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oDesk is the largest online work marketplace. oDesk provides a platform and proprietary tools that enable employers hire, manage, and pay workers remotely. In this article, which is a part of our online work series we will take a closer look at oDesk.

Understanding oDesk

oDesk is an online work marketplace that enable employers find and hire workers online. oDesk creates a platform that makes it easy for freelancers to promote their skills online giving them access to a global employment market. On the other hand, oDesk creates tools that enable employers vet, hire, manage and pay these workers online.

For the online workers (called contractors on oDesk), oDesk provides an income opportunity while employers get a cost effective solution for hiring and managing talent that will deliver on various scales of project. oDesk offers free online computer based tests to enable contractors prove their competence in various disciplines.

oDesk offers proprietary tools that enable an employer manage teams online. oDesk Team is a proprietary software provided by the company to enable employers manage individual workers and teams, while enabling online workers easily document and prove performance.

oDesk Team is provided free by the company and should be installed on the computer of all members. oDesk contractors are expected to turn on the oDesk Team when working as only work tracked by the software will be qualified for payment. oDesk Team should be used with internet access, but has an offline mode that can track your work offline for up to 2 hours in cases of internet failure.

The transparency offered by oDesk Team makes it a plus for employers. They can easily see progress of work and track the amount of time spent on their work ensuring that they pay for only actual work done. oDesk handles billing and payments removing the burden from employers. oDesk guarantees payment for contractors on projects billed on hourly rates, but does not guarantee payment for projects with fixed budgets.

Membership of oDesk online work marketplace is free for both employers and contractors. oDesk makes money by charging 10% of whatever the contractor makes from a project.

oDesk Payment

When an employer hires a contractor on oDesk he needs to verify a payment method. The employer pays oDesk the value of the project, oDesk takes its 10% cut and pays the rest to the contractor. Payment methods for employers include MasterCard, Visa, Cheque, American Express, and PayPal.

Contractors withdraw their earnings through various means. oDesk pay contractors with Direct Bank deposit, Payoneer Debit MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal, Local Fund Transfer, and Wire Transfer. Not all withdrawal methods will be supported in all countries. When you join oDesk only withdrawal methods allowed in your country will be supported in your account.

Need more information about oDesk? You can head to oDesk website at www.odesk.com

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