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Motorola Phones Dealers Stores Shops

Find Stores and shops where you can buy original Motorola mobile phones in Nigeria. It is always a good idea to buy your Motorola mobile phones and accessories from authorized mobile phone dealers. This ensures that you purchase only genuine products and accessories backed with international Motorola warranty. Where to Buy Motorola Phones from ₦350,000.00 Buy Now All Motorola mobile phones sold in Nigeria comes with one-year warranty. Here are some Motorola mobile phones whose: Motorola Atrix 4G: is one impressive device announced by Motorola at CES 2011. It features a 1GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3 OS and 1GB RAM. Motorola Atrix 4G...
Online Shopping

Shopping Nigeria: Find Prices and Cost of Tech Gadgets

When shopping for tech gadgets pricing information is very important especially in Nigeria where prices are largely not transparently displayed and price bargain is a way of life. Even when shopping in organised retailers pricing information is also important since transactions are often done in cash, you need to know how much to hit the shop with. You would not love coming several thousand short of the price of your dream gadget. Where to Shop Online from ₦1500.00 View Offers At naijatechguide blog, we have been publishing price information for years. This page is aimed at consolidating all our price pages...
Best Tablets - Surface Pro Windows 10 2-in-1 Tablet

Best Tablets – Specs, Prices, Where to Buy

Tablets are now gaining in popularity. Apple with iPad Pro and iPad (2017) tablets still leads the market, but Microsoft with Surface Pro has offered options for consumers that require more productivity. Of course, there are a huge number of tablets in the market today running Android as well as Windows. Here we will showcase some of the best tablets. Where to Buy Best Tablets Jumia Nigeria – Offers The Tablet PC is changing the way we use the computer. They are light, mobile, and portable making them easier to carry around than laptops. Microsoft by introducing the Surface Pro added more...

Mobile Phones Reviews Features and Specifications

Here are some posts containing reviews, features and specifications of mobile phones on Nigeria Technology Guide. Get informed before you buy. Find reviews of mobile phones from leading brands in Nigeria, like Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, ZTE, and so on. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦32,500.00 Buy Now More Related Articles Microsoft Lumia 950 Samsung Galaxy S7 iPhone 6S Huawei Mate 8 Compare Mobile Phones Prices in Nigeria Reviews of Nokia mobile phones Nokia N97 Smartphone Nokia 5220 XpressMusic Nokia 2630 reviews Nokia 1200: key features Brief reviews of Nokia 1200 Nokia E71 ESeries Reviews Nokia E65 ESeries Reviews Nokia...
Sony Ericsson W350

Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones Dealers Shops Stores

Shopping for Sony mobile phones (formerly Sony Ericsson) and wondering were you could buy genuine Sony phone including the Sony Xperia range og Android phones. In this page, you will find contacts of some Sony Ericsson accredited dealers, shops, and stores in Nigeria. Scroll down for the list. Note that Sony Ericsson is now known as Sony. Want to Buy Sony Phones? Click Here Sony Ericsson or Sony phones bought from authorised dealers come with 12 months warranty. Sony Ericsson dealers also offer great after sales services. Sony Ericsson has some great phones in the Nigerian market the most notable being the...
Buying Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Dealers Stores and Shops

Are you planning to buy a mobile phone? Are you wondering where to buy original mobile phones or original accessories and spare parts? This page will answer these questions and more. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦13,500.00 Buy Now Mobile phones come in various brands, styles and functionality. Popular and reliable brands in Nigeria include, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, LG, Infinix, and so on. These brands because of their popularity are easy targets to counterfeiters. The only way to guarantee that the mobile phone you are buying is original is to buy from an authorised dealer shop. Apart from the quality guarantee,...
Nokia Phones

Nokia Mobile Phones Dealers Shops Stores Prices

Nokia is a leading mobile phone brand in Nigeria and worldwide. Hence Nokia phones and devices are available in all markets. Also because of their popularity, Nokia brand of mobile phones are good target for product counterfeiters. It is good advice to buy all Nokia mobile phones, accessories, and enhancement only from Nokia authorised or accredited dealers. Where to Buy Nokia Phones from ₦14,000.00 Buy Now Scroll down for a list of some authorized Nokia mobile phones dealers in Nigeria. You will also find contacts of Nokia collection points, Nokia care points and Nokia mobile phones service centres on this page....
Samsung G800

