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Online work marketplace are services that enable skilled workers find jobs online while enabling companies, businesses, and individuals find a global pool of skilled manpower to help them with their micro, small, medium, and large scale projects.

In this series on online work, we will be taking a closer look at the online work marketplace and the opportunity they provide for both contractors/freelancers and employers.

Middlemen for Online work

An online work marketplace serves as a middleman between job seekers and employers. Job seekers create profiles, promote their skills and expertise, and set how much they want to be paid per hour of work done.

Employers on the other hand advertise jobs, write jobs descriptions, set skills they require for the project, and how much they are willing to pay for the job per hour or for the entire project.

Based on the job specs, jobs seekers, usually called contractors/freelancers (I will be using contractors/freelancers from now on), apply for the work and if favoured they will be invited for interview by the employer.

Successful applicant(s) will begin work on the project. Note that all these happen within the online work platform.

Get Paid for Verified Work done Online

A project on online work platforms can span for a day, to a week, to several weeks to several months. However, no matter how long a project spans you will be paid weekly for verified work done on the online work platform.

The employer pays the contractor via the online work marketplace. The online work marketplace will take a commission for providing the service.

To get paid on online work marketplace, you must follow their terms and conditions to the later. You will be provided with software that enables you create a virtual office online on your computer.

This software will also enable your employer monitor your activities and will be used to verify how many hours you actually worked and hence how much you will earn.

Only work tracked by the online software will be qualified for payment.

Online work marketplace ensures that you get paid while ensuring that you deliver for your employer. So, the online work marketplace protects the interest of the employer and contractors and earns a commission for doing so.

Online Work is a Growing Industry

The world with every passing day is becoming truly a global village. The deployment and accessibility of the internet is making this a truly connected world and creating a huge opportunity for online work providers.

From Nigeria via your computer and internet access you can get work from businesses in India, US, Canada, and God knows where.

According to oDesk, a top online work marketplace, the online work market is estimated to hit $1 billion this year (2012). oDesk also claimed that contractors on its platform earned $22 million (N3.14 billion) in October, 2011.

Leading companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are known to be employing contractors in some of the leading online work marketplace. So if you have skills that can be marketed on these platforms you should be considering online jobs.

If you also want to tap a global pool of skilled people, you should also promote your work and projects on online work marketplace and pay for only work that is done.

In this series, we will be revealing the leading online work marketplace, how to prepare yourself for work online, popular skills that sell on online work markets, and relevant information you require. If you have questions about online work, use our comment box.

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