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Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs and Price

The much anticipated wait is over, the Samsung Galaxy S9 flagship was launched at the MWC 2018 event in Barcelona, Spain. It was released alongside the bigger variant, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. The smartphone comes with an improved camera but with about the same features as the former...
Alcatel 1X

Alcatel 1X Specs and Price

Google has made another run at the former Android One OS for entry level smartphones which was not too successful the last time. Now under the Android Go banner with some smartphones set to release in the MWC 2018. However, the Alcatel 1X smartphone has already been announced by...
6 Great 2-Burner Tabletop Gas Cookers for Better Cooking

6 Great 2-Burner Tabletop Gas Cookers for Better Cooking

Cooking your next meal does not have to be an elaborate affair. You could keep things simple yet efficient by opting for 2-burner tabletop gas cookers. They are compact, fit on your traditional kitchen cabinet and overall, are very reliable when it comes to gas consumption. Those and much more...
LG V30S ThinQ

LG V30S ThinQ Specs and Price

Some hours before the MWC 2018, LG has officially unveiled the successor to their LG V30 high-end flagship smartphone. The LG V30S ThinQ has now been released as a rival to the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphone. We have seen a number of flagships integrate AI...
5 Best Rated Compact Washing Machine Units for Small Spaces

7 Best Compact Washing Machine picks for Small Spaces

When buying home appliances and accessories, one thing that should always be considered is space and size. You do not want to get something that ends up taking up more space than it should, creating an unsightly scene. Here we look at the best compact washing machines for space...
Micromax Dual 4 E4816

Micromax Dual 4 E4816 Specs and Price

The mid-range smartphone category has garnered more attention from smartphone makers in recent years. Most of these smartphones are trying to bridge the gap between between some certain high-end features and the budget spender. Like the Micromax Dual 4 E4816 they offer some range of features that you usually find...
Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra

Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra Specs and Price

Micromax has been in the budget smartphones business for quite sometime now and it's Bharat series of smartphones belongs to this category. The smartphone under the lens today is the Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra smartphone. It is really an ultra model considering the extreme downgrade of the specs. I'm...
Internet technology

Rapidly growing Internet Technology and Web Hosting Services

As we all know very well about the modern Internet technology which has captured the complete world by providing the best services which have made the things reliable and authentic. Moreover, the internet is the best source to provide ease in different fields of life. Different organizations have used...
Alcatel 3C

Alcatel 3C Specs and Price

In recent times, Alcatel has been active only in the mid-range to high-end smartphones region. Not like this is its first budget smartphone, it was two year ago since we saw such from the French based smartphone maker. The Alcatel 3C smartphone is basic android smartphone with nothing much...
DLL Files Computer

How to bring back DLL Files on your Computer

You may sometimes have faced difficulties which prevents you from accessing DLL Files from your Computer system. These are the usual errors which all of us surely don’t want to face. Most of Windows users face this DLL error which is related to your DLL file which usually affects...

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