Samsung Mobile Phones Dealers Stores Shops

Samsung is one of the most popular brand of mobile phones in Nigeria. Samsung mobile phones are in most markets and shops in Nigeria. However buying your Samsung mobile phones from any shop can be risky. One, you cannot be sure of the quality of mobile phones bought from questionable sources. Two, you will not get a valid warranty on such Samsung phones. Here will provide some locations where you will buy genuine Samsung mobile phones. Checkout Samsung Phones Where to Buy Samsung Phones ₦99,900.00 Buy Now (Nigeria) When buying Samsung mobile phones or any Electronic/Electrical product for that matter, ensure...
Best Infinix Phones - Infinix Zero 5 Pro

Infinix Phones and Prices in Nigeria 2024

Infinix is the most popular mobile brand in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. It is also an emerging brand in India. Infinix phones offer great specs at affordable prices. In this page, you will discover all the Latest Infinix Phones and Prices in Nigeria. Infinix Phones Price in Nigeria starts at around ₦85,000. Since the launch of the Infinix Zero in 2014, Infinix phones have progressively offered more stylish designs. And now there is an Infinix Zero X Pro, an Infinix Note 30, an Infinix Smart 6 and an Infinix Hot 30. Infinix has also launched a couple of 5G phones including...
microsoft lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950 Unboxing – Dual-SIM

Lumia 950 is the latest flagship Windows 10 smartphone from Microsoft. Microsoft Lumia 950 was launched alongside the plus-sized Lumia 950 XL in November last and just recently launched in Nigeria. Here we will be unboxing the Microsoft Lumia 950 to reveal what is inside the box. Where to Buy Smartphones from₦77,000.00 Buy Now     For several months there was a big void in Microsoft's Lumia lineup. While entry-level devices like the Lumia 535 were very visible, there was a lack of a worthy premium offering from Microsoft to compete with premium smartphones from Samsung and Apple. In the Lumia 950 and the...
ipad pro vs surface pro 3

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 3 – Compare

The iPad Pro was finally unveiled at an Apple event on the 9th of September, following weeks of speculation about the American tech company’s plan to unwrap a large tablet. The new device, which is designed to offer users the benefits of both a tablet and laptop, appears aimed at competing most especially with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. How does the two power tablets compare? Let’s have a look. Where to Buy iPad Pro Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Where to Buy Microsoft Surface - Buy Now The Design Apple iPad Pro flaunts the same detachable design seen in Microsoft Surface Pro 3. You...
windows 10 upgrade photo2 1

Windows 10: Differences I noticed after Upgrading

Finally, I got the notification to upgrade to Windows 10 and after an upgrade process that took an hour and a couple of minutes my Windows 8.1 PC was up and running with Windows 10. Here are some of the first differences I noticed after upgrading to Windows 10.   Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 8.1 in many ways, but there are a lot of difference. I wasn't really pissed with Windows 8.1, in fact I liked it, but I have seen a couple of ways that Windows 10 is better than version 8.1 and most importantly the little...
windows 10 upgrade photo2 2

Windows 10 Upgrade: 4 Reasons why you may not have gotten...

If you reserved a slot for Windows 10 upgrade, you are probably wondering why you have not gotten the upgrade notification yet. Here I will make four guesses why.     Its not your turn yet Because of the great excitement around the new operating system, there are millions of users who like you reserved a Windows 10 upgrade. So, there is a wait-list and you will eventually get it when it gets to your turn. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 upgrade notification will gradually be pushed to PCs that reserved the upgrade in the next couple of days and weeks. So, if you...
infinix hot note

Infinix Hot Note X551 Phablet Review

Options for affordable phablets in the market is very scarce. Most manufacturers target 'big phones' to the mid-range and highend audience, ignoring the mass market. Infinix Hot Note X551 is a new big phone from Infinix targeting this ignored space. We have been playing with the Infinix Hot Note for a couple of days and will be sharing our first impression review here. Checkout the Infinix Note 30 and the Infinix Note 30 5G. Where to Buy Infinix Note Phones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Infinix Hot Note will be competing with offerings from Innjoo like the Innjoo Note and Note E....
Infinix Hot Unboxing

