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Electric generators are essential in Nigeria. This is largely due to the state of public power supply in the country, which though improving and expected to improve even further with the Nigeria – Germany Siemens Power Supply Deal, is still unreliable. Power generators  and Inverters are still in high demand as solutions for backup power. Presently Nigeria boasts of a power grid capacity of about 12,500MW, though the distribution capacity is just about 4,700MW. This is is a far cry from the estimated national demand of over 40,000 MW.

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Despite all the investment the Nigerian governments have been making in the power sector over the years, very little result was noticed until recently and with the Siemens deal we are expecting more improvement with grid capacity expected to be increased by about 2000MW in the next 18 months (By June 2023).

By the end of the three phases which should last around five years, Nigeria will have the capacity to generate, transmit, and distribute up to 25,000MW of electricity.

So, while the days of generators are numbered in Nigeria, it is numbers in years rather than in days or weeks or even months. However, even with the expected improvement the place of generators as a backup power solutions for homes, businesses, and industries in Nigeria is still well secure into the future It is possible that your current generator may not be your last.

The bad news for generators and their dealers is that the current improvements and continued improvements may make a power inverters and solar power systems a lot more attractive for some consumers especially for the home and office front, dwindling the even further the market for generators. This page shows resources on generators.

While power supply has improved considerably in my own experience from about 5 hours a day to about 16 hours per day (as much as up to 20 hours per day in some city centres), there is still a lot of gap for backup power solutions like generators to fill. This means Nigerians have to look for alternatives to fill the gap. One such alternative are electricity generators.

This alternative has become popular because of the proliferation of cheap electric generators from Asia mostly China. The Tiger generator seems to be the brand that democratized the ownership of generators in Nigeria. It was everywhere then and was a very popular low power electric power generator brand (less than 2000W) in Nigeria. The likes of Elepaq, TigMax, Sumec Firman, Senwei, etc have now taken over the market segment.

Elemax, Honda, Thermocool, Elepaq, Lutian, Sumec Firman, and Hyundai brands of electricity generators are also very popular in Nigeria for low power applications for homes and small businesses.

For medium and high power applications as required by industries and large commercial enterprises, petrol and diesel generators like Perkins and Cummins are very popular.

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