Studying & Relearning for Online Work

Freelancing: A Potential Solution for Unemployment?
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This online work marketplace series have shown some of the skills required for online work. If you do not have any of these skills, one response is to be filled with regret wishing you had those relevant online work skills. The correct response however, is taking the bull by the horn, study and relearn and acquire relevant skills for online work.

With the increase in internet accessibility globally the potential of online work will continue to increase. The online work marketplace was worth over $1 billion in 2012 and continues to grow.

So you are not doing yourself any good wishing or regretting. If you do not take any action now you will still be wishing and regretting 5 years from now when you discover how much the online work marketplace has grown by then.

Sharpen your skills for Online Work

In this online work series, I have shown top 20 online jobs at online work marketplace. In another article I showed the top 10 online jobs for Nigeria.

Instead of going into the how I wish mode, you should go through the lists and find online work you have some raw skills in and sharpen your skills in them.

You can also visit any of the best freelancing websites. They all have lists of hundreds of online work types that you can do to make money online. Even if you do not have relevant skills you can relearn.

There are several learning platforms where you can pick up photography skills, or learn digital marketing, graphic design, animation, Web Development, Android Development, and pretty much anything.

Online Freelancing websites like Fiverr has now introduced its own learning platform, so that you can learn while you earn.

You can buy books, go to training centres, or research online. For me the only real excuse for not venturing into online work is if you do not have recommended online work tools.

Study for Online Work opportunities

Students in higher institutions or even secondary schools and the unemployed should pay attention to the online jobs industry and equip themselves with relevant skills to enable them take advantage of the opportunities in the fast growing online work industry.

It is no longer news that jobs are scarce in Nigeria with a double digit unemployment rate and in most parts of the world the story is still the same, maybe not as grim.

Hence students should be going through online work sites to discover hottest skills in demand and make sure they equip themselves.

The good news is that the same jobs that are on demand online are also in demand offline. So, you could be killing two birds with one stone. Online work will soon become the way we work.

The days of thinking that it is your birthright to find work in your country is gradually coming to an end, especially if you are in the IT intensive industry. If you do not equip yourself someone will seat in India and do work you should be doing if you had paid attention.

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