Infinix Hot X507 Unboxing

Infinix Hot have been in the Nigerian market for a couple of months now, but still holds the prime position as one of the cheapest 5-inchers in the Nigerian market, competing with the likes of the Innjoo i1s. We recently got a review unit of the Infinix Hot from Jumia Nigeria and will be unboxing here. Checkout the newer Infinix Hot 40. Where to Buy Infinix Hot Phones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers The Infinix Hot offers a 5-inch screen with a 5 megapixels rear camera and a 2 megapixels front camera. For a detailed specs, checkout our Infinix Hot specs page. You may...
LG 3d

TV Shopping Guide: Finding the Perfect TV for you

It’s that time of year when the holidays are imminent and that means that several deals are out and about for shoppers who like to save their money until the holiday sales roll around. With all the numerous TV sets available this day and age, it may seem overwhelming to find the TV that you want while cutting through all the 'red tape' of looking, reading spec sheets or cards, and asking electronics salespersons about specs that they may know little to nothing about themselves. Where to Buy TVs - from ₦54,000.00 View Offer In this consumer TV shopping guide, we...
mtn smart s720i

Best Cheap Smart Phones in Nigeria 2014 – Specs and Price

Cheap smart phones often come with tradeoffs, but if you can't afford anything else, they are your only entry to the smartphone kingdom. This articles highlights some of the best cheap phones to consider if you are shopping for cheap smartphones in 2014. Battery life is usually an issue with cheap smart phones, but can be remedied to an extra-battery as well as a power bank. Performance lags and poor quality display and camera are also very common. Like last year, our definition of a cheap smart phone remains any smart phone with a starting price of 20,000 Naira or...
samsung galaxy core 2 duos

Best Entry Level Smart Phones in Nigeria 2014 – Specs and...

Entry level smart phones are the best phones to consider if you are shopping for your first smartphone. They usually offer good value for money with reasonable quality and performance at an affordable price. Here are some of the best entry level smart phones for 2014 in Nigeria. Where to Buy Smartphones from ₦77,999.00 Buy Now If you are shopping for good value and not just the cheapest phones, this list will offer you some of the best entry level smart phones in the country. Entry level smartphones usually come with tradeoffs like short battery life, so don't compare them with...
sony xperia z3

Best Smart Phones in Nigeria 2014 – Specs and Prices

The year 2014 is gradually winding down and we have seen lots of good smart phones in Nigeria with a few still being expected. Here is a run down of some of the best smart phones in Nigeria for 2014. Where to Buy Smartphones from ₦77,999.00 Buy Now If you have plans of buying a smart phone in Nigeria, these are the phones to consider first. All smartphones listed here are available at top retailers in Nigeria. Our best smart phone lineup showcases the smartphones with brilliant displays, good camera, quality build, and solid battery life. Also with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) now...
nokia lumia 830 1

Best Mid Range Smart Phones in Nigeria 2014 – Specs and...

If you are looking for premium performance at competitive prices, mid range smart phones are always a great choice. Here are some of the best mid range smart phones in Nigeria for 2014. So, if you can't afford the flagships, these smartphones should be next in your radar. Where to Buy Smartphones from ₦77,999.00 Buy Now Note that mid range smart phones are never as good as flagship smartphones. They always come with tradeoffs, but overall they are good value for money. Below is a run down of the best mid range smart phones in Nigeria for 2014. This is an...
daewoo front load washer 1

Front Load or Top Load Washing Machines – Which to Buy

When buying a new washing machine one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to buy a front load washing machine or a top load washing machine. Both have their pros and cons, so your choice boils down to your unique situation. Here we will highlight the general beliefs about the two types of washing machines. Where to Buy a Washing Machine Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Note that to every rule there are exceptions. Most of the ideas expressed here are general. A few washing machines may not follow the general characteristics of their type. Top loaders are...
nokia lumia 625

