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How can Explainer Videos help Boost Conversions and Customer Base?

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As digital communications evolve, pictures are no longer enough as we seem to be moving towards era of the explainer videos. It is said that the videos have the potential to convey numerous information that mere illustrations will not.

That is one of the significant reasons why visual impact is being used to a great extent improve customer retention.

The attention span of online readers is dropping and online marketers and publishers need something to keep them engaged. If you are ardent enough to engage your customers and keep their attention, you will be able to bring out the value of your brand and improve the marketability. Expainer videos can be very helpful in this area. 

72% of the businesses who use explainer videos say it increased the conversion rate of their website.

Ever since mobile and the various gadgets came into existence, people’s life has been bound by the internet, and in every aspect of life, internet use is becoming inevitable.

So the more you can grab the attention of your website visitors, the greater the chances of your content going viral via user like and shares.

Now more videos are coming out to play, and if it is something unconventional, then it is spreading out like wildfire.

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The reason behind the popularity of explainer videos?

The reason behind the popularity of explainer videos?
Source: Video at Click

The main reason explainer videos are becoming more is because they have been found to be great for user engagement. It is interesting how the demand for products are not necessarily determined by the quality or even by the price of the product, but how well it is being presented in the market.

Experience has shown that the best presented products usually has better buyer conversion rate. You need to understand that your main objective should be to catch the interest of the buyer more than your rivals so that he or she ultimately chooses your product and not theirs.

That is the perfect time for explainer videos to come into play. It helps  your customers understand the essence of the product and how it is going to be beneficial to them.

According to market reports, the return rate of customers who bought after watching videos are quite lower than the one who bought anything out of whim.

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This is probably because the explainer videos educated and informed them about the product the video educated, so they knew exactly what to expect before they bought the product. Explainer videos increase the chances of conversion by at least 20%.

How should the videos be created to have maximum impact? What are the things to be kept in mind?

Connective Bonding

It is said that explainer videos offer better connectivity than texts to a great extent, and it is one of the benchmarks of the brand marketing industry.


The first thing that you need to do is to make sure the explainer video is not too long. Otherwise, people will be bored easily.

You need to take care that it is just three to five minutes long maximum so that it has a high impact. It should be relatable so that the person who is looking at the video can get the concept quickly.

Conceptually Good

The video can be simplistic, but it should have a twist to make it unique and unconventional.

This is because the implementation of the concept in a mature manner is essential so that it can get numerous likes and shares in social media. 


The videos have to be multifunctional by nature, so that they can be posted on all the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

There you will be able to have an insight into the kind of feedback that the video is having and you can make changes according to the feedback.

Social Media Impact

You can also post it in some of the other platforms like Redbus, Justdial, and so on so that it can seem relevant and not push advertising.

This will help a lot in increasing the customer base because every time the users get into the site, they will be able to view it. 64% of all the businesses believe that there has been a direct improvement in sales because of explainer videos.


An ideal explainer video should be compatible with every kind of device so that people will be able to watch the videos on the go.

Try posting them in the relevant segments of the various eCommerce segments so that you will be able to make the most out of the videos.

93% of the businesses believe that customers understand their product more because of the explainer videos.

How can unconventional stories melt the ice?

If you want to create the best impact and bring out the best of lead generation, then the storyline of the video has to be really up to the mark.

Make it very engaging to look so that the public can feel and relate to the videos. Lots of potential buyers have access to the internet and are keen on online shopping.

Ways Explainer Videos are Beneficial

Attention seeking

If you are a part of the volunteer organization or any company and you are trying to draw the attention of people towards your company, then you need to put your best foot forward when it comes to the explainer videos. This is because it gets publicized, and it could go viral and get shared with millions.


Have you seen videos from financial solutions and other eCommerce websites? They are the best when it comes to explainer videos.

With Explainer videos you can provide the exact detail about the usage of the products, risks, advantages, cons, and a lot more. And you can do this in a concise and engaging way.

Understanding of Product

The video should be crisp and concise to bring out the exact content without beating around the bush.

Such explainer videos will lead to high engagement and will also have a positive impact on your brand.

It always pays off if you try to be unconventional and think out of the box because it is the new trend. Effective communication is what you need to make the best explainer videos.

Increase in Lead Generation

Talking about other companies, even some of the significant health and fitness companies have been able to get an advantage over the same.

Reports show that a USA based website can get conversion rate increase from 6% to 30% just because of the explainer videos that it put on its site.

Also, it has been seen that in the various segments, the conversion rates have increased- 25% for jewellery, 200% for garments as well as 225% for the other accessories.

explainer videos
Source: Jumpanzee

All in all, we can always say that explainer videos are indeed excellent in showcasing the best about the brand and describing how a product works or how it should be used.

Therefore, you should make sure that you are implementing explainer videos in the best possible manner and present them to your customer base.

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