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OKash - Get a Quick Loan in Minutes

OKash: Get a Quick Loan in Minutes

OKash is the perfect platform for your quick loans. Do you wish to get a collateral free loan? Are you too lazy to get out of the house or just don't fancy the stress of getting a loan from a bank? The good news is OKash is available for us all. OKash is a product of OPay that is, Opera Pay and is a micro-lending platform that gives you access to quick collateral free loans. OKash is available as a standalone app in some countries and in others is built into the OPay app. Get the OPay App via today via my...
Register .com Domain Name

Register .com .net .org Domain Name

Looking for a .com or .org domain name for your website? .com, .org, and .net domain names are amongst the most popular in the world, visit any of the top domain name registrars to buy your own domain name. Here you will find some of the best domain name registrars. Register a Domain Name Here are some of the best domain name registration services that will enable you register .com domain names. I personally use Namecheap and GoDaddy to register .com domain names, so I can say their services are excellent. GoDaddy.com Namecheap.com NetworkSolutions.com At these websites you can start by searching...
How to Use Video to Build Consumer Trust in Your eCommerce Company

How to Use Video to Build Consumer Trust in your eCommerce...

Trust is the cornerstone of every successful business arrangement. From simple retail sales all the way up to big company mergers, none of it happens if the people involved don’t have trust between one another. Only when both parties believe – and feel confident – that their counterpart is being forthcoming and holding up their end, negotiations end and deals are struck. Why would it be any different online? If anything, trust is an even bigger issue when it comes to doing business over the internet. When you are standing across from someone, you can convey your ideas quickly, and get a good...
Salesforce DX Approach to Development and Why it is Ideal for Small Businesses?

Salesforce DX Approach to Development and Why it is Ideal for...

There are a lot of reviews out there about the latest package of Salesforce DX, focusing on its advantages and disadvantages. Majority of the discussions center around the source-drive approach of Salesforce DX and the concept of Scratch orgs. As we know by now, Scratch orgs contains codes or metadata that can be built, changed, or destroyed easily to speed up the development and deployment process through continuous integration. Let’s also start with some of the major advantages of Salesforce DX. Source-driven Approach You can expect the best out of Salesforce DX by collaborating the latest technologies as version control of all the...

Is Kucoin Shares (KCS) A Good Investment

Kucoin used to be one of the most popular tier-2 centralized crypto exchanges in the world. It had its own popularity, especially among Chinese and Asian crypto traders who love to trade altcoin to altcoin. Kucoin’s popularity has been surpassed by some of the newer generations of crypto exchanges this year but it is still able to maintain hundreds of millions worth of daily trading volume. Kucoin has a native crypto token called Kucoin Shares (KCS) which is quite similar to other crypto exchange tokens, such as Binance Coin (BNB) and Huobi Token (HT). In this article, we will explain if it’s...

Shop Online – Free Shipping to Lagos, Great Deals from Jumia

Nigeria's leading online retailer, Jumia is offering great deals to her customers. You also get free shipping for all orders of 15,000 Naira and above if you live in Lagos. Just order from Jumia Express partners and Jumia will deliver your order free to any address in Lagos. Shop Here Jumia is offering free shipping to Lagos only during this Independence holiday season. Cost of shipping usually adds to the cost of shopping online. But from now till October 1, 2013 you will enjoy free shipping from Jumia. You can also save N500 for orders of 5,000 Naira and above,...

AlertPay Instant e-payment Overview

AlertPay is an electronic payment service that enables account holders to easily make and receive payments on the internet. AlertPay is a direct competitor to PayPal. AlertPay and PayPal offer very similar services. The only difference between the two is that while PayPal have refused to accept accounts from Nigeria, AlertPay accepts Nigerian accounts. PayPal also seems to be more popular and has been in the business much longer. However, AlertPay is gradually gaining in popularly and currently boasts of over five million account holders. So if you are looking for an easy and secure way of making and...

Litecoin (LTC): Mining, Trading Exchanges, Wallet

Albeit Bitcoin might be taking all the spotlight in the crypto world, there a couple of other cryptocurrencies that are worth knowing, likewise, your investment. Amongst the over one thousand five hundred cryptos there presently are, a few number of them have managed to put up a good fight against Bitcoin in terms of popularity, value, market cap and other categories. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple have all come close to Bitcoin and have grown to become the most traded coins in the crypto market. LiteCoin is another cryptocurrency with noting. According to CryptocurrencyFacts, Litecoin was the second most popular cryptocurrency...

Buy Books Online from Amazon.com in Nigeria – Textbooks Kindle eBooks

Amazon online store has the biggest selection of books and magazines on this planet. From Textbooks, Professional and Career Development books to Novels, from fiction to non-fiction, from children books to Christian books, from e-books to audiobooks, and so on, Amazon.com is your best source for used and new books. Amazon delivers books to all countries, meaning that you can buy books from the online store from virtually any country in the world. Buying Books from Amazon.com One great benefit of buying books from Amazon is the fact that the online store offers some of the latest books. In fact, books...

UberEats Food Order and Delivery Service

UberEats is a food-ordering app from Uber, the same company behind the popular ride hailing service. It is designed to leverage on the company's vast network of drivers scattered across different locations to make meal ordering and delivery faster and more efficient.   UberEats is similar to food delivery services like OFood. About UberEats Prior to the launch of the standalone UberEats app, the service had been available inside the regular ride-sharing app for about a year and half. Uber was reportedly evaluating the use of the in-app service with a view to offering a standalone version. The app lets you order a...