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How LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines makes Washing more Convenient

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Front Load Washers are known for their efficiency. They are more economical with water and detergent and offer a better wash rate than other types of washing machines. LG is taking the efficiency to the next level by baking in artificial intelligence in their latest front load washing machines. In this article, we will give you some reasons why LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines are worth your consideration and also share some of the best models available in the market right now.

Over the last couple of years, LG has built on its market leadership in washing machine technology by incorporating AI and smart features in latest models.

In 2020, LG launched the first front load washers that came with the Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive (DD AI) motor, a technology that builds on LG’s innovative 6 motion Direct Drive motor that uses six unique wash motion combinations for the most efficient wash.

Since then LG has continued to refine the technology to deliver the ultimate consumer convenience with savings in energy cost and water consumption as well as offer protection for your fabric.

All the best AI powered front load washing machines feature LG’s groundbreaking AI DD technology that uses artificial intelligence and sensors to detect the volume, weight, and softness of the fabrics and select or suggest the best wash patterns for an optimal wash.

The washing machines use deep learning to compare the information collected about the fabrics in the washer with thousands of data points of washer usage in the database to select the optimized washing pattern for the best wash.

The AI DD technology combines with other smart technologies from LG like TurboWash, SmartWash and LG ThinQ to provide the best washing experience.

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Advantages of LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines

Save on Water and Detergent

LG AI Powered front load washing machines can detect the characteristics of the load. The intelligent washers can detect the different types of fabrics in the load and add the exact amount of water and detergent required for an optimal wash.

This reduces waste and is environmentally friendly ensuring you do not use more water and detergent required for an excellent wash.

Save on Energy

The ability of the AI Powered front load washers to detect the types of fabrics in the load as well as the weight and volume enables it set the optimal motions, washing time, temperature, and speed required to get the best washing result.

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When it is time to dry, these smart washing machines will also program the optimal drying setting for your type of fabric. This ability to optimize resources to perfectly match the types of fabrics in the washer comes with the advantage of savings in your energy bill.

Take the Guesswork out of your Washing

With the LG AI Powered front load washing machines, you no longer have to worry about whether you have put in the right amount of detergent or water. They also free you from having to guess the best wash cycles for your fabrics.

Just load the machine and it will use AI and advanced sensors to determine the types of fabrics in the load and using deep learning it will on its own figure out the optimal detergent dosage and the amount of water required for the best washing results. It will also set the optimal amount of time, temperature, and wash cycles for the best result.

Using deep learning, these intelligent washers get smarter as you use them, which means their performance will improve over time.

Your Fabrics Last Longer

Because LG AI Powered Front Load washing machines always uses the optimal settings to wash, they are gentle on your clothes and can extend the life of your fabric by up to 18%.

LG Intelligent washers determines the optimal washing pattern required to clean your fabric using just the perfect amount of force required reducing wear on your fabric.

They also apply just the right amount of liquid detergent and fabric softer which not only economizes the amount of water required, but can also help your fabric last longer.

Enjoy the Latest Smart Features

All the latest LG AI powered front load washers offer the latest smart features from the global electronics brand. They all support LG ThinQ smart home technology, which combined with the LG ThinQ app and built-in Wi-Fi can make your washer more functional and more convenient to use.

The smart washers support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabling you use voice control. The washers can also provide notification on the state of some of the resources it needs to wash. For example, your intelligent washing machine can send you a notification when your detergent is running low.

Wi-Fi connectivity means that you can control and monitor wash cycles remotely via the LG ThinQ app. Wi-Fi connectivity also enables the intelligent washers to access LG’s network in order to download additional wash cycles as well as tap into more data points for more optimal decisions from deep learning. You can also monitor the energy consumption of the washer on the ThinQ app via Wi-Fi.

They are Built to Last

All LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines are built to be durable. They come with two year warranty on labor and parts in Nigeria. LG offer one year warranty on labor and parts in some African countries. In addition, LG offers 10 year warranty on the Direct Drive Motor of the Washing Machine.

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How to Identify an LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machine

The key feature of the best LG AI powered front load washing machines is the Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology. So, the first thing to look out for is to make sure that there is an indication on the body or packaging or in the included manual that the front washer model you are currently considering features AI DD. This is the AI technology that enables your washer optimize wash to your specific fabric.

