How Insurance Companies use Social Media to Connect with Consumers

How Insurance Companies use Social Media to Connect with Consumers
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With the rise in social media over the last decade, more and more insurance companies are using it to bring in new customers. Social media is known as a fairly inexpensive way to market to consumers.

It’s also a great way to allow content to go viral, which gets more and more users learning about the particular company.

There are many ways that social media can be utilized by an insurance company to improve its customer base.

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Creating Viral Content

It’s no surprise to anyone that marketing works best when it can be amplified over a larger number of viewers. When insurance companies create funny advertisements, social media users will likely share the content with their friends.

Their friends will likely share again with others and the content gets to see more and more eyes. This is a great way to not only get more customers who are looking for cheap car insurance online difficult but to also get the insurance company’s name out there into the public eye. The more times that the brand name is mentioned to people, the more familiar they become with it.

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To Build Trust

One of the biggest challenges that any insurance company faces is building trust with potential clients. Reports indicate 43 percent of consumers are saying they don’t trust the insurance industry.

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This is a big problem for a type of industry that creates relationships based on trust. To gain some of that trust back, insurance providers are implementing social media connections.

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Social media allows for real-time conversations that can allow the company to answer consumer questions regarding issues about insurance.

When the conversations are posted publicly, this allows consumers to see what’s really going on. This goes a long way in instilling trust with insurance providers.

Provide Helpful Guides

While funny videos can be a great way to brighten our day, we still want to know that we’re getting something out of our relationships. Insurance companies are using social media to provide helpful guides including quality content to their consumers.

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This content can range from how-to videos about filing a claim to infographics and interactive investment calculators to help with planning.

Anything that provides value to the consumer is a great way to bring in more customers and gain their trust as an insurance provider.

To Show Off Amazing Reviews

In the digital age, there are no brushing past mistakes under the rug. With the various reviews and rating systems that are available on many social media sites, businesses are getting graded all the time on their performance.

When your insurance company has many positive reviews from clients, it goes a long way in creating trusting relationships. Let’s be honest, when you compare two prospective companies side by side, you’ll likely contact the one that has more positive reviews.

To Capture Testimonials

It’s not uncommon to hear customers thank you over the phone or in person for the services that you performed. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could capture that thank you and put in out there for all to see.

With testimonials on social media networks, you can. Encourage existing customers who were happy with your services and products to write a testimonial so all potential customers can see.

Insurance companies are utilizing social media more and more as they discover the power it holds to bring in more consumers. While there are many social media networks available to use, focusing on the most trafficked networks is key. Also, you’ll want to diversify your different marketing tactics in order to grasp as many new customers as possible.

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