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Of all Airtel internet browsing bundles, the 3GB plan, also called the Airtel Plus Plan, is probably the most compelling. The Airtel Plus Plan offers 30-day, 24/7 internet access limited to a 3GB data cap. Other great internet browsing plan from Airtel include the Airtel Smartphone plan offering 30-day 24/7 internet access limited to 1GB and Airtel Night browsing plan. Here we will focus on the Airtel 3GB internet browsing bundle.

What makes Airtel 3GB internet plan very attractive?

The Airtel 3GB internet, also called the Airtel Plus plan, offers 30-day 24/7 internet access limited to 3GB for N5,000. Airtel was formally offering 1GB internet access at N5,000. So, with Airtel Plus Internet plan you are getting 3 times more data allowance at the same price. When compared with offerings from other networks within the same range, the Airtel 3GB internet plans stands out as a great deal. It is obviously the best deal you can get on internet access in Nigeria for N5,000. For example Glo and Etisalat offers just 1.5GB data allowance for N5,000, while Etisalat’s 3GB Internet browsing bundle goes for N6,500. Airtel 3GB internet browsing bundle is one of the best plan for mid range users.

Who needs Airtel 3GB internet browsing plan?

If your monthly internet data access needs is more than 1GB but less than 3GB, the Airtel Plus internet browsing bundle is probably the best deal for you. If you are an above average user, probably browsing the internet on a 3G coverage area and downloading videos and data files, the Airtel Plus Internet browsing plan is a great entry plan. If you find it inadequate, you can then upgrade to a higher data plan. If all you can spare in a month for internet access is N5,000, the Airtel 3GB internet browsing plan is the best deal for you.

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How to access Airtel 3GB Internet?

The Airtel 3GB Internet browsing bundle can be accessed via an internet enabled phone (GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/HSDPA) or a compatible internet modem. Buy and load Airtel recharge cards worth N5,000 into your internet enabled mobile phone, device, or USB modem and dial *141*712*7#. You will receive an SMS in a short-while informing you of the success or failure of your request. If your request is successful, you now start browsing the internet. In 30-days or on using 3GB, your Airtel Smartphone internet plan will expire. The downside of Airtel internet packages is that you are not alerted when your internet package expires. Once your Airtel internet package expires, your internet access will automatically default to pay as you go at 15kb/s without alerting you. So if you have extra credit on your device, it may be wiped out before you know what is going on.

Prices and Activation Codes of Airtel Internet packages

Here are prices and activation codes of various Airtel Internet bundles:

  • Airtel 768 Data Plan (125MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*12*7# – N768
  • Airtel Smartphone Internet Bundle (1.5GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*7# – N3,000
  • Airtel Midi Internet Plan (325MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*5# – N1,300
  • Airtel Surf Data Plan (750B, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*6# – N2,000
  • Airtel Plus Internet Bundle (3GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*712*1# – N5,000
  • Airtel Max Internet Bundle (5GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*712*2# – N8,000
  • Airtel Premium Internet Bundle (10GB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*712*5# – N15,000
  • Airtel Lite Internet Bundle (200MB, 30 day,24/7) – *141*11*4# – N1,000
  • Airtel Night Internet Bundle (3GB, 30 day) – *141*712*7# – N2,500
  • Airtel Weekend Internet Bundle (3GB, weekends) – *141*712*8# – N3,000
  • Airtel Weekly Internet Plan (25MB, 7 day,24/7) – *141*712*9# – N400
  • Airtel Daily Internet Plan (10MB, 24 hours) – *141*712*11# – N100
  • Airtel Day Internet Plan (150MB, 24 hours) – *141*712*3# – N500
  • Check your data balance – *141*712*0#
  • Airtel USB modem – 5,000 Naira

For more information about Airtel internet plans, visit Airtel website at

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Dial Airtel customer care line 111 with an Airtel phone for more information on Airtel Internet plans.

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