The next thing to check is LG ThinQ. This is the technology that connects your washer to your smart home, enabling you to control and monitor your wash cycles remotely as well as get notifications about the status of the machine on your phone.

Other features to lookout for is TurboWash 360˚ which uses LG’s proprietary multi-directional spray nozzles to thoroughly clean your laundry with less detergent in less time. TurboWash 360˚ can shorten wash time to 29 minutes saving you cost on energy and protecting your fabrics. Of course, we do not need to remind you that it should come with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The Best LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines

Now, we take a look at some of the Best LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines you can buy in Nigeria and Africa right now.

1. LG 15 kg / 8kg Front Load Washer / Dryer (F0L9DGP2S)

LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machine with 15kg washer and 8kg dryer (F09dgp2s)

This front load washing machine combines a washer and dryer in one design. It offers a generous 15 kg washing capacity and an 8 kg drying capacity making it perfect for large households or even commercial applications.

This washer features AI DD with 6 motion inverter Direct Drive Motor for intelligent fabric care with 18% more fabric protection. The intelligent washer also deals with allergens in your fabric with the Allergy cycle and Steam feature that frees your fabrics of dust and pollen offering up to 99.9% Allergy removal capability. It features TurboWash for fast and efficient washing.

The LG F0L9DGP2S washer comes with an Add Item feature that enables you to pause the wash cycle in order to add some clothes you may have missed adding at the beginning of the wash cycle. This can be very convenient as you do not have to wait for the cycle to end or restart the cycle just because you forgot to add a few items at the start of the wash cycle.

This front load washing machine is designed for durability featuring a tempered glass door and internal stainless steel clothing lifters.

The intelligent front load washer comes with built-in Wi-Fi and the LG ThinQ that enables you control and monitor wash cycles remotely. The Smart Diagnosis features means this device can scan itself for issues and alerts you on time if maintenance is needed. It is one of the best AI powered washing machines if you are looking for a model that combines a washer and a dryer in one unit.

2. LG 9KG Front Load Washing Machine (F2V3FYP6JE)

LG 9KG Front Load Washing Machine (F2V3FYP6JE)

This model does not come with a combo design. The LG AI powered front load washing machines features an equally generous 9kg washer. Note that although it does not come with a dryer built-in, the rinse + spin cycle will dry your clothe well enough that it will dry much faster when you spread it on a line.

The F2V3FYP6JE washer features AI Direct Drive technology which optimizes the wash cycles used according to the types of fabrics in the load. It supports LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi connectivity which enables to you control and monitor the wash cycles from anywhere that is convenient for you.

This smart front load washer offers the Steam feature that removed 99.9% of allergens on your fabrics.

3. LG 10.5kg Front Load Washing Machine (F4V3RYP6JE)

LG 10.5kg Front Load Washing Machine (F4V3RYP6JE)

LG F4V3RYP6JE front load washing machine offers a 10.5 kg capacity washer. It features AI DD with 6 motion inverter Direct Drive Motor that runs at up to 1400 rpm.

The intelligent washer supports TurboWash 360˚ which uses four multi-directional spray nozzles with an inverter pump that controls the stream to reach every inch of your laundry and ensure a thorough wash in 36 minutes.

It supports LG Steam+ technology which removes 99.9% of allergens and reduces wrinkles by about 30% after the wash. It also features LG ThinQ with Alexa and Google Assistant support, Add Item feature, Smart Diagnosis, etc.

4. LG 8 kg Front Load Washer (F2V5PYP2T)

LG 8 kg Front Load Washer (F2V5PYP2T)

This 8 kg washer is one of the best LG AI powered front load washing machines you can buy right now. It features AI DD with 6 motion inverter Direct Drive Motor. It is energy efficient with an A+++ energy efficiency class rating.

The smart washer offers the intelligent fabric care feature that offers 18% more fabric protection. It will remove 99.9% of the allergens in the laundry thanks to the Steam feature. It also features LG ThinQ with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, Wi-Fi connectivity, Add Item, Smart Diagnosis, Child-Lock, etc.

For all the information about the latest and best LG AI Powered Front Load Washing Machines, Click Here.

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