Best Mid-Range Smart Phones in Nigeria 2013

Mid range smart phones offer premium performance at more affordable prices. They give you a feel of highend smart phones at lower prices without compromising so much on quality. If highend phone prices are out of your league, your next bet should be on a mid-range. Here are some of the best mid range smart phones currently available in Nigeria. Where to Buy Smartphones from ₦77,999.00 Buy Now Below is a run down of the best mid range smart phones in Nigeria for 2013: Nokia Lumia 625 Nokia Lumia 625 offers the largest display of any member of the Nokia Lumia line currently...
samsung galaxy note3

Best Smart Phones in Nigeria 2013 – Specs and Prices

2013 saw a lot of great phones that was why we built our first best smart phones in Nigeria listing for 2013. Although we are now it 2014, these phones still offer a great bargain. They may no-longer be the flagship smart phones but they still offer good value for money. We have also created a best smart phone in Nigeria for 2014, check it out. Where to Buy Smartphones from ₦77,999.00 Buy Now If you are looking for top notch smart phones in Nigeria right now, this is the place to be. Below is a run down of the best smart...
lg dvd player

How to Buy a DVD Player

DVD Players are an essential part of a modern day’s home entertainment. You need them for watching those blockbuster movies and TV series. Buying a DVD player is no longer a big deal as their prices have dropped dramatically. DVD players are cheaper than most mobile phones. You can buy good DVD players at a price as low as 15,000 Naira. This article will look at how to buy a DVD player. Where to Buy DVD and Blu-Ray Players from ₦14,995.00 Buy Now What Makes a DVD Player Two things make a good DVD player: good quality pictures and surround sound. A...
russell hobbs sandwich maker

How to Buy a Sandwich Maker

A Sandwich Maker is a simple electrical device for making bread toasts. It comes with internal hotplates that generate the heat for toasting the bread. A sandwich maker or sandwich toaster is an essential appliance for a modern kitchen and can considerably reduce the time and effort required to prepare breakfast. This article will guide you on how to buy a sandwich maker. Where to Buy Sandwich Makers Jumia Nigeria – Buy Here Buying a sandwich maker is very easy, because there are very few decisions to be made. This is because they are very simple devices. Just place a bread sandwich inside,...
Bread Toaster from Russel Hobbs

How to Buy a Bread Toaster

A bread toaster is an electric appliance that uses heat to brown bread, making it firmer with little or no crumbs. You place a bread slice in a slot on the bread toaster, set how brown you want it, push the lever down, and when done, it will pop-up. A bread toaster makes bread more delicious. If you have buying a bread toaster on your mind, this article will show you how to buy a bread toaster. Where to Buy Bread Toasters Jumia Nigeria – Buy Here Now let us consider the key decisions to make when shopping for a bread toaster. How...
Gas and Electric Cooker

Best Cooking Appliances for your Kitchen

Cooking does not have to be a lot of work. There are a lot of appliances out there to make life less difficult for modern day cooks. So, if you are responsible for preparing the meals in your home, the cooking appliances listed in this article are great for your kitchen. If yours is just to do the eating, you can also show some love to the cook of the house with these cooking appliances. Where to Buy Cooking Appliances from ₦19,000.00 View Offers Gas and Electric Cookers A Gas cooker and/or an Electric cooker should be the main cooking appliance(s) in...
microsoft lumia 950

How to Buy a Smartphone Online

Want to buy a new smartphone? You can choose to buy from a brick and mortar store or you can shop for smartphones at online stores in Nigeria. This guide will put you through all you need to know about buying smartphones online. We hope it will help you buy your next smartphone online. Where to Buy Smarthones from ₦78,500.00 Buy Now     Understand what a smartphone is Smartphones are mobile phones with advanced computing capability. If you still need to know more about smartphones you can read our how to buy a smartphone article. However as a guide any mobile phone running...
ipad air 2

How to Buy an iPad in Nigeria

The iPad is no doubt the most desired tablet. So, if you are considering buying a high-end tablet, you are likely to consider the iPad at some point in the buy decision making process. However, with multiple generations of the iPad now available the decision is no longer as easy as it used to be. This article will enable you buy the right iPad for you. Where to Buy an iPad Jumia Nigeria – See Offers For the records there are nine major iPads out there (though not all will be available as new models), namely the first generation iPad, iPad 2,...

