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Glo Data Plans 2024: Prices and Subscription Codes

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Glo mobile offers high-speed 3G and 4G internet services to its customers across Nigeria. Glo Data Plan has some of the best priced data plans. In the past Glo got poor rating due to poor internet services, but in the last couple of years, internet service from the Nigerian Mobile brand has improved. Here we share latest Glo Data Plans for 2024 with their prices and subscription codes.

Glo Data Plans are very affordable with flexible internet browsing bundles. Glo Internet Packages ranges from always on 30-day packages to bundled hour internet packages and so on. The Mobile Network offers 3G and 4G LTE.

Most affordable and highend Android phones supports Glo 4G Network. iPhones also support Glo 4G Network.

This article covers Glo 3G and 4G LTE internet browsing packages and their subscription codes.

Glo Data Plan Overview

Glo currently offers some of the most cost effective internet browsing packages in all categories, offering more internet data usage.

From 3.9GB to up to 450GB, you will find a monthly package that is tailored for your needs. Glo Internet browsing bundle limits are well above industry standard.

Imagine getting 10.8GB data for just 2500 NGN or getting 18GB for just 4,000 Naira. That is what Glo Data Plan now offers.

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The Glo Always Micro now offers 3.9GB for just 1,000 Naira.

Looking for Mobile Phones to Buy for your Glo Internet Bundle? You can check our recommendations of Cheap Android Phones, Best Android Phones, and Best 4G Phones.

Glo Data Plans with Prices and and Subscription Code

Here you will find the various Glo Data Plans available in Nigeria right now. We will also share Glo Data Plan price in Nigeria and codes for subscribing to them.

Glo Monthly Data Plan Price and Subscription Code

Glo Data Plan Monthly with Subscription Code

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Glo has one of the most generous all day, 30-day internet package in Nigeria starting at 1,000 Naira for 3.9GB data with 24 hours access to the internet for 30 days. Here are the latest prices and data allowance of Glo Data Plans for 2024:

  • Glo 3.9GB Data Plan – (30 days) – ₦1,000
  • Glo 7.5GB Data Plan – (30 days) – ₦1,500
  • 9.2GB Glo Data Plan Monthly – (30 days) – ₦2,000
  • Glo 10.8GB Package – (30 days) – ₦2,500
  • 14GB Glo Internet Package – (30 days) – ₦3,000
  • 18GB Glo Data Plan –  (30 days) – ₦4,000
  • 24GB Bundle – (30 days) – ₦5,000
  • 29.5GB Package – (30 days) – ₦8,000
  • 50GB Glo Monthly Data Plan – (30 days) – ₦10,000
  • 93GB Glo Data Plan Monthly – (30 days) – ₦15,000
  • 119GB Glo Internet Browsing (30 days) – 18,000 Naira
  • 138GB Glo Internet Browsing (30 days) – 20,000 Naira
  • 225GB Package – (30 days) – 30,000 Naira
  • 300GB Package – (30 days) – 36,000 NGN
  • 425GB Package – (30 days) – 50,000 NGN

To subscribe to any Glo Data Plan, just load your device with the appropriate amount of credit and dial *312#.

Glo Multi-Month Data Plans

  • 525GB 3-Month Package – (120 days) – 60,000 NGN
  • 675GB 3-Month Package – (120 days) – 75,000 NGN
  • 1TB 1-Year Package – (360 days) – 100,000 NGN

Glo MiFi Router – ₦12,000 (with 60GB free data and 5GB bonus data for 6 months for each purchase of a data plan of of 5,000 Naira and above)

Data Plan Limits

Note that packages has safe use download-upload limits, once you exceed this limit your internet access will be deactivated irrespective of whether the validity period has reached.

To activate your Glo Monthly Data Plan or the Multi-month plans, just dial *312#.

Compare Prices

Glo Daily and Weekly Plans

  • 1GB Daily Package – (1 Day) – ₦300
  • 2GB 2-Day Package – (2 Days) – ₦500
  • Globacom Sunday Plan, 1.25GB – (1 Days) – ₦200
  • Glo 1.8GB 2-Week Bundle – (14 days) – ₦500
  • 7GB Weekly Bundle – (7 days) – ₦1,500
  • 115MB Daily Package – (1 Day) – ₦100
  • Glo 350MB 2-Day Package – (2 days) – ₦200
  • 50MB Daily Package – (1 Day) – ₦50
  • 150MB Daily Package – (1 Day) – ₦100

Glo Night Browsing

These Glo Data plans are for night browsing and are valid for one night from 12am to 5am.

  • 250MB Night Package – (1 Day) – ₦25
  • 500MB Night Package – (1 Day) – ₦50
  • 1GB Night Bundle – ₦100

Glo On-Campus Data Plans

  • 265MB 1-Day Package – ₦100
  • 590MB 2-Day Bundle – ₦200
  • 2.6GB 2-Week Plan – ₦500
  • 5.8GB 30-Day Plan – ₦1,000
  • Globacom 14.4GB 30-Day Bundle – ₦2,000
  • Globacom 44GB 30-Day Bundle – ₦5,000

Glo Social Data Plan for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter

  • 100MB 1-Day Package – (1 Day) – ₦25
  • 200MB 7-Day Package – (7 Days) – ₦50
  • 500MB 30-Day Package – (30-Days) – ₦100

Glo YouTube Bundles

  • 100MB 1-Day Package – (1 Day) – ₦50
  • 200MB 7-Day Package – (7 Days) – ₦100
  • 500MB 30-Day Package – (30-Days) – ₦250

Glo Instagram Bundles

  • 20MB 1-Day Package – (1 Day) – ₦25
  • 50MB 7-Day Package – (7 Days) – ₦50
  • 125MB 30-Day Package – (30-Days) – ₦100

Glo TikTok Bundles

  • 20MB 1-Day Package – (1 Day) – ₦25
  • 50MB 7-Day Package – (7 Days) – ₦50
  • 125MB 30-Day Package – (30-Days) – ₦100

Glo Telegram Bundles

  • 20MB 1-Day Package – (1 Day) – ₦25
  • 50MB 7-Day Package – (7 Days) – ₦50
  • 125MB 30-Day Package – (30-Days) – ₦100

You may also be interested in MTN Data Plan in Nigeria and Airtel Data Plan.

