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Innovative Construction Technologies of Today: The Future of Creation

5 Innovative Construction Technologies of Today: The Future of Creation

As technology rises, the evolution of every sector in the world also progresses. Technological advancement creates limitless possibilities making every task better and easier. There are waves of innovations from gadgets to smart homes and appliances that can provide comfort to people.  Now,  tech also influences construction innovations. Innovators continuously create advances in the construction industry. These advancements can enhance and improve the existing materials and techniques used for constructing buildings and other structures. With that mentioned, here are five innovations today that can improve the performance of the construction sector. Self-healing Concrete Concrete is one of the most used components...
Articulated Robot

Contribution of Articulated Robots to the Manufacturing Industry

The use of industrial robot applications has grown drastically, and with it came development of these robots into more specialized tasks. The need to have different types of robots to perform different tasks brought about the creation of articulated robots. Articulated robots are basically robots with a number of joints which enable it to maneuver around an object which is being manufactured. It is possible for an articulated robot to have limbs such as arms and legs, but it is also possible to have a robotic arm or robotic leg to be either articulated or non-articulated. A palletizing robot which...
High Tech Toilets

The Future of High-Tech Toilets

A toilet is one of the most common things found in every home. If you have the privilege of living in a modern society, you can't imagine life without it. Although an average human spends about 90 days sitting on the toilet seat over the course of a lifetime, most of us take them for granted because they have become a part of our daily routine. The basic functions of how the toilet works haven't changed much since the day the first toilet with flushing system was invented. There's a bowl that's made of ceramic, a plastic tank that holds water, a...
Warning Signs for Immediate Electrical Service in your House

Warning Signs for Immediate Electrical Service in your House

Do lights in your home “go off" for no evident reason? Do you every now and again blow circuit breakers, causing the electric power in a specific piece of your home to close down? Do outlets or switches in your home kick the bucket with no conspicuous reason? These are for the most part signs your home needs electrical services fix to bring your electric frame works state-of-the-art and decrease the danger of flame or even electric shock. Not every single electric issue is risky, nonetheless. Some are only badly designed. An ensured Winston-Salem circuit tester can differentiate, and fix your...
Western Digital IX-SN530-m2-ssd-family

Western Digital Expands Flash Portfolio for Scaling Data-Centric Architectures in...

Building on a unique and diverse product portfolio across HDD and flash, Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) today announced a suite of new NVMe SSDs for enabling next-generation, data-centric architectures for data centers, industrial IoT, automotive and client applications. The new family includes the Ultrastar® DC ZN540 ZNS NVMe™ SSD for designing a more efficient data center storage tier with competitive TCO; the Western Digital® IX SN530 Industrial SSD for the extreme environments of industrial and automotive applications; and the 2TB WD Blue™ SN550 NVMe SSD for speeding up PC performance. Leveraging Western Digital’s unique vertical integration capabilities – from designing and...
Technology Innovated The World Of Logistics

How Technology Innovated the World of Logistics

The logistics industry is a huge market that’s worth trillions internationally, impacting a broad range of economic sectors from high technology and manufacturing to e-commerce and retail. When old systems start shifting to meet the needs of the Internet age, logicians, investors, and entrepreneurs reach to understand how innovation begins to change the business.  Here are four proofs on how technology innovated the world of logistics. Robotics Unlike automated machinery, robotics is mainly designed to run a number of jobs simultaneously, rendering their implementations practically infinite within the industry of logistics. This is particularly the case for e-commerce services, which carry a higher...
Common Household Molds

Most Common forms of Household Mold (Infographic)

Mold is a horrible problem to have to deal with, especially if it’s your own home, or beginning to take over a property that you own and rent out.That’s why we have created this infographic detailing the most common forms of mold as well as providing some solutions to dealing with said mold Come learn all about mold, its effects on your health, mold prevention techniques, and all of the common types of mold so that if you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of dealing with it, or you already are, you’ll know precisely what to do! We wanted to help...
Production Line

4 Ways A Coordinate Measuring Machine Can Improve Efficiency On Your...

For manufacturers around the world, competition has never been fiercer. As North America continues its strong comeback in the manufacturing sector and large firms in Japan, China, Mexico, and Europe attempt to ride out the wave of political uncertainty that is affecting supply chains and markets around the world, many companies are striving to make their processes as lean and efficient as possible in response to rising overheads. For many of them, investing in effective metrology equipment like coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) has been key to short-term success. Here are four reasons why the latest CMM technology is helping ensure a...
Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