Buying Gadgets in Nigeria

If you are a gadget freak, then you must be spending considerable amount of time to find out new gadgets. There are different types of gadgets available for the individuals to select from. A general belief is that there are only electronic gadgets which are available in the market. However, a deeper research would indicate that the gadgets are used in almost all areas of our day to day life. Where to Shop Online from ₦1500.00 View Offers If you are travel savvy, there are various gadgets available which would keep you busy during your travel. An MP3 player, such as...

Why Apple Users May Pay More than PC Users when Shopping...

Paying more for products online rather than in the store may not seem so unusual for most customers, but it might be surprising that an Apple user may pay more for the products they buy online when compared with a PC owner. Why is this the case? It’s another example of the increasing amount of data companies have about consumers that they are using to thief benefit. It’s not a secret that Apple computers and devices will cost a user much more than a similarly loaded PC or most other smartphones, but some Apple fans prefer to make their purchases...
Buy Tablet Computers Cheap from China

Replacing Your Laptop with a Tablet

If you’re a busy, on-the-go worker, you may be lugging around a laptop and smartphone everywhere you go. While I can’t quite figure out how to eliminate the smartphone from your toolkit, I can suggest how you can replace your laptop with a tablet. Where to Buy Tablets from ₦90,495.00 View Offer Why Use a Tablet for Work Anyway? Tablets carry several advantages over a typical laptop. And they’re far better for getting work done than a smartphone, which probably has a screen no larger than 5 inches. Why a tablet? Better Battery Life: Tablets tend to run longer than laptops on...
Blackview MP200 Specs

Specifications Specs Reviews Features and Overviews for your Shopping

Specifications and overviews inform you of features of tech gadgets that way you know what you are shopping for. Reviews give you user experience of the tech gadgets. At naijatechguide blog, we do not do reviews yet, but you can find lots of tech gadget specs on this blog. Resources to reviews will also be linked here when they become available. Where to Shop Online from ₦1500.00 View Offers Information about the specs of a tech gadget makes you an informed buyer and enable you compare different tech gadgets. This Specs info page is provided as part of our shopping guides...
Latest Travel Gear and Gadgets

Buy Gadgets Shops Stores Dealers for Shopping in Nigeria

Are you planning to buy Electronic gadgets like TVs or Home appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators? Are you even planning to buy a car? At the naijatechguide blog, we have been offering contact details of leading shops and dealers of electronics, tech gadgets, home appliances, and cars for years. In this page, you will find resources to contact details of reliable shops and stores for hassle free shopping in Nigeria. You will also find resources to contacts of tech services on this page. Where to Shop Online from ₦1500.00 View Offers Knowing where to buy genuine tech gadgets is very...
Holiday Shopping

Shopping in Nigeria? Read Buyer’s Guides Before you Buy

Shopping Guides or buyers guides are articles that highlight important considerations when shopping for a given item. Shopping guides helps buyers and shoppers make the right decisions when shopping in Nigeria for products. In this page, we are offering links to buyer’s guides on the Nigeria Technology Guide blog to help shoppers make the right buying decisions. Where to Shop Online from ₦1500.00 View Offers naijatechguide blog currently has buyers guide for mobile phones, TV, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Netbooks, Generators, etc. We will be adding shopping guides for other gadgets as well as updating our existing shopping guides in future. Shopping Guides...
Is a Cheap Android Phone Really Worth It

Buy Original Mobile Phones, Avoid Fakes – Tips

The sale of fake and sub-standard mobile phones is a big business in Nigeria. With poverty so high in Nigeria, fake phones become very appealing to Nigerians especially the ignorant. This is because they are often priced within the reach of most Nigerians. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦35,500.00 Buy Now Buying a fake mobile phone always seems like a good deal at first, but will eventually leave you frustrated. Fake mobile phones often promise features like colour screen, camera, memory card, media player, internet, and Bluetooth all at a ridiculously cheap price. However these features may not work at all...
LG 32-inch TV


Wondering where you can buy genuine home appliances, mobile phones, vehicles, vehicle parts, generators, and so on. To ensure you buy genuine products, make your purchase from an authorised dealer shop. At Nigeria Technology Guide, we have compiled a list of authorised dealers in Nigeria. Where to Shop Online from ₦1500.00 View Offers In this page, we have listed pages were addresses and/or numbers of accredited can be found. Hope you find them useful. Authorised LG Electronics dealers Samsung Electronics Accredited distributors Accredited mobile phone dealers in Nigeria Authorised Auto dealers for Honda Air conditioner & Refrigerator distributors Authorised dealer PAN...

