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Innoson G5 Compact Crossover SUV

Innoson G5 (IVM G5) SUV Features & Price

Innoson G5 (IVM G5) is a compact crossover SUV from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing company, a leading auto maker in Nigeria. The sports utility vehicle is in the same general classification as the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. Innoson G5 offers state of the art features for a safe and enjoyable ride. Innoson G5 Key Specs & Features 2.4-Litre, Four Cylinder Mitsubishi 4G69S4N Engine Automatic Transmission or Manual Transmission ABS + EBD SRS Airbags Traction Control 32.3 mpg (7.3 litre per 100km) Fuel Consumption Seating Capacity: 5 75 Litres Fuel Tank Engine & Transmission The Innoson G5 SUV sports a 2.4 litre...

BMW Nigeria Cars Dealers Series Prices Used & New Cars

Looking for BMW cars in Nigeria? In this page, we have provided a list of authorised BMW cars dealers in Nigeria. Coscharis Motors is the distributor of BMW cars in Nigeria with show rooms and service centres in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo, Aba, Port Harcourt, and Kano. Scroll down to view contacts of dealers of BMW cars in Nigeria. BMW cars are in a class of their own. They are luxury cars with premium build quality. BMW cars are targeted at the mid and upper middle class and the upper class. So, it is not likely the car for beginners, but for...

2010 Honda Accord Sedan – Honda Cars Parts

2010 Honda Accord Sedan model year offers minor upgrades on 2009 Accord models. Honda Accord 2010 cars retain the superior performance and safety that the Accord is well known for. Trim levels are unchanged from 2009, with Honda Accord 2010 sedan American specs retaining Accord LX, Accord LX-P, Accord EX, and Accord EX-L trims. 2010 Honda Accord Coupe and Crosstour are also available in some countries. Engine and Transmission Honda Accord 2010 cars offer three engines. The 2010 Accord LX and LX-P comes with a 2.4 litre DOHC i-VTEC 16 valve inline four-cylinder engine capable of delivering up to 177hp at...
Best Electric Bikes Buy 2019

Best Electric Bikes to Buy in 2023

Depending on the region you live in, electric bikes are the in-thing now. And if they are not popular in your location yet, they soon will. For so many reasons, electric bikes have a whole lot of advantages over the regular bikes that are manually pedaled. The development and introduction of electric bikes have entirely revolutionized biking by eliminating some constraints associated with standard bikes (e.g. pedaling-induced stress, knee pain, climbing heights, etc.). For starters, electric bikes (also called e-Bikes or eBikes) are basically regular bikes that have been integrated with components like rechargeable batteries, a motor, smart sensors, and a...

Top Branding Lessons from Well-Known Car Makers

Businesses in just about every field can learn a lot about marketing, advertising, product design, and customer service from car companies. That’s because car companies invest heavily in creating brands that resonate with consumers. (We have many choices when it comes to buying cars, and car companies know this.)  The Zebra researched 18 branding lessons from famous car companies that can be transferred to other businesses. Here are the top takeaways from well-known brands, such as Ford, Tesla, Toyota, and Jeep.  Ford: Lean Into Your Story Ford has been around for more than 100 years. Though it continues to innovate, it relies...

Brilliance Grandor 2.0 AT Chinese Cars Review Buy Brilliance Auto Parts

Brilliance Grandor 2.0 AT is an executive sedan from the Chinese vehicle manufacturer, Brilliance auto. Brilliance Grandor is a testament of China continuous rise in the technology scene. Brilliance Grandor is fitted with a 2.0 litre 16-cylinder engine. This engine is matched with a four-shift automatic transmission system. Grandor 2.0 AT 2008 is equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), matched with the Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), and EDS for safer braking and driving. Brilliance Grandor is fitted with dual airbags for improved safety. There is also a rear-parking sensor to assist the driver in parking. Brilliance Grandor also has an...

Car Financing: Buy a Brilliance Grandor at 10% Now

HYRA Motors is currently running a promotion for one of her latest car brands, the Brilliance Grandor 2.0GS. Customers who buy the Brilliance Grandor at 3.6 million Naira will be entitled to a free one week holiday for four in any of the choice destinations in the world. Some destinations on offer include the UK, South Africa, USA, Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy and more. The Brilliance Grandor 2.0GS is a great ride with automatic transmission system, ABS, EBD and EDS. The car also comes with a rear parking sensor for your convenience. Safety is not left out in the Grandor...
New trends on car spare parts market

New Trends on Car Spare Parts Market

Automotive industry happens to be a leading economic sector when it comes to revenue. The industry includes companies and organizations that are involved in designing and developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of motor vehicles. Companies in the automotive sector produce and manufacture car spare parts along with the accessories other than engines and its parts, tyres, batteries and chassis. However, the assembling of these parts do not belong to this ever growing sector. To make it simple, the manufacturers basically supply and produce parts and accessories in order to enable the OEM manufacture a complete vehicle and replacement components for dealerships. Present...
Connected Car Tech Will Transform Nigeria’s Congested Roads

Connected Car Tech Will Transform Nigeria’s Congested Roads

Connected car tech has taken another huge leap forward in 2020. With the influential tech conference CES coming up, Asia-based electronics manufacturer stunned audiences by using its press conference to debut an electric vehicle. What was most interesting about the reveal, however, was the focus of the language – specifically, on the connected nature of the car. Going beyond the simple nature of being linked up to assistant apps, the plans in store for the next generation of connected vehicles will be truly transformative to congested and smoggy streets. Simplifying repairs for all Car breakdown led to The Guardian Nigeria recording the highest level of...
Walking Down Memory Lane: A Brief History of Cars

Walking Down Memory Lane: A Brief History of Cars (Infographic)

If, like me, you like getting to the route of the basic things in life, then you must have asked yourself at one time one of the most overlooked things today - where did cars come from? We’ve all heard the stories about how this car model was built by this or that company; Carsurance even did a whole infographic on 64 interesting facts about various car brands, including some notable years in the history of vehicles. If you’re a car enthusiast, you definitely need to check it out. In this post, I will briefly take you through the history of...