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Innoson Umu subcompact salon and sedan

Innoson Umu (IVM Umu) Features & Price

Innoson Umu (a.k.a IVM Umu) may be accurately considered as the sedan/salon variant of the Innoson Fox hatchback. It offers the same engine and shares most of the features of the IVM Fox, but comes with a subcompact salon car design that puts it in the same general classification as the Honda City. Innoson Umu Key Specs & Features 1.5-Litre, Four Cylinder Engine 4-speed Automatic Transmission or 5-speed Manual Transmission ABS + EBD SRS Airbags Traction Control 32.3 mpg (7.3 litre per 100km) Fuel Consumption Seating Capacity: 5 45 Litres Fuel Tank Engine & Transmission The Innoson Umu offers the same engine...
Best Luxury Cars

The Best Luxury Cars for 2021

Nowadays, the world is heading towards a luxurious lifestyle. Nowadays, you can see advanced technology and systems, in every aspect of life. The same goes for luxurious cars and vehicles. It is easy to fall in love with luxury cars but when it comes to buying or choosing one it becomes a difficult question. A luxury car acts as a status symbol for its owner. When you are buying a car, you are going to invest a huge amount of money, and you want to make sure that the investment you are putting in buying a car is worth it....

7 Easy Tips to Buy a Secondhand Car

Undeniably, high mobility may require someone to have his or her own vehicle. Although public transportation are still necessary, you indeed need at least a car in your garage for trips that are impossible or difficult to be done by riding a bus or a taxi. So, if right now you don’t have any, you may be considering buying one even it is probably a secondhand car. In fact, there are numerous secondhand series of branded cars like Audi, Ford, or even Ferrari being sold all the time. If you are careful, the secondhand car you choose can even still be highly...
Connected Car Tech Will Transform Nigeria’s Congested Roads

Connected Car Tech Will Transform Nigeria’s Congested Roads

Connected car tech has taken another huge leap forward in 2020. With the influential tech conference CES coming up, Asia-based electronics manufacturer stunned audiences by using its press conference to debut an electric vehicle. What was most interesting about the reveal, however, was the focus of the language – specifically, on the connected nature of the car. Going beyond the simple nature of being linked up to assistant apps, the plans in store for the next generation of connected vehicles will be truly transformative to congested and smoggy streets. Simplifying repairs for all Car breakdown led to The Guardian Nigeria recording the highest level of...
How to change a Car's headlights bulb

How to Change a Car’s Headlights Bulb

The headlight of the car is the part that guides the driver to drive on a path smoothly in nights, in fog, in rains at first, after that only driver needs the rear mirrors and side mirrors help to drive. If the headlight of the car is not working the person will not only be unable to drive properly, but there are high chances that they might get charged with a fine for that and in the worst scenario, one can collide with the other vehicles on the road and this can lead to a serious miss happening. So do not...
Best spin bikes exercises

Best Spin Bikes Exercises for Staying Fit

Spin Bikes are one of the best exercise machines available for daily workouts, coming at affordable prices for a healthy lifestyle. You could easily hit up Amazon and straight away buy a spin bike for yourself at really good price. Here, you can find out the best spin bikes under 500 for home use. Spin bikes are something that could be set up at homes or even at the gym with a lot of space still available all around. However, most of the people who own a spin bike barely realize that there are a lot of exercises which they could...
Best Commercial Spin Bikes

Best Commercial Spin Bikes Review

This article describes the difference between the spin and exercise bike and how they work. A spin bike is one of the three types of exercise bikes. These bikes provide a different bike riding experience and offer advantages as well as a disadvantage when they are compared with each other. By using the three types of bike, you can vary the workout and maintain the fitness of your body by burning the fat or calories, which help in decreasing the loss of weight. Let's scroll and check out the Best Commercial Spin Bikes Review with features and specifications. 1. Spin...
Benefits of professional car wrecker services

Benefits of Professional Car Wrecker Services

It is indeed a very hectic thing to deal with the old accessories of your car or cars that have gone beyond repair. However, in order to make things easier for car owners, car wrecker services are certainly a blessing. These professionals are extremely well equipped in their works and are aware of how to handle the heavy duty machineries. Also, they do the fittings right as well as remove the old and unused parts in an efficient way. Instead of trying to manage somehow with the old cars, you can always take up the services or professional car wreckers who...

Globe Motors Union Bank Easy Car Acquisition Scheme

Thinking of buying a Toyota, Mercedes Benz, or Honda Vehicle? That thought came up just at the right time as Globe Motors is collaborating with Union bank to provide Auto financing for your Toyota, Honda or Mercedes Benz purchase. The Auto financing scheme called Globe motors/Union Bank Easy Car Acquisition Scheme, allows a customer to take delivery of any choice car with a 10% down payment. The balance will be spread over monthly instalments for four years. Qualified customers also get a three months grace period before monthly instalments begin. Globe Motors/Union Bank Easy Car Acquisition Scheme is financed by Union...

2015 Kia Rio Subcompact Price Features Specs & Review

Kia Rio is a solid subcompact saloon car that may also be available as a hatchback in some markets. The 2015 Kia Rio is largely unchanged from last year's model. The Rio is a vehicle produced by the South Korean automotive manufacturer Kia. Introduced as the twenty first century came about, the Kia Rio is classified as a subcompact car and operates on a front wheel drive. The vehicle has changed a lot over the years and is now in its third generation. It is now considered a global competitor in the subcompact vehicle sub type, and Kia is looking to...