LG Electronics: Dealers/Distributors Shops Stores Showrooms

LG Electronics is a global leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. The LG brand enjoys great consumer acceptance worldwide. LG Televisions, Air conditioners, Mobile phones, Refrigerators, washing machines, and other household appliances are in hot demand in Nigeria. LG products are usually innovative, fully featured, stylishly designed and competitively priced. You may also be interested in the Best LG TVs and the Best LG Refrigerators and Freezers in Nigeria. In Nigeria, LG products are popular as well. Products like LG air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, home theatre systems, mobile phones, and LG DVD players enjoy good market acceptance in...
Perkins Generator

Sakr Power – Distributor GE Mini Power Plants

Sakr power generation Nigeria Ltd is a major distributor of electric generators in the country. Sakr deal on generators based on engines from a wide range of brands. Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Sakr is an authorised distributor of General Electric (GE) Transportation Stationary Power. Sakr stock mini power plants from GE for deployment to large commercial and industrial clients. Checkout Generator Price Sakr is currently promoting GE based generating sets. These mini plants operate at 1000 RPM medium speed and are sound proof. These GE electric generating sets are most suitable for applications that require continuous power. The GE mini...
Perkins Generator

SAKR Power Generation: Buy Generators from GE Cummins MBH Lister

Sakr power generation Nigeria is a distributor of electric power generators based on a wide range engines and alternators. Sakr supply generators for medium and large power applications (10KVA to 5,300KVA). Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Sakr generation Nigeria distribute products from brands like Cummins Lister Petter Mitsubishi engines General Electric (GE) MBH Sakr is an authorised distributor of General Electric (GE) Transportation Stationary power. Sakr stock Mini power plants from GE for industrial and commercial applications. Sakr can handle turnkey power projects from 5MW to 50MW. Sakr offer services ranging from sales, maintenance, spare parts, turn key power projects...

Buy Electronics from Dealers Shops Stores

Nigerian markets are filled with Electronic products from popular brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Panasonic, Sharp, and many more. However, you are advised not to buy products from simply any shop in the market. This is because some electronic products sold in Nigerian markets are fake or substandard. In addition, because of the disorganized nature of Nigerian markets it is very hard to locate the actual shop where you purchased a product, if you run into problems. Some traders take advantage of this weakness to dupe unsuspecting Nigerians of their money. Some Electronic Products branded as Sony, LG, Samsung,...
Cummins Generator

Cummins Generator Dealers and Distributors of Industrial Generators

Cummins is a leading brand when it comes to electric power generators. Cummins engine generators are very popular in commercial and industrial/business applications in Nigeria. Cummins power engine generators are known for their ruggedness and reliability. They are available in medium and large power range (5KVA to 5000KVA or more). Where to Buy Power Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers You may also be interested in Generator price by brands. Cummins engine generators are heavily promoted in Nigeria, so spare parts and skilled manpower is never in short supply. Below are some dealers of Cummins power engine generators in Nigeria. These Cummins dealers offer a...
Mikano Generator - Generator Dealers

Perkins Generator Price, Dealers of Industrial Generators

Are you looking for efficient and robust electric power generators to energize your commercial or industrial ventures? Are you looking for a generator with great dealership base in Nigeria to make sourcing of spare parts easy and cheap? Are you looking for a high quality after sales services on your generator purchase? Then you are looking for a Perkins engine power generators. Where to Buy Perkins Generators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Perkins is a very popular brand of electric power generators in Nigeria and indeed the world. Perkins engines generators are mostly available in medium and high power range (5KVA to...

