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Online shopping is still at its infancy and remains a niche market in Nigeria. However, shopping online is possible in and from Nigeria. Here you will find a few online shopping sites, online shops, stores, and malls where you can buy items online. Do not however take this as an endorsement of any of the online shopping services listed.

Where to Shop Online

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If you intend shopping online for consumer electronics, notebooks, home appliances, laptops, mobile phones, mobile phone recharge cards, Nigerian movies, African foods, home appliances, flight tickets, and so on, you will find online shopping sites in Nigeria selling such items here.

First we will look at a reputable international online shopping site where one can shop and have items shipped to Nigeria, though not every item. For a list of online shopping sites in Nigeria scroll below the international online stores.

International Online Stores is a leading global online store. Amazon has online shopping sites in United States, UK, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain. online store stock an extensive line of products: desktops, notebooks, netbooks, consumer electronics, books, DVDs, Video games, shoes, clothes, and so on. Not all items are shipped to Nigeria. Only items like books, DVDs, music, CDs, VHS videos can be shipped to Nigeria.

When shopping at amazon from Nigeria, you make payment using Visa or MasterCard. Some other online payment platforms supported at amazon online store include America Express, Eurocard, and amazon gift cards among others. Your items will be delivered between 3 and 31 days to Nigeria, depending on the shipping method you choose.

Note that additional charges will apply for shipping, imports fees, and custom duties. Shipping cost will be paid to amazon while custom duties will be paid in Nigeria. Books do not attract import duties in Nigeria. Buy books online at Amazon

Online Shopping at Amazon, visit Amazon US Amazon UK

Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Here are a few online shopping sites in Nigeria:

Yeside Online Fashion Store

Yeside is a great online shopping site in Nigeria that focuses on fashion. You can buy shoes, clothing, bags, watches, jeweleries, and all your fashion accessories. One thing we love about this online store is that it is user friendly and provides shoppers all the information they need for a hassle free online shopping.

Yeside offers free shipping for orders above N15,000. This online shopping site also has a mobile site that enables mobile users shop online as well. You can also order by phone.

Online Shopping at Yeside Online Fashion Store, visit

BuyRight Online Store

Buy Right is one of the top online shopping sites in Nigeria. It focuses on mostly electronic products. If you are shopping for Electronics, home appliances, Electronic power products, you should checkout the BuyRight site. Products on sale include inverters, UPS, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, storage devices, notebooks, and so on.

When shopping at BuyRight, you can pay via InterSwitch debit cards; cash in bank or even cheque. Products can be delivered nationwide via UPS. However, BuyRight did not provide details of how to shop in their site. No information on return policy, shipping, or free shipping qualification was found on this online shopping store.

Online Shopping at BuyRight Online Store, visit

Walahi Online Bookstore

Wahali is an online bookstore. Browse for any book on, if you find it you can order it online and have it delivered between 1 and 7 days. Shopping online at walahi is easy, books are placed in categories making it easy to find the right book. There is also a bestseller category, where you can see the best selling books at walahi.

If you know the name of the book you want it is even easier, just enter the name in the search bar and search for the availability of the book. Pay via interswitch, VPay, Visa ATM/debit cards, or Bank.

Online Shopping at Walahi, visit

AwoofShop Online Store

AwoofShop is an online store for assorted products. Their products range from mobile phones, books, clothing, video games, computers, etc. You can pay with your InterSwitch Verve card.

Online Shopping at AwoofShop, visit

BringItBay Online Store buys any product from reputable UK or US online shopping stores and ships them to you to any Nigerian address. Just visit any online shopping store, note any product or products you want to buy, its price, and other product details, then visit bringitbay and fill an order form. You will pay in Naira in Nigeria and bringitbay will buy the products for you in the online shopping store of your choice and ship it for you to Nigeria.

Online Shopping at bringitbay, visit

UK2Me Online Store is similar to bringitbay, they will buy any item of your choice from any online shopping website of your choice and ship it to you in Nigeria. Although the name is UK2Me, the online store can buy products from both UK and US based online stores.

Online Shopping at uk2meonline, visit

AfricanFoods Online Store

African Foods is an online store based in the UK. Buy African foods and have it delivered to you anywhere in the UK. Dozens of products are in stock, examples are yam, bitter leaf, Cocoyam flour, Egusi, Garden egg, Ogbono, Palm oil, and so on. If you are in UK and missing local delicacies, try shopping online for African foods at the website. Under special arrangements products may be delivered outside the UK.

Shopping for African Foods online? Visit

Online Flight Booking & Ticketing in Nigeria

QuickTeller Payment Platform

QuickTeller is not an online shopping site, it is more of a payment platform that enables you pay for services. However, some products can be bought on QuickTeller. You can buy recharge cards for your mobile phone, Pay for DSTV, Startimes, and MyTV and lots of other service payments.

Payments are made with your InterSwitch Verve debit/ATM card.


Shopping for scratch cards or airtime online? Here are a few online shopping websites where you can buy scratch cards for mobile phone, PHCN, WAEC, and so on.

Slot Systems

Slot System is a brick and mortar store with an online presence. On its online site, slot displays photos, prices, and specs of products available in their stores nationwide. Slot currently sells mobile phones and laptops.

Online Product browsing at Slot, visit

Grand Products Company

Grand Products Company is a shopping mall with an online presence. Items available for your online shopping include home appliances, consumer electronics, generators, and so on.

Online Shopping at grand products company, visit

Precaution about shopping online

Online shopping has some risks, but with a little education, you can reduce your risks. The first precaution is to verify the authenticity of the online shopping site. Check the website at the address bar and make sure it is indeed the same online shopping website you intend to visit. Online shopping sites supporting MasterCard and Visa will use Secure Socket Layer, SSL. This means that the web address will start with https://. Most online shopping website will only use SSL (https://) in the payment page, so as to secure your transaction.

Online shopping websites will require you to enter personal information like name, address, bank details, or/and debit/credit/ATM cards details, so it is a good idea to find out what they will do with this information. Hence it is a good idea to read the privacy policy of any online shopping website you intend to shop in. Take some time and read a bit about the online shopping site before any transaction. Most online shopping sites, lists this vital information at the bottom of their webpages.

Challenges of Shopping online from Nigeria

Many Nigerians wishing to shop online face a number of challenges. The main being the stereotype of Nigerians as fraudsters. This leads to rejection of Debit/Credit cards with Nigerian addresses by some online shopping stores. Even when your debit/credit card is accepted a long chain of verification process follows, especially for your first shopping. This can be very frustrating to Nigerian online shoppers, but it is a cross we will have to carry for now unless of course we re-brand.

The reason is to verify the authenticity of the card you are using for your online shopping. This is aimed at making sure that the card is indeed yours and to protect you from fraud stars. Once you verify your card future shopping from the online shopping store will not require verification except you change the card.

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