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Honda Generators – Prices & Overview of Portable Honda Generators

Honda generator is a popular brand of electric power generator in Nigeria. Honda generators are very popular in low to medium power applications as required in most homes or small businesses. Honda portable generators are noted for their reliability and fuel economy.Where to Buy Honda ₦67,795.00 Buy Now Many...
Top 5 New Technologies in Cars Today

Top 5 New Technologies in Cars Today

2018 is coming and for tech-savvy drivers in the market for a new vehicle, the New Year means new gadgets. Automobiles today are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and while reliability, safety and the powertrain remain at the top of buyers’ importance lists, technology is a major selling point too. Technology can...
Sell Car in UAE

The Most Convenient Way to Sell Car in UAE

If you’re a car owner in Dubai and one who likes to purchase a different or new vehicle from time to time, then you have probably come across a situation that a lot of people are not fond of and that is selling car in Dubai unless you’re a...
Portable Jump Starter Kit - Car Gadgets

Ten Car Gadgets that will improve your Driving Experience

Driving is fun, but sometimes the experience may get stressful and even dangerous, more especially when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere by a flat tire or dead car battery. Everyone wants to make the road trip more enjoyable with less or no stress at all. But thanks...
First Aid Kit for Car Emergency Kit

15 Items you should Include in your Car Emergency Kit

You An emergency kit is something that most people overlook. Not until they are faced with a breakdown and they have an empty trunk. Let's face it, car breakdowns do not happen on busy roads with great weather and smooth mobile reception. Most of the time, our cars break...
AJBAN LRSOV - Defense Vehicles That Showcase the Best of Military Technology

5 Defense Vehicles That Showcase the Best of Military Technology

Today’s defense vehicles are feats of modern engineering. They are the most capable off-road vehicles, able to operate in the harshest environments and most challenging conditions. Some, like the modern battle tank, host some serious firepower, while others are purpose-built for tactical requirements. To celebrate the might and power of...

How to Charge Electric Scooter Without Charger

Electric scooters are great possessions, not until your charge runs out in a remote location. That is when you will wish you knew better and opted for a diesel-powered one. However, this ought not to be so much of an issue. It is indeed possible to utilize an electric...
Why People Hate Driving and The Best Ways to Love It

Why People Hate Driving and the Best Ways to Love It

I am sure that many of you would agree with me that driving is a love-hate relationship. I love most of it, but at times, it can just be really frustrating and it can take its toll on you. The latter is true in instances wherein you are stuck...