3 Innovative Use Cases Of Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing Today

What is the objective of every asset-based manufacturing company? All factors remaining constant, all manufacturers who want to stay in business are always looking for better ways to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency in order to enjoy larger profit margins… of course at the safety of workers. But for this dream to become a reality, company machinery, and equipment, among other key components like manpower, need to function flawlessly and at their optimum. However, this is not always the case. One of the main challenges manufacturers face is unplanned downtime caused by machinery. It is even estimated that this kind of...
PCB - Printed Circuit Board

Difference Between Rigid PCB and Flexible PCB

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. It is a thin fiberglass board made to guide the movement of electrical current through laminated copper sheets. It is used in almost all types of communication devices like laptops, mobile phones and even radios. Sometimes the copper lamination is done on one side while in other cases it is done on both sides. There is also a multiple layered PCB as well. The PCB market is a multibillion dollar market which is expected to increase to around $80 billion dollars in 2024. There are two major types of PCB in the market. Rigid PCB Flexible...
Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards in Modern Electronics

Printed Circuit Boards (or PCB) are the backbone of most modern electronic devices. This thin sheet of plastic or fiberglass with conducting copper traces running on them connects the electronic and electrical components of the circuit together and provide a pathway for electric current to flow through the device. When the base material (substrate) is flexible it is called a Flexible Printed Circuit Board (Flexible PCB or Flex PCB) What is Flex PCB? A pattern of copper traces bonded on a flexible substrate with or without flexible coverlay is known by a term called flex circuit or flexible PCB. These flexible circuits...
Three Things I Learned From Creating My PCB Designs Manually

3 Things I Learned From Creating My PCB Designs Manually

I recently decided that I was going to try my hands on PCB (printed circuit board), and it was a worthwhile experience. For the less techy friends, a Printed Circuit Board is made from reinforced phenolic resin that has been bonded with copper foil. The printed circuits themselves are made from copper, which is plated on the surface of the board to give it a cool pattern. You’d find this in virtually all electronic gadgets, either industrial or domestic. It gives mechanical support to the electrical connections on it. To use the PCB for your idea, you’d need a good...
PCB Manufacturing

6 Things Every Business Needs To Consider Before Choosing A PCB...

Running a business involves a lot of things, and when you are in the manufacturing business, you have to keep an eye on optimizing different processes. PCB boards are commonly used in the manufacturing service to assist a wide array of processes. There are two paths that a manufacturing company can take from there. The company can build a whole new department, buy specialized equipment, and hire an in-house team to fulfill their needs. Or, on the other hand, it can outsource these needs to a PCB manufacturing service so that it doesn’t have to spend any money or waste...
Learn Manufacturing

Everything you Should Know About Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is an ideology-based production process that maximizes productivity while lowering waste in manufacturing operations. The lean principle states that waste does not add value to the final product. Lean manufacturing has many benefits, including reduced operation costs, lead times, and enhanced product quality. This production is based on a certain manufacturing principle that influences production systems globally. The main purpose of Lean production is to get rid of the waste while continually improving the process, delivering sustainable value to the client. Let us dive right into all you should know about the Lean Manufacturing Process. Why Lean Production is Essential Waste...
Bamboo - Sustainable Materials for Home Renovations

7 Sustainable Materials to Use For Home Renovations

Though home renovations are messy, troublesome, arduous, and take a great deal of time and monetary investment, people go for renovating their houses for various reasons. Some of the most conspicuous reasons that must drive you towards renovating your home are as follows: To enhance your Pleasure, Comfort, and Contentment This reason is the primary one that motivates people to get their homes renovated. One cannot deny that comfort and happiness in a home are highly significant parameters that affect one's mood and mentality. You cannot continue to live somewhere that doesn't feel like home. Finding solace and peace is essential. That's why...
HACCP Principles