If you wish to share your network wirelessly like in an office environment or at home, Glo has a high speed internet router called Glo MiFi, which can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices. Glo MiFi costs ₦12,000 and comes with 60GB free data. You also get a bonus of 5GB data for 6 months each time you buy a data plan of 5000 Naira or more.

How to Subscribe to Glo Data Plans in Nigeria

To subscribe to Glo Data Plan in Nigeria, just dial *312# on your Globacom line, you will see options buy a data plan that suits your needs and budget. You can also select whether you want the data plan subscription to be one-off or auto-renew.

How to Check Glo Data Balance

To check your Glo data balance, dial *323# USSD command on your Globacom line. You will receive a response detailing your current data plan, your remaining data balance, and the expiry date of your data bundle.

Activating Internet browsing on Glo

Under normal circumstances, your device should automatically setup for internet access on the Glo network once you turn. This is because automatic settings should be loaded on your phone, the first time you turn it on.

However, sometime, most especially for mobile phones that are not officially certified for use in Nigeria, automatic configuration settings may fail to load. In such a case you have to resort to manual setting.

For the Glo prepaid data plans to work, you need the following internet settings:

Access Point Name (APN) – APN
username – Flat
password – Flat

Glo mobile also offer internet packages to post-paid plans like daily, night, weekend, and monthly plans. Checkout Glo post-paid internet packages.

Glo Internet services are available on 4G, 3G, EDGE, and GPRS. Outside 4G and 3G coverage, you can access internet services on Glo’s GPRS/EDGE networks. We will continue to update this page with latest Glo Data Plans.

You can also checkout 9Mobile Data Plan.

Glo Data Plan Highlights

Here are some interesting Bundles to checkout:

14GB Glo Data Plan

This package goes for 3,000 Naira and is great if you own a smartphone and want a reasonable data limit at an affordable price.

You get 10GB data with a bonus 4GB also included to bring your total data to 14GB. To subscribe, just dial *312#.

You can also get 18GB for 4000 NGN, just dial *312#.

24GB Glo Data Plan

This is another interesting Data Bundle if you need internet access on your smartphone or tablet.

You get 20GB data limit with a bonus 4GB bonus data to bring the total data allowance to 24GB. This will cost you just 5,000 Naira. To subscribe for the 24GB Glo Data Plan, just dial *312#.

50GB Internet Package

This our recommended entry data plan if you want to build a hotspot in your home or office for connecting multiple devices.

For 10,000 Naira, you get 46GB data allowance on 46GB Glo Data Plan. You also get 4GB bonus data for a total 50GB. To subscribe, dial *312#.

Glo Data Plan Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glo Data Plan Code?

The Glo Data Plan Code is *312#. If you want to subscribe to a Glo Data Plan, dial *312# USSD code, you get a response with option 1 being Buy Data. Send 1 for data plan options.

Is there a Glo ₦200 for 1GB Data Plan and what is the Code?

No, there do not seem to be a ₦200 for 1GB Glo Data plan at the moment, though research shows that Glo offered such an option in the past. We found some close options, the closest being the Sunday plan, which is a ₦200 for 1.25GB plan. However, the Sunday plan like the name implies is only valid on a Sunday.

Other close option are the ₦300 for 1GB 1-day plan, ₦500 for 2GB 2-day plan, the ₦500 for 1.8GB 14-day plan, and the cost effective ₦1,500 for 7GB 7-day plan. To subscribe to any of the plans above, just dial *312#.

How Much is Glo MiFi?

Glo MiFi costs ₦12,000. Visit a Glo shop to buy the device. The device comes with 60GB free data and Globacom also offers you a bonus of 5GB data for 6 months each time you buy a data plan that costs 5000 Naira or more.

How Many device can be Connected on Glo MiFi Simultaneously?

Glo MiFi can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time. This means you can connect multiple devices simultaneously like your smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Smart TVs, etc.

Does Glo MiFi support 5G?

No, Glo MiFi is a 4G device and supports 4G LTE or lower. When 5G becomes available on the Glo network, the mobile operator will offer a 5G enabled MiFi device.

Does Glo offer Unlimited Data Plans?

No, Glo does not currently offer unlimited data plans. However, Glo offer huge data allowance that sometimes rival the unlimited data plans of some mobile operators if you consider the fair usage policy (FUP) that implemented on those packages.

Is there a Glo ₦1000 for 4GB Data Plan and what is the Code?

No, there is no ₦1000 for 4GB Glo Data plan. The closest we found is a ₦1000 for 3.9GB Glo Data plan, which is just 100MB off the mark. To subscribe to the plan, dial *312#.

How do I subscribe to Glo ₦1500 Monthly Data Plan?

To subscribe to Glo ₦1500 monthly data plan, dial *312#, select 1 (Buy Data), select 2 (one off purchase), select 2 (Monthly Plans), and then select 2. The plan offers 7.5GB data and is valid for 30 days. However, note that 4GB out of the 7.5GB can only be used at night.

Which Plans are the Best Glo Data Plans?

The best Glo data plans are the monthly data plans that offer 30-day access.

Glo and Internet Topic

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