5 Ways to Leverage your Mobile POS to Improve your Marketing Strategy

Ways to Leverage your Mobile POS to Improve your Marketing Strategy
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If you’ve invested in a mobile point of sale (POS) system, you know all about the benefits that this tool brings to your business. Using a mobile POS system you’re able to automate and streamline inventory management, have access to real-time sales data and other analytics, along with more efficient employee management.

But did you know that a mobile POS system can also improve your marketing strategy? If you’re looking to create more personalized, targeted, and successful marketing strategies, you’ve got just the tool you need.

Here are 5 ways that you can leverage your mobile POS system for improved marketing.

1. Improved Gathering of Consumer Data

The heartbeat of any marketing strategy is the underlying consumer data. By having the right data about your customers, you can run more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. With a mobile POS system, you’re able to track and analyze a host of data including:

  • What the average customer spends
  • How often customers shop at your location
  • Which items are selling the most
  • Who is most likely to shop at your business (ie. age, gender, marital status, etc.)

The real value in marketing isn’t flooding customers with constant emails and social media status posts. Instead, the value is found in using the data that you’re able to obtain in order to not only increase brand awareness but to provide consumers with a more personalized experience that leaves them completely satisfied.

2. Loyalty Programs

Businesses succeed when they’re able to attract new leads and convert them into customers. While it’s important to market to consumers who have not yet tried your brand, it’s crucial that you don’t forget about existing customers. One study found that the average customer spends 67% more in their third year as a customer when compared to the first year.

An effective way to retain customers is to create a loyalty program. This program should be exclusively for your top customers. With the data collected from your mobile POS system, you’ll be able to quickly determine which customers are spending the most.

Once you’ve identified your top customers, you’ll want to reward them with a loyalty program that offers discounts, exclusive sales, and access to items before other customers. By showing your most prized customers that you value and appreciate them, you’re able to retain your brand ambassadors for years to come.

3. New Marketing Channels

There’s no shortage of ways that you can market your brand. While you may already use social media marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine optimization to increase brand awareness and brand visibility, there are other channels that you should consider.

With a mobile POS system, you get a POS system that opens a whole new realm of marketing channels. Using a mobile system you’re not only able to process sales from your place of business you’re able to complete sales at tradeshows, local vendor events, and even pop up shops.

New marketing channels allow you to market to a new subset of consumers. From foot traffic to local customers interested in learning about new brands, having a mobile POS system gives your business 100% mobility.

4. Timing Matters

Not only can you use a mobile POS system to identify top customers, you can also use it to analyze and react to certain trends. By knowing which items are selling the fastest or which promotions customers are most likely to respond to, you can better tailor future marketing campaigns.

A mobile POS system can also be used to identify the busiest times of the day, week, and month, which enables you to plan promotions, staffing, and inventory accordingly.

5. Gift Cards

To most people gift cards are just another way to pay for a transaction, but in reality, they’re a simple yet effective marketing tool that can be made even better with a mobile POS system. To start, you’ll obviously want to choose a POS system that accepts the use and sale of gift cards.

The next step is to market them appropriately. You want to encourage customers to purchase gift cards for friends and family members. In doing so customers are able to encourage friends and family members to purchase from your business.

You can also use your mobile POS system as a way to run gift card promotions. Maybe you’ve recently purchased new tablets and want customers to try mobile checkout. For each customer that uses the mobile checkout register, you can give them a $10 gift card.

This encourages customers to return to your store to buy even more items in the future.


Having a mobile POS system offers a host of benefits. Not only are you able to process sales and transactions more quickly, but your business also benefits from streamlined inventory management, real-time sales numbers, and of course, more succinct and effective marketing.

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