The 7 Principles of HACCP, Explained

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is the standard for food safety in the US and around the world. It comprises seven principles growers, processors, and manufacturers must follow to ensure that food is safe. HACCP protects the food supply from chemical, physical, and microbiological hazards. In this blog, we’ll share a brief history of HACCP, explain why every food organization needs to get HACCP right, and look at the seven guiding principles of HACCP. Let’s dive right in! A Quick History of HACCP HACCP started not because of work on the ground, but because of work in outer space. The National...
Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver

Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver Price, Specs and Best Deals

Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver is portable with 508 dpi resolution, 1600 mw laser power thanks to the OSRAM laser chip. This wireless Laser Engraver has an engraving range of 100 x 90 mm, which allows you to print on large plates, architectural models as well as signs. The Alfawise C50 Mini  also adds a gyroscope, which can actively stop engraving in the event of any abnormal movement such as shaking, falling, and collision. In addition, it comes with heat dispersal and an accuracy glass focal point to enhance quality. Where to Buy Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver Jumia Nigeria –...
Excavating Machinery That Help Upgrade Construction Work Productivity

5 Excavating Machinery That Help Upgrade Construction Work Productivity

Digging can be a tiresome activity, especially if you’re doing it without any machine. Doing this kind of task will surely drain your energy. Hence, if you don’t want this hassle, you should know what are the things you will need to complete the task faster than the average time of digging manually. That being said, there are types of equipment you can use to lessen the effort you’re going to use when doing some excavation. Various types of machine are now being used to get the job done in a quicker manner. Here is a list of excavation technologies...

How to Use Technology for Better Woodworking

Although most people think woodworking it’s mostly manual labor, several technological advances keep improving this industry. If you’re looking for ways to work smarter, not harder, you can use new technology developments for better woodworking. Every modern woodworker desires a set of tools that allow them to work quickly and more productively. Below are some new tech tools that can help you achieve that. Tenoner Tenoners are machines that cast projections (called tenons) on wooden pieces using saw blades or cutter heads. You’ll often find resources and additional information about tenoners on sites like SawsHub, so you can use them to trim corners...
Low Impact Development around the Globe

Exploring Low Impact Development around the Globe

While stormwater runoff was for many years seen as a nuisance and inconvenience to be removed as quickly as possible and dealt with elsewhere, the quest for more sustainable building techniques means that it is now seen as what it is - a valuable resource that can be put to good use onsite if managed correctly. By allowing water to move in more natural ways and infiltrate the ground, rather than diverting it offsite, multiple benefits can be achieved. Some of these include improving aesthetics and removing pollutants through the growth of vegetation, making cities more resilient and better able to...
Lithium Batteries

Lithium Power Battery Gradually Comes into Robotics

Lithium batteries are an excellent option to face the problem of fluctuations in solar radiation and wind, which is the main challenge for solar and wind energy as reliable energy sources. Lithium Power Battery are used for storing electricity generated by renewable sources. Lithium Power Battery has become the preferred source of energy for most portable devices. From your laptop to your mobile phone, it is likely that there is a thin lithium battery inside providing the necessary power for your device to work. Lithium batteries are chosen for various reasons, but they are not without limitations. In this article, we...
Benefits Of Using Laser Marking

What are the Benefits Of Using Laser Marking?

Laser marking is one of the latest and updated laser processes. It is the most famous way to provide attractive logos and it is the reason that its demand is increasing. The benefit of the process is very unique and valuable in industry. By using the process you can invent high quality and readable codes which are produced by laser markers. Times have changed and it is delivering lots of facilities.  This process also provides cost-effective and quality solution for labeling metal in manufacturing. The high quality of laser marking helps in engraving and labeling in a variety of materials such...
scroll pump

What is a Scroll Pump, and How do they Work?

A scroll pump, also known as a scroll vacuum pump or scroll compressor, is a compressor that incorporates a unique design and runs in a circular motion, instead of an up-and-down piston action. Its use is becoming more prevalent in HVAC systems because it provides more efficiency and reliability compared to other reciprocating types. Moreover, integrated into a scroll pump is an orbiting scroll which rotates through using a swing link and one scroll that remains motionless. Whenever this happens, the refrigerant pockets positioned between the two scrolls get pushed gradually towards the two scrolls’ center hence reducing the volume...
Shrink Wrapping Machines

How to do Auto Shrink Wrapping with Machines?