Electronics Brands Distributors/Dealers Shops Showrooms Stores

When you want to buy an Electronic gadget in Nigeria, it is good idea to buy from accredited dealers. Today leading electronic brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, Sharp, and so on have dealers who specifically promote their brands in Nigeria. You should checkout their showrooms, shops, and stores for genuine Electronics. These dealers provide great after sales services. One great advantage you derive from buying from accredited dealers is that you get a valid warranty on any electronic product you buy. Most dealers offer at least a one year warranty on any electronic product you buy. You can...
Doogee Mix Silver

Shopping for a Mobile Phone Network

In Nigeria today there are a number of mobile phone operators offering a wide range of services. The most dominant mobile phone services in Nigeria used to be voice calls and SMS, but data is fast growing in popularity. This document will provide information on choosing a mobile phone network. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦35,500.00 Buy Now The most important factors to consider before buying a mobile phone network plan are 1. Call rates 2. Data Rates 3. Network reliability 4. Customer support of company Call Rates Call rates is a very important factor to consider before signing up to any network. Call rates vary...
Buying Mobile Phones

Buying Mobile Phones Guide

You have plans of buying a mobile phone, don’t you? In this page, you will find a brief review of factors to consider when shopping for mobile phones. Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦34,990.00 Buy Now This page is like a quick list of what to consider. For a more detailed mobile phone shopping guide, read our detailed mobile phone buy guide. Types of Mobile Phones? There are three types of mobile phones namely Basic Phones Smartphones Feature Phones What Type of Mobile Phone User are you? Ordinary User Savvy user Mobile worker/business user What Data/Internet Speed and Technology 2G: CDMA 1x or GSM...
The Best of Mobile Phones

What Type of Mobile Phone user are you?

One of the factors to consider before buying a mobile phone is the type of phone user that you are. Basically there are 3 types of mobile phones users. They are: Where to Buy Mobile Phones from ₦30,500.00 Buy Now 1-------The Typical user 2-------The Savvy user 3-------The mobile worker THE TYPICAL MOBILE PHONE USER Most people use their mobile phones usually for making calls. Such people that use their mobile phone for only the basic applications are typical users. SAVVY MOBILE PHONE USER Savvy mobile phone users want to be at the cutting edge of technology. They use the latest phones. They also want to learn and...
Portable Jump Starter Kit - Car Gadgets

11 Car Gadgets that will improve your Driving Experience

Driving is fun, but sometimes the experience may get stressful and even dangerous, more especially when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere by a flat tire or dead car battery. Everyone wants to make the road trip more enjoyable with less or no stress at all. But thanks to technology, there are a good number of car gadgets available on the market today that can help improve your experience while on the road or rather be well prepared for whatever the road has for you. There are different types of car gadgets that come in different sizes, some of...
How to Choose Your Drone (Pro Tips)

How to Choose Your Drone (Pro Tips)

Wondering how to choose a drone? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will share some tips to help you choose your drone. Just keep reading. If you are out to purchase a drone, you will be overwhelmed due to the many options from which to choose from. Drones are designed in different sizes and come with different price tags. Also, their features differ from one drone to another. For this reason, when selecting a drone to purchase, it is crucial to consider your needs and expectations and how capable you are to fly it. The first thing you...
Camera Buying Guide

How to Buy a Camera

So, for some reasons, you feel the need to buy a new (type of) camera. Perhaps you have been meddling around with your smartphone's camera for a while now and the whole concept of photography is beginning to pique your interest every single day. Where to Buy a Camera Jumia Nigeria – See Offers Maybe you have been taking some online photography classes and courses too and you want to step it up a notch by doing more shooting and gaining more hands-on experience. You definitely need to buy a camera for that, but it's not that simple as there are a tonne...
Headphone Buying Guide

Headphone Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones?

With a wide range of headphone styles from hundreds of brands, it can be overwhelming to select the right pair of headphones for you. We are tethered with our headphones at least some part of every day. This headphone buying guide will help you choose the perfect headphone. Where to Buy Headphones Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Headphones are turned into an extension of ourselves. We watch videos on smartphone or tablet, listen to music while working out or we crave for an immense sound experience that pumps our adrenaline while gaming. Most people debate on the...