above industry standard.

Imagine getting 5.75GB data for just 2500 NGN or getting 10GB for just 4,000 Naira. That is what Glo Data Plan now offers.

The Glo Always Micro now offers 1.6GB for just 1,000 Naira.

For the Glo prepaid data plans to work, you need the following internet settings:

Access Point Name (APN) – gloflat
username – flat
password – flat

Looking for Mobile Phones to Buy for your Glo Internet Bundle, you can check our recommendations of Cheap Android Phones, Best Android Phones, and Best 4G Phones.

Glo Data Plan Prices & Subscription Code

The Glo Data Plan is the most generous all day, 30-day internet package in Nigeria starting at 1,000 Naira with 1.6GB data you get 24 hours access to the internet over a specific period (1 day or 30 days). Here are the prices and data allowance of the Glo data Plan for 2019

  • Glo 1.6GB Data Plan – Always Micro (30 days) – N1,000 – Send 53 to 127 (dial *127*53#)
  • My Phone Data Plan – 3.65GB (30 days) – N2,000 – Send 55 to 127 (dial *127*55#)
  • Glo So Special Data Plan – 5.75GB (30 days) – 2,500 Naira – Send 58 to 127 (dial *127*58#)
  • 7GB Glo Data Plan – Always Macro (30 days) – 3,000 Naira – Send 54 to 127 (dial *127*54#)
  • 10GB Glo Data Plan – 4,000 Plan (30 days) – N4,000 – Send 59 to 127 (dial *127*59#)
  • 12.5GB Glo Data Plan – Always Min (30 days) – N5,000 – send 11 to 127 (dial *127*2#)
  • 20GB Glo Data Plan – Always Max (30 days) – N8,000 – Send 12 to 127 (dial *127*1#)
  • 26GB Data Plan – (30 days) – 10,000 Naira – Send 15 to 127 (dial *127*11#)
  • 42GB Glo Data Plan – Gold Plan (30 days) – 15,000 NGN – Send 16 to 127 (dial *127*12#)
  • 50GB Glo Internet Browsing – Platinum Plan (30 days) – N18,000 – Send 17 to 127 (dial *127*13#)
  • 63GB Glo Internet Browsing (30 days) – 20,000 Naira – Send 33 to 127 (dial *127*33#)
  • Daily Data Splash 300 (1 day) – 300 Naira – Dial *777#
  • Daily Data Splash 500 (1 day) – 500 Naira – Dial *777#
  • 3G Modem – 5,000 Naira
  • 3G Router – N30,000 (with 1 month free rental of N15,000, connects up to 100 devices)

If you are out of data before the end of your validity period, just dial *777# to boost your data plan by 1GB for just N500 OR by 300MB for just N200 (1GB Data Plan Boost is for 1GB plans or higher)

Data Plan Limits

Note that Glo Data Plan has safe use download-upload limits, once you exceed this limit your internet access will be deactivated irrespective of whether the validity period has reached. Glo Always Micro is a great internet package for mobile phones.

To activate Glo Always Micro text 53 to 127 or dial *127*53#. If you are yet to activate your mobile phone for Glo internet, send activate to 127.

Glo Data Plan (Hourly Bundles):

The bundled hour packs offer bundled hours internet access over a specific period.

  • Glo G300 (300 hours internet browsing bundle) – N15,000 (12GB data limit)
  • Glo G100 (100 hours internet browsing bundle) – N6,000 (4GB data limit)

Note that you will have a specific period to use up your bundled internet hours. If you do not use it within the period it will expire.

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Here is how to activate the different internet bundles. Load the appropriate value for the bundle on your phone:

  • Glo G100 – send 20 to 127 (dial *127*5#)
  • G300 Browsing Bundle – send 21 to 127 (dial *127*4#)

Glo Data Plan (Flexi packs):

Glo Data Plan also consist of flexi internet browsing packages that offer internet access at specific periods of the day (day or night).

  • G Work (8am – 9pm) – N6,000 (12GB data limit)
  • G Leisure (8pm – 9am + all day weekend) – N5,000 (12GB data limit)

Here is how to activate flexi packs. Load the appropriate credit on your phone and send the right Subscription code for the bundle.

  • Glo G Work Browsing Plan – send 31 to 127 (dial *127*6#)
  • G Leisure Browsing Plan – send 30 to 127 (dial *127*7#)

Glo mobile was the first GSM company to launch 3.5G network (branded Glo 3G plus) in Nigeria. 3.5G HSDPA high-speed internet provides download speed of up to 3.6Mbps.

If you wish to share your network wirelessly like in an office environment or at home, Glo has a high speed internet router, which can connect up to 100 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Glo HSI Router now goes for N30,000 with 1 month free rental.

Glo mobile also offer internet packages to post-paid plans like daily, night, weekend, and monthly plans. Checkout Glo post-paid internet packages

Glo Internet services are available on 3.5G, EDGE, and GPRS. Outside 3.5G coverage, you can access internet services on Glo’s GPRS/EDGE networks. We will continue to update this page with latest Glo Data Plans.

Glo Data Plan Highlights

Here are some interesting Glo Data Plan to checkout:

7GB Glo Data Plan

This package goes for 3,000 Naira and is great if you own a smartphone and want a reasonable data limit at an affordable price.

You get 7GB data with a bonus 1.75GB also included to bring your total data to 8.75GB. To subscribe, just dial *127*54#.

You can also get 10GB for 4000 NGN, just dial *127*59#.

12.5GB Glo Data Plan

This is another interesting Data Bundle if you need internet access on your smartphone or tablet.

You get 12.5GB data limit with a bonus 3.1GB bonus data to bring the total data allowance to 15.6GB. This will cost you just 5,000 Naira. To subscribe for the 12.5GB Glo Data Plan, just dial *127*2#.

26GB Internet Package

This our recommended entry data plan if you want to build a hotspot in your home or office for connecting multiple devices.

For 10,000 Naira, you get 26GB data allowance on 26GB Glo Data Plan. You also get 6.5GB bonus data for a total 32.5GB. To subscribe, dial *127*11#.

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