As the production levels of a packaging business grows the need for automatic Shrink Wrapping Machines becomes very necessary. In fact, automatic machines offer a lot of benefits and one of the most popular benefits is that it makes the job faster and easier to finish. Not only that, it also decreases the cost of production since businesses don’t have to hire lots people to do the job. Fortunately, with the help of technology, business processes can now be made automatic with automated machines increasing efficiency of businesses. With the aid of technology, packaging businesses can now wrap their products...
WhatsApp Image 2019 04 20 at 3.15.38 PM

Use of Rubber Grommets

Rubber grommets are specially designed in a way to eliminate further the chances of risk for cord and wire chaffing on installs, and even more, you can see them as a kind of rough edge or just a like of sharp cutouts. However, there are many reasons for using rubber grommets in which the targeted one is to keep your wire reaches protected with the help of the flexible grommets design so that you can easily go with snapping the grommet right into the hole of the drill. Thus, you may also see these rubber grommets on curtains, especially shower curtains...
Uses of the Mini slip ring

Uses of Mini Slip Ring in Machines

Actually, it’s in human nature that he wants to succeed and compete. Everything which was impossible in the past but now happening is just because of this nature of the human that he wants to achieve something. If we go in history, there were no machines that could be operated electrically but then advancements happened and machines become automatic and electrical. Nowadays every single machine has an electric assembly installed in it, and every component or assembly has a specific operation to perform. Slip rings are used in various machines to perform a specific task. If we go deeper into the...
Safety Glasses

Workplace Safety – Your Guide to Buying a Pair of Safety...

Eye injuries are common in work places and with proper ANSI safety glasses such matters can be taken care of. People working in construction zones and factories face hazards such as chemical splashes, flying bits of metal or concrete and wood. Even in some cases radiation is present and it becomes a necessity to have proper protection against it. Nevertheless, choosing the right safety frame is not an uphill task. Following the right steps, you can order the perfect pair with your prescription lenses right to your doorstep. Some online sellers also offer free delivery under certain terms and conditions, so...
Mining Field

Mining Investment in Nigeria: Benefits and Challenges

Nigeria is a land of opportunity; a large population, hidden treasures and access to the ocean (This makes it easier for her to benefit from international trades with countries in every corner of the world). Nigeria is also blessed with abundant mineral resources which are mostly available in commercial quantities. There are proven reserves of iron ore, gold, zinc, limestone, barite, tin and bitumen across the country. Among other reserves, reports show that Nigeria has deposits that are over 42 billion tonnes of bitumen, 3 billion tonnes of iron ore, 3 billion tonnes of coal, 1 billion tonnes of gypsum, 40...
Plasma Cutter

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work

Introduction If we want to know how a plasma cutter does works? We need to find out what is a plasma cutter first. A Plasma cutter is an electrical work tool that uses ionized gas (plasma) to transfer energy from a power source to a metal work piece. A plasma cutter produces high temperature electrically conductive gas, and it allows welders to enjoy a cleaner, faster, and more efficient cutting process. It is used in welding shops, automobile repair centers, construction and industrial sites, and restoration shops. Plasma cutters are easy to use. This article will show you how the plasma cutter...
Tech Innovations

3 Tech Innovations that Will Transform the Workplace

If you didn’t know it yet: we’re living in the future. What we once saw in movies only, are now part of our everyday lives. But with so much innovation going on, it’s easy to fall behind. While you’re still struggling with certain tasks at work, new gadgets that can solve those problems may already be available. So, let’s get you up to speed. We listed three interesting inventions you may not have heard of. Let’s see how much easier we can make life for you. AI for Faster, Better Outcomes: Think of any department in your organization and chances are that AI...
Flat Top Laser Beam Shapers

Flat Top Laser Beam Shapers

A Flat Top laser beam can be described by a zone in which the irradiance, or radiance, is constant, quickly followed by a sharp fall to zero level at the edges of the zone. Thus, the energy of the Flat Top laser, when it comes to a focus, is said to be confined to a specific area. This radiative behaviour is optimal for almost all industrial processes involving a laser. For instance, a surgeon using a laser to treat human tissue needs to limit the affected area as much as possible. The same applies for materials processing with lasers where...
Articulated Robot

3 Types of Injuries Collaborative Robots Help to Prevent

Workplace injuries are a major concern for most small businesses in the manufacturing sector. This is because these injuries affect employee morale, lead to a drop in productivity, increase insurance costs, and in some cases lead to litigation. If your company is in the manufacturing industry, there is an easy way of getting rid of, or at least minimizing, the headaches that are usually associated with workplace injuries. Manufacturing automation is the easiest and most straightforward method of doing so. This is so especially if you choose to automate your operations by deploying collaborative robots. The following are some of the...
technologies change construction industry

10 Technologies that will Change the Construction Industry

With technology continuously advancing and different practical applications for IT ceaselessly being devised it is no surprise that it is making its way in the construction industry. Though the industry is considered traditional and resistant to change, the growing amount of investments in construction technology proves that past characterization is now changing. There are at least ten technologies perfect for application in the worksite to make the construction workers’ job safer and simpler while maximizing the company’s gains. One technology that would transform the capabilities of the construction industry is the AR or the Augmented Reality that, when used, can overlay...
Earn Quality Management Certifications

Top Reasons Why You Should Earn Quality Management Certifications

The growth of any company or manufacturing unit is solely reliant on the quality management roles. Therefore, it is important for us to know what exactly Quality Management is. Quality management is the process of ensuring that the output products, which are ready for release in the market, maintain all manufacturing standards. It helps a company retain clients and stay ahead of the competition. Quality must be maintained and followed every step of the way. It helps in providing products of high quality. If you can produce products, which meet international standards, then your chances of improving your business, stands high....
All You Need to Know About Conveyor Systems 10 Common Questions from Business Owners Answered Infographic1

10 Questions about Conveyor Systems (Infographic)

Your company might be thinking of upgrading its existing manufacturing line with a state-of-the-art conveyor system. After all, a brand new conveyor system can speed up assembly processes and increase throughput and profit easily. In fact, it may even help you pull ahead of your competitors and stay at the forefront of your industry! However, you most likely have a few questions about conveyor systems in the back of your mind. Or you may simply be overwhelmed by the wide range of options you have when it comes to conveyor belts. Should you opt for a custom solution or a turnkey system,...
induced draft cooling tower

Induced Draft Cooling Tower – All you need to know

For machines in an industry to work, they will need a source of power such as electricity and coal among others. However, due to the heat produced, this could end up causing havoc to the machines if not dealt with. For this reason, it is wise to get a cooling tower to help you reduce or minimize the amount of heat that your machines have and avoid destroying them. With the many types of cooling towers in the market today, one may fail to know the most ideal type of tower to invest in. However, like any other commodity in the...
Robotic Dispensing System for Adhesives - Robotic Integrator

Robotic Dispensing System – Tricks to Choose the right Robot Integrator

It is vital to keep in mind while working with adhesive dispensing systems that the ultimate goal is to deliver good quality joints for structural applications. In order to accomplish the required quality of joints that are held by adhesive, you need to utilize automated systems. If you want to know why and how adhesive dispensing robots are used, you’ve clicked on the right post. In case of robotic adhesive dispensing system, it is necessary to choose the right robot integrator as it decides the final performance of the system. Making a single wrong decision will have an impact on the...
Industrial Internet of Things IoT

Industrial Internet of Things Can Boost Corporate Efficiency

The industrial internet of things can help you achieve new heights in your commercial endeavors. You may struggle with keeping track of electrical systems, or deal with breaking parts consistently. You may always be on the lookout for more information about how your plant is running and what is the most efficient part of your assembly line. Using the industrial internet of things can change that and give you more data points to work from than you ever thought possible. From packaging to assembly lines, the industrial internet of things has data management covered for complex operations. The challenge lies in...
Latest Innovations in Metal Marking Equipment

What Are the Latest Innovations in Metal Marking Equipment?

Did you know that the origins of metal marking go back as far as 500,000 years ago, not long after the ancient Greek discovered fire? Since then, there have been outstanding advancements in metal marking equipment. From the crude hammer-and-anvil method to high-tech and ultra-portable dot peen marking machines, quite a lot of innovations have taken place. Now, a need is arising for more customized solutions and products among manufacturing and industrial companies. This demand has led to a marked increase in the use of metal marking equipment for product customization. It has gone beyond simply imprinting a